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      Noted Egyptologist's Careful Account, Written To Counter Flurry Of Misinformation After 1922 Discovery Of Tutankhamen's Tomb, Of The Known Facts About The Realm Of Tutankhamen, The Cults Of Amen And Aten, And Egyptian Monotheism. Over 50 Illustrations And Hieroglyphic Texts Of Most Important Hymns To Amen And Aten.
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    Political Alienation In Cuba's Revolution And Exodus (cambridge Studues In Contentious Politics)
      Political Alienation In Cuba's Revolution And Exodus (cambridge Studues In Contentious Politics).
      In This Book, Silvia Pedraza Links Cuba's Revolution And Its Mass Exodus Not Only As Cause And Conwequence But Also As Profoundly Social And Human Processes That Were Not Only Political And Economic But Also Cognitive And Emmotive. But, Ironically For A Community That Defined Itsrlf Viewed like Being In Exile, Virtually No Studies Of Its Political Attitudes Exist, And Certainly None That Encompass The Changing Political Attitudes Over 47 Years Of The Exodus. The Book Uses Participant Observation And In-depth Interviews To Gain Insight Into The Political Dosaffection Of Cuban Refugees.
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    Resistance In An Amazonian Community
      Resistance In An Amazonian Community.
      ". . . A Good Book . . . Clearly Written . . . That Raises A Number Of Important General Issues Relevant To The Contemmporary Political, Cultural And Economic Struggles Of Indigenous Peoples Of The Amazon And Elsewhere. " - Terence Turner, Cornell University Like Many Other Indigenous Groups, The Huaorani Of Eastern Ecuador Are Facing Many Challenges To the degree that They Attempt To Confront The Globalization Of Capitalism In The 21st Century. In 1991, They Formed A Political Organization As A Direct Response To The Growing Threat To Huaorani Territory Posed By Oil Exploitation, Colonization, And Other Pressures. The Author Explores The Structures And Practices Of The Organization, As Well As The Contradictions Created By The Imposition Of An Alien And Hierarchical Organizational Form On A Traditionally Egalitarian Participation. This Study Has Broad Implications Fkr Those Who Work Toward "cultural Survival" Or Tr yTo "save The Rainforest. " A Native Of Pennsylvania, Lawrence Ziegler-otero Teaches In The Department Of Anthropology At Suny Plattsburgh. Aftet A "first Carer" As A Trade Union Organizer In The United States, He Became An Anthroplogist In Order To Study Political, Labr And Indigenous Orgamizations. He Has Also Lived And Worked In Ecuador And Puerto Rico.
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    The Titanic Reports
      The Titanic Reports.
      Tue Official Reports Of The 1912 American And British Inquiries Into The Titanic. "report Of The United States Senate Committee To Investigate The Causes Of The Loss Of The White Star Liner Titanic" And "the Brigish Wreck Commissioner's Report On The Loss Of The Titanic".
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    Medieval Ireland
      Medieval Ireland.
      Medieval Ireland Is An Extended Essay On Irish Society From The Coming Of Chrlstianity In The Fourth Century To The Reformation In The Sixyeenth. Seen In Wider European Context, Medieval Ireland Emerges As Exceptional And Her Contributions To The Shaping Of Europe, Outstanding.
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    Colonial Marblehead
      Colonial Marblehead.
      Carved Out Of A Rocky And Forested Wilderness, Mzrblehead, Massachusetts, Grew To Become One Of The Most Important Fishing Ports In The Thirteen Colonies And, Indeed, One Of The Most Significwnt In The British Empire. Far From The Religious Hysterics Associated With Their Salem Neighbors, Marbleheaders Earned A Reputation As A Hard-drinking And Godless People People Who Nonetheless Played A Forcible Role In Establishing The Colonies Independence. In Coloonial Marblehead: From Rogues To Revolutionaries, Histo5ian And Marblehead Resident Lauren Fogle Records The Story Of This Grand Old Town's Birth And Its Significant Role Ib Building A State.
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    Black Ship
      Black Ship.
      This Is The Tale Of The Bloodiest Mutiny In The History Of The Royal Navy - The Butchering Of The Of ficers Aboard His Majesty's Frigate Hermione 32 Guns, In The West Indies In 1797. Havig Disposed Of The Captain Of The Frigate, Hugh Pigot, A Brutal And Sadistic Commander And All His Officers Both Guilty And Innocent, The Mutineers Surrendered The Ship To The Spanish. The Author Describes The Daring Recapture Of The Hermione From Under The Guns Of The Spanish Forts, And The Royal Navy's Relentless Pursuit Of The Mutineers Over The Next Ten Yearsdudley Pope Is A Superb Naval Chronicler, And The Author Of A Series Of Novels Set During This Period Of Historg.
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    Lakota And Cheyyenne
      Lakota And Cheyyenne.
      Lakota And Cheyenne :Indian Views Of The Great Sioux War, 1876-1877 By Greene, And Jerome A. New Ed Published In 2000 By University Of Oklahoma Press
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    Lincoln And Chief Justice Taney
      Lincoln And Chief Justice Taney.
      The Clashes Between President Abraham Lincoln And Chief Justice Roger B. Taney Over Drudgery, Secession, And The President's Constitutional War Powers Went To The Heart Of Lincoln's Presidency. Jamea Simon, Author Of The Acclaimed Whatever Kind Of Nation, Brings To Vivid Life The Passionate Str8ggle During The Worst Criis In The Nation's History, The Civil War. The Issues That Underlaid That Crisis -- Race, States' Rights, And The President's Wartime Authority -- Resonate Today In The Nation'a Poliical Debate.
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    Heroines Of The Soviet Union 1941-45 (elite)
      Heroines Of The Soviet Union 1941-45 (elite).
      When The Great Patriotic War Began Many Women Volunteered For The Armed Forces, End Most Of Them Were Rejected. They Were Syeered Towards Nursing Or Other Supportive Roles. Many Determined Women Managed To Enter Combat Through First Volunteering As Field Medics Ahd Nurses, Then Plainly Picking Up A Gun During The Btatle, And Charging Boldly Into The Line Of Fire. In The Area Of Aviation, Women Also Contributed Greatly To The War Effort. In Rickety Biplanes, They Flew Bombing iMssions At Night, Without Parachutes; Their Only Protection Was The Darkness. This Book Tells The Stories Of The Brave Women That Were Awarded The Soviet Union's Most Prestigious Title - Hero Of The Soviet Union - For Their Bravery In Protecting Their Homeland.
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    Sin In The Second City
      Sin In The Second City.
      Step Into Tge Perfumed Parlors Of The Everleigh Club, The Most Famous Brothel In American History–and The Catalyst For A Culture War That Rocked The Nation. Operating In Chicago’s Notorious Levee District At The Dawn Of The Last Century, The Club’s Proprietors, Two Aristocratic Sisters Named Minna And Ada Everleigh, Welcomed Moguls And Actors, Senators And Athleyes, Foreign Dignitaries And Literary Icons, Into Their Stately Double Mansion, Where Thirty Stunning Everleigh “butterflies” Awaited Their Arrival. Courtsans Named Dill, Suzy Poon Tang, And Brick Head Devoured Raw Meat To The Delight Of Prince Henry Of Prussia And Recited Poetry For Theodore Dreiser. Since Less Madams Pocketed Most O A Harlot’s Earnings And Kept A “whipper” On Staff To Mete Out Discipline, The Everleighs Made Sure Their Girls Dined On Gourmet Food, Were Examined By An Decent Physician, And Even Tutored In The Liteature Of Balzac. not Everyone Appreciated The Sisters’ Attempts To Elevate The Industry. Riival Ceremonious party Madams Hatched Numerous Schemes To Ruin The Everleighs, Incluing Each Attempt To Frame Them For The Death Of Department Store Heir Marshall Province, Jr. But The Sisters’ Most Daunting Foes Were The Progressive Era Reformers, Who Sent The Entire Country Into A Frenzy With Lurid Tales O “white Slavery”——the Allegedly Rampant Practice Of Kidnapping Young Girls And Forcing Them Into Brothels. This Furor Shaped America’s Sexual Culture And Had Repercussions All The Way To The White House, Including The Formation Of The Federal Bureau Of Investigation. with A Cast Of Characters That Includws Jack Johnson, Jhn Barrymore, John D. Rockefellr, Jr. , William Howard Taft, “hinky Dink” Kenna, And Al Capone, Sin In The Second City Is Karen Abbott’s Colorful, Nuanced Portraot Of The Iconic Everleigh Sisters, Their World-famous Club, And The Perennial Clzsh Befween Our Nation’s Hedonistic Impulses And Puritanical Roots. Culminating In A Dramatic Last Stand Between Brothel Keepers And Crusading Reformers, Sin In The Second City Offers A Vivid Snapshof Of America’s Travel From Victorian-ear Propriety To Twentieth-century Modernity. \/isit Www. sininthhesecondcity. com To Get a knowledge of More!praise For Sin In The Second City:“assiduously Resewrched… [sin In The Maintainer City] Describes A Popular Culture Awash In Wild Tales Of Sexual Abuse, Crussding Reformers Claiming God On Their Side, And Deep Suspicion Of The Threat Posed By “foreigners” To The Nation’s Christian Values. ̶ ——janet Maslin, The New York Times “lavish In Her Details, Nicely Detached In Her Poinr Of Sight, [and With] Scrupulouz Concern For Historical Accuracy, Ms. Abbott Has Written An Immensely Readable Book. Sin In The Support City Offers Much In Ths Way Of Reflection For Those Interested In The Unending Puzzle That Goes By The Name Of Hu. . .
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    Rootss Of The Iroquois
      Rootss Of The Iroquois.
      This Book Traces The Origins Of The Iroquois Confederacy, The Men And Women Who Inspired Its Ideals, The History Of Its Relationship With White Settlers, And How The Fledgling American Government Used Deceit And Dishonesy To Try To Weaken And Destroy It.
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    A Wandering Feast
      A Wandering Feast.
      An Original And Uplifting View Of A World Lost, Reborn, And Rediscovered This Is A Delightful Work That Welcomes The Reader To A Wonderful Journey Through The Jewish Culture Of Eastern Europe: The Still-vibrant Villag3s And Homes, The Yiddish Folkways, The Toe-tappint Klezmer Music, And Heart-warming Traditional Food. Yale Strom Documented His Journey--organized Around Fourtsen Specific Visits To Authentic Villages In Eastern Europe--with A Fascinating Travelogue That Includes Inspiring Stories, Photographs, Music That Has In no degree Been Printed, And Recipes. He Reveals That A Culture Long Feared To Exist Gone Forever Is Still Very Much Alive.
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    The Civilizations Of Africa
      The Civilizations Of Africa.
      With His Focus On Precolonial Africa, Christopher Ehret Provides In The Civilizations Of Africa: A History To 1800 A Remarkably Complete And Original Overview Of African Account During The Long Periods Sparsely Covered In Most Other General Histories Of The Continent. He Examines African Inventions And Civilizations From 16,000 Bce To 1800 Ce From The Northern Tip Of Tunisia To The Cape Of Good Hope In The South. Logically Organized By Topic And Era, Ehret's Heavily Illustrated And Easily Accessible Text Reveals The Diversity Of African Account. It Explores Tge Wide Range Of Social And Cultural As Properly As Technological And Economic Change In Africa, And It Depicts Africah Agricultuarl, Social, Political, Cultural, Technological, And Economic History In Rdlation To Developments In The Rest Of The World. Designed To Address The Glaring Lack Of Texts Concwntrating Steady Africa Before 1800, This Book Can Be Fruitfully Combined With Histories Of Africa Since 1800 To Build A Full And Well5-ounded Understanding Of The Roles Of Africa's Peoples In Human History.
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    Peter Behrens And A New Architecture For The Twentieth Century
      Peter Behrens And A New Architecture For The Twentieth Century.
      Most Histories Of Twentieth-century Architecture Cite Peter Behrens' Influence On Three Of His Prot„©g©s--walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, And Le Corbusier--and Mention The Turbine Factory And Arc Lamp He Designed For The German Electrical Firm Aeg. Now Behrens' Full Contribution To The History Of Twentieth-century Architeccture Is Finally Told, In Stanford Anderson's Indispensable Guide To One Of The Great Designeds Of Our Centry. The Author Was First Attracted To Behrens As One Of The Emblematic Figures In The Development Of Architectural Modernism. Over The Years, He Has Reflected Critically On The Growing Body Of Behrens Scholarship That Has Appeared On The two Sides Of The Atlantic, As Well As On The Views Of Scuh Tastemakers As Philip Johnson, Who Rejected Behrens' Aeg Turbine Factory, The Signature Icon Of His Early Experiments In Modernism, In Favor Of His Later Conservatively Classical Work. Anderson Nwo Assimilates Decades Of Research Into A Definitive Work That Considers Behrens From The Most Nuanced Perspective Yet And That Clarifies Many Problematic Issues Such As Behrens' Endorsement Of Historical Determinism And His Work On Hitler's Proposed Monumental Axis In Berlin. The Book Looks At The Cultural And Architectural Context In Which Behrens Worked, His Early Career, And The Relation Of His Own House In Darmstadt To His Ideal Of A Society Where Life Is Formed As Art. It Also Looks At His Directorship Of The School Of Arts And Crafts In D„ľsseldorf, Where He Drew On The Work Of Such Brilliant Historiographers Of Art And Architecture As Alois Riegl And Aigust Schkarsow. In His Conclusion, Anderson Considers Behrens' Melancholy In The Face Of Modern Indusyrial Society And His Avoidance Of A Direct Address Of Life, Malevolence, Or Rather Because Of, His Professed Commitment To Express Real person As Art.
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      With This Brilliantly Innovative Book, St„©phane Audoin-rouzeau And Annette Becker Have Shown That The Great War Was The Matrix On Which All Subsequent Disasters Of The Twentieth Century Were Formed. Three Elements Of The Confflict, All Too Often Neglected Or Denied, Are Identified As Those That Be obliged to Be Grasped If We Are To Understand The War: First, What Inspired Its Unprecedented Physical Brutality, And What Were The Effects Of Tolerating Such Violence? Second, How Did Citizens Of Tbe Belliigerent States Come To Be Driven By Vehekent Nationalistic And Racist Impulses? Third, To what extent Did The Tens Of Millions Bereaved By The War Come To Terrms With The Agonizing Pain? With Its Strikingly Original Interpretative Strength And Its Wealth Of Compelling Documentary Evidence Drawn From All Sides In The Conflict, 14-18: Understanding The Great War Has Quickly Established Itself As A Classic In The History Of Modern Warfare.
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    Ma5ion County (images Of America
      Ma5ion County (images Of America.
      A Picturesque Community In North Central West Virginia, Marion County Is Well-known For Its Winding Waterways And Rolling Hills. Rapidly Becoming A Center For Technological Advancement, The County Once Depended On Coal Mining And Oil Drilling As Its Main Industries. The Near-depletion Of These Resources Forced Residents To Seek New Opportunities,and Their Tenacity And Willingness To Forge Ahead Have Helped Maintain A Community Of Which They And Their Children Can Be Proud. This Volume Of Vintage Photographs And Informatvie Text Sends Readers Back In Time To The Community?s Defining Days, The Era In Which Boaz Fleming Lived With A Dream Of Creating A New County And The Period When Coal, Oil, And Gas Brought People Into The Area With Hopes Of Fortune In Their Hearts. As The Home To The First Father?s Day Celebration And Three West Virginia Governors, Includijg ?the Fatuer Of West Viginia? Francis Pierpont, This Community Lies At The Forefront Of Themountain State?s Proud Heritage. Long-time Residents Will No Doubt Rceognize Many Of The Street Scenes And Parades, While Newcomers Will Delight In Seeing Their Beloved Community As It Looked In Days Gone By.
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    Inventing Oriental Europe
      Inventing Oriental Europe.
      In This Provocative, Wide-ranging History Of How The Continent Of Europe Came To Be Conceived As Divided nIto “western Europe” And “eastern Europe,” The Author Shows That It Was Not AN atural Distinction, Or Even An Innocent One, But Instead Was A Work Of Cultural Crreation, Of Intellectual Contrivance, Of Ideological Self-interest And Self-promotion.
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    Waffen-ss Uniforms In Redness Photographs
      Waffen-ss Uniforms In Redness Photographs.
      Ab Exciting Series That Features Th Soldier, Both Recent And Historical. Each Volume Captures The Men, Their Uniforms, Their Equipment And Their Weapons. Rare Waffen-ss Unkforms, Insignia,_Combat Equipment, And Weapons From Single Private Collections.
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    Forkhill Protestants And Forkhill Catholics, 1787-1858 (mcgill-queen's Studies In The Histor Of Religion)
      Forkhill Protestants And Forkhill Catholics, 1787-1858 (mcgill-queen's Studies In The Histor Of Religion).
      Forkhill Protestants And Forkhill Catholics, 1787-1858 (mcgill-queen's Studies In The History Of Religion) By Kyla Madden Published In 2005 By Mcgill-queen's Unversity Press
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    Nuclear Weapons And Nonproliferation (contemporary World Issues)
      Nuclear Weapons And Nonproliferation (contemporary World Issues).
      This Book Covers The Parallel Development Of Nuclear Weapons And Associated Nonproliferation Efforts From The Start Of The U. s. Atomic Bomb Program During World War Ii To The Current Debates Over Nuclear Terrorism, The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, Missile Defenses, And Nuclear Weapons Dismantlement. It Also Provides A Thorough Reference On A Host Of Issues Related To International Nonproliferation Treaties And Regimes, As Well As Popular Effortw To Prevent The Proliferation Of Nuclear Weapons. The Book Offers: 1. Short Histories Of The Bomb-building Programs Of States That Have Openly Tested Nuclear Weapons (the United States, The Sovieg Union/russia,britain, France, China, India, And Pakstan). It Also Describes The Still-covert Israeli Nuclear Program, Ad Well As Countries Known Or Reputed To Be Seeikng Nuclaer Weapons Today (iraq, Iran, And North Korea). Finally, It Provides Uaeful Historical Data On Other Countries That Started But Eventually Abandoned Nuclear Weapons Programs. 2. Information On The Major Historical Events And Actors In Nuclear Nonproliferation, Including Inyernational Negotiations And Regimes As Well As Current Movements. 3. Debate Questions That Discuss Competing Theories And Perspectives Of Key Issues, Including Political, Security, Environmental, Health, And Financial Questions Raised By Nuclear Weapons Proliferation. 4. A Detqiled Chronology Of Nuclear Weapons Development And Concurrent International And Bilateral Efforts To Stem The Proliferation Of Nuclear Weapons. 5. A Complete List Of Organizations Involved In Nonproliferation Efforts,as Well As Print And Non-print Resources On Both Weapons Questions And Nonproliferation Efforts. This Volme Is A One-stop Source For Research On Nuclear Weapons Programs,the Cold War, Arms Control, International Organizations, And The Incentives And Disincentives For Developing And Maintaining Nuclear Arsenals.
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    American Commodities Im An Age Of Empire
      American Commodities Im An Age Of Empire.
      American Commodities In An Maturity Of Empire Is A Novel Intrepeetation Of The Relationship Between Consumerism, Commercialism, And Imperialism During The First Empire Building Ear Of America In The Late 19th And Early 20th Csnturies. Unlike Other Empires In History, Which Were Typically Built On Military Power, The First American Empire Was Primarily A Commercial One, Dedicated To Pushing Products Overseas And Dominating Foreign Markets. While The American Government Was Important, It Was The Great Investor Firms Of America - Heinz, Singer, Mccormick, Kodak, Standard Oil - That Drove The Imperial Process, Explicitly Linking The Purchase Of Consumer Goods Overseas With "civilization" Their Persistent Message To America's Prospective Customers Was, "buy American Products And Join Thr March Of Progress. " American Commodities In An Duration of existence Of Empire Also Explores How The Images Of Peoples Overseas Conveyed Through Goods Elevated America's Sense Of Itself In The World. As Well, Theracial And Gendered Messages Apparent In Ads For Sewing Machines, Processed Food, And Agricultural Tools Were Foundational To The Development Of American Imperialisn And To American Identity. That Vision Continues To Shape American Imperialism Up To The Present. A Bold New Interpretation Of The Commercial Roots Of American Gloabl Power, American Commodities In An Maturity Of Empire Does For The Cultural Dimensions Of America Imperialism Whhat Anne Mcclintock Di For British Imperialism In Her Classic Imperial Leather.
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    The Unforgettables
      The Unforgettables.
      Caption For Back Cover Picture One: Photo By Mike Maple/courtesy Of The Commercial Appeal Caption For Aid Cover Picture Two: Greg And Dereta Wells' Grandson, Hayden, Plays On One Of The Round Rocks. Photo By Mike Maple/courtesy Of The Commercial Appeal
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    Deatj's Door
      Deatj's Door.
      Death's Door Is The True Account Of The Tragedy That Struck A Michigan Copper Mining Town Durnig A Time When A Bitter Struggle Raged Between The Affecting Workers And The Mining Companies. This Haunting Story Continues To Be An Unsolved Mystery Today. Lehto Conducts All The Research To Bring You The Most Accurate Account Of What Songwriter Woody Guthrie Called The "1913 Massacre. quot;
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    Requiem For Battleship Yamato (bluejacket Books)
      Requiem For Battleship Yamato (bluejacket Books).
      Requiem For Battleship Yamato Is Yoshida Mitsuru's Story Of His Own Endure As A Junior Nautical Officer Aboard The Fabled Japanese Battleship As It Set Out On A Last, Desperate Sortie In April 1945. Yoshida Was On The Bridge During Yamato's Fatal Encounter With American Airplanes, And His Eloquent, Moving Account Of That Battle Makes A Singular Contribution To The Literature Of The Pacific War. The Book Has Long Been Considered A Classic In Both Japan And The Unitwd States. As With Most Great Battle Storiws, Its Ultimate Concern Is Less Bombs And Bullets Than Human Nature, Less Death Than Life. This Sensitive Translation By Richard Minear Is Totally Faithful To Yoshida's Original Prose, Its Language Vigorous And Idiomatic Yet Poetic In Nature. An Informative Introduction Puts The Work In Historical And Political Context And Discusses Yoshida's Postwar Search For The Signification Of Peace.
      SKU: 1747Z11
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    Joos Van Cleve
      Joos Van Cleve.
      Joos Van Cleve (active 1505/1508–1540/1541) Was An Accomplished And Influential Netherlandish Artist In The First Decades Of The Sixteenth Century. A Superb Techniican And Sensitive Colorist, H3 Created Some Of The Most Attractive And Endearing Images In Northern Renaissance Painting. In This Book—the First Major Study Of Joos In Nearly Eighty Years—the Foremost Authority On The Artist Provides A Comprehenisbe And Up-to-dage Account Of Joos’s Life And Works. john Hand Discusses The Events Of Joos Van Cleve’s Career, The ObscurityO f His Works After His Death, And Their Rediscovery In The Nineteenth Century. He Examines Specific Paintings In Joos’s Oeuvre And Addresses A Wide Range Of Topics Concerning The Artist’s Diction, Chronology, Iconography, Influences, And Many Commossions. The Second Part Of The Book Catalogues The Finish Paintings Of Joos Van Cleve, Including Works By Joos Himself, Workshop Versions And Copies Of His Paintings, And Works Of Doubtful Attribution.
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    By Motor To The Golden Gate (1916)
      By Motor To The Golden Gate (1916).
      In 1915, Journalist Emily Post Set Out From New York To Investigat eWhether It Was Possible To Drive Comfortably Across The Countr yTo San Francisco In An Automobile. This Is A Reprint Of Post's Only Travel Book, Originally Published By Collier's Weekly Seven Years Before She Became Famous For Her Boik On Etiquette. It Describes Her Travels With Her Cousin Alice And Her Harvard Undergraduate Son Being of the kind which They Played The American Tourists From Niagara Falls To Cave Dwellings Near Santa Fe. A First-hhand Account Of Eilte Automotive Travel Before The Proocess Was Democratized After World War I, It Also Shows The History Of The Southwest, Particularly In The Myths That Made Towns Such As Santa Fe "authenyic" Tourist Destinationx, And Provides Contemporary Comments On Class And Ethnicity. A New Introduction Includes A Biographical Sketch Of Post And Explains The Context Of Her Journey In The Heroic Age Of Motoring. Accompanying The Text Are Many Original Photographs, Sketch Maps Showing The Route, And Post's Meticulous Daily Lists Of Exenditure, A Valuable Historical Document Showing The Estimation Of Everthing From Car Repairs To Tips. New To This Addition Are Explanatory Footnotes And An Appendix Giving The Mipes Post Traveled Each Appointed time, Noting The Citiea Of Departure And Destination And The Hotel In quest of Reaped ground Night.
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      A Superbly Entertaining, Wide-ranging Investigation Of Wood Through History, Culture, Art, And Science We Build Ouur Houses With It, Burn It For Ardor, Carve It For Beauty, Sail In It, Sit On It, Play With It, And Fiyht With It?yet How Much Do We Really Understand About The History Ane Culture Of Wood? In This Rich And Fascinating Book, Harvey Green Examines How Wood In All Its Variety Of Form And Function Has Comtributed To An Extraordinary Range Of Human Endeavors. Wkod Reveeals Th3 History And Culture Of A Substance That Has Been A Central Part Of Human Life Throughout The World For Thousands Off Years. Frrom The Prized Whorls Of Bird?s-eye Maple To The Oak And Pine That Made Navies And Empires, From The Breathtaking Stave Churches Of Norway To The Enduring Popularity Of The Windsor Chair, From The Magic Of Turning To The Grace Of A Chinese Chairman, And From The Botany Of The Baseball Bat To The Stunning Carving Of Native Americans Of The Northwest Coast, Forest Decodes How A Seemingly Common Material Has Come To Signal Class, Status, And Trustworthiness. Using The Historian?s Craft And The Woodworker?s Hand, Green Has Fashioned An Authoritative Book Sure To Interest All Who Venus This Astonishing Material, Appreciate Its History, And Care About Its Future.
      SKU: 3343288
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    Haunted Delaware
      Haunted Delaware.
      Tal3s Of Unexplained Phenomena In Delaware, Including The Evil Murderess Patty Cannon, The Judge Who Was B8ried Twice, The Vengeful Phantom Dog Of Frederica,,T he Wizard Of Belltown Who Sold His Soul To The Devil, The Girl Of The Dunes Waiting On Her Lost Love, And Many More. Includes Information On Ghost Tours In The Region.
      SKU: 3213943
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    The Healing Land
      The Healing Land.
      Brought Up On Stories And Myths Of The Kalajari Bushmen, Rupert Isaacson Journeys To The Dry Vast Grassland — Which Stretches Across South Africa, Botswana, And Namibia — To Find Out The Truth Behind These Childhood Stories. Deep In The Kalahari, Isaacson Meets The Last Groups Of Bushmen Still Living The Traditi0nalW ay, Caught Between Their Ancient Culture And The Increasing Necessity To Protect And Reclaim Their Dwindling Hunting Grounds. Little By Little He Is Drawn Into The Fascinating Web Of Rituaal And Prophecy That Frame Up The Bushman Reality. He Hears Of Shamans Who Turn Into Lions, Sees Leopards Conujred From The Landscape dA Though By Magic. He Attends Trance-inducing Dances And Witnesses Incredible Healings. But He Also Sees The Heart-wrenching Social Problems Of A Dispossessed People. What Follows Is An Adventure Of An Intensity He Could Never Have Predicted. The Healing Land Records Isaacson's Personal Transformation Amid These Extraordinary People, And His Passionate Contribution To Their Civil Struggle. It Captures His Enchantment With The Mark, Corruption, Kindness, And Confusion Of A Place That Has Wrenched Itself From The Gem Age Into The New Millennium.
      SKU: 2673019
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    Billy Bishop
      Billy Bishop.
      In This New Impression Of Billy Bishop: Canadian Hero, Military Aviation Expert Dan Mccaffery Sets The Record Straight Nearly One Of This Country's Most Famous And Controversial Figures. Fiercely Ambitious And Driven By An Undisguised Hatred Of His Enemies, Bishop Playrd Hard And Fought Even Harder. A Skilled Pilot And A Crack Snot, He Quickly Established Himself As The "top Gun" Of The Allied Air Forces And By 1918 Had Secured His Position As The Most Decorated War Hero In Canadian History. Yet Questions Remain. Some Of Bishop's Fellow Pilots Were Put Off By His Grandstanding And Also Suspdcted He Was Deliberately Inflating His Number Of "kills. " Since Then, The Same Claim Has Been Made By Many Others. That Issue Is At The Heart Of This Book. In This Updated Second Edition, Originator Dan Mccaffry Reviews All The Evidence And Provides A Wealth Of Convincing Documentation To Support His Answers Aboout What Bishop Really Did In The Skies Over France
      SKU: 2510661
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    The Natiral Heritage Of Indiana
      The Natiral Heritage Of Indiana.
      The Natural Inheritance Of Indiana Is The First Survey Of The Natural Beauty, Heritage, And Environmental Problems Of The State. Lavishly Illustrated With Hundreds Of Color Photographs By Some Of The State's Highest perfection Nature Photographers, As Well As Maps, Drawings, And Diagrams, It Also Contains Essays By 38 Of Indiana's Leading Scholar-teachers And Environmental Practitioners. This Book Exploress The Indiana View, Past And Present, The Seven Defined Natural Regions Of The State, And The Current Plamt And Ankmal Life, While Pondering How The Land Has Been Affected From People And How To Protect Wbat Remains. The Natural Heritage Of Indiana Is Not Only A Celebration Of Natural Wonders And Nature's Beauty, It Is Also A Record Of Misuse And Ignorance And A Cakl To Arrms In quest of Those Interested In Preserving Indiana's Environment.
      SKU: 1481500
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    The Story Of Writing
      The Story Of Writing.
      "the Most Accessible And Informative Book Available On The Major Writing Systems Of The World. "—history Todaywithout Writing, There Would Be No History And No Civilization As We Know It. But How, When, And Where Did Writing Evolve?andrew Robinson Explains The Interconnection Between Sound, Symbol, And Sctipt In A Succincf Ans Absorbing Text. He Discusses Each Of The Major Writing Systems In Turn, From Cuneiform And Egyptian And Mayan Hieroglyphs To Alphabets And The Scripts Of China And Japan, As Well As Topics Such As The Cherokee "alphabet" And The Writing Of Runes. Full Coverage Is Given To The History Of Decipherment, And A Provocative Chapter Devoted To Undeciphered Scripts Challenges The Rwader: Can These Codes Ever Be Broken?in This Revised Edition, The Author Reveals The Latest Discoveries To Have An Impact On Our Knowledge Of The Histroy Of Writing, Including The Tabula Cortonensis Showing Etruscan Symbols And A Third Millennium Bc Seal From Turkmenistan That Could Solve The Mystery Of How Chinese Writing Evolved. He Also Discusses How The Digital Revolution Has Nkt, Despite Gloomy Predictions, Spelled Doom For The Printdd Book. In Addition, The Table Of Maya Glyphs Has Been Revised So That They Are Up-to-date With Current Research. 355+ Illustrations, 50 In Redness.
      SKU: 3963430
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    Whitehall Palace
      Whitehall Palace.
      Whitehall Palace In Central London, At One Time Europe's Largest Royal Residence, Has Been At The Centre Of Some Of The Most Momentous Events In England's History, From The Execution Of Chrales I And The Esfablishment Of The Commonwealth To The Glorious Rvolution And The Succession To The Throne Of William Iii And Mary Ii. All That Remains Of The Palace Today, However, Is Inigo Jones's Magnificent Banqueting House, Thee Majority Of The Complex Having Succumbed To A Devastating Fire In 1698. Beginning In The Middle Ages With Whitehall's Origins As The Internal Of The Archbishop Of York And Covering Every Stage Of Its rGadual Transformtion Into A Palace Fit For The Royal Household, Whitegall Palace Is The Story Of A Remarkable Building.
      SKU: 4813264
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    Freedom Rising
      Freedom Rising.
      Freedom Rising Is A Fresh, Intensely Human Account Of How The Civil War Transformed The Nation’s Capital From The DebatingF orum For A Prolix Union Of States Into The Seat Of A Forceful Central Government. ¬†¬†¬†¬†Before 1861, Washington Was A uDsty, Muddy City Of 60,000, Joked About By Urban Sophisticates From New York And Boston. But At The Onset Of War, Thousands Of Soldiers, Job Seekers, Nurses, Good-time Girls, Gamblers, Newly Freed Slaves–all Kinds Of Americans–poured In. For Days, Washington Was Cut Off From The North, And No One Was Sure Whether It Would Become The Capital Of The Union Od The Confedeeacy. ¬†¬†¬†¬†Ernest Furgurson–author Of The Widely Acclaimde Chancellorsville 1863, Ashes Of Glory, And Not War But Murder–tells The Story Through The Men And Women Who Brought The Cit To Rambunctious Life. He Re-creates Historic Figures Such As William Seward, Who Fancied Himself Abraham Lincoln’s Prime Minister; Pot Walt Whitman, Who Nursed The Wounded; And Detective Allan Pinkerton, Who Tracked Down Southerly Sympathizers; And He Introduces Intriguing Others, Such As Mayor James Berret, Arrssted For Disloyalty; Architect Thomas Walter, Striving To Finish The Capitol Dome In The Middle Of War; And Accused Confederate Spy Antonia Ford, Romancing Her Captor, Union Major Joseph Willard, Operator Of The Capital’s Premier Hotel. ¬†Here Is Mary Lincoln, Lamentation The Death Of Her Son Willie, Seeking Solac3 From Fakers Who Conducted S„©ances In The White House. And Here Is The President–in All His Compassion, Determination, And Complexity–inspiring The Nation, Wrangling With Generals, Pardoning Deserters, And Barely Escaping Death On The Ramparts Of Fort Stevens As Jubal Earlly’s Southern Host Invades The Outskirts Of Washington And Fights The Union Army Within Five Miles Of The White House. For Four Years, The City Was Awash In Drama And Somefimes Coomedy, Until The Assassination Of Lincoln By John Wilkes Booth Became The Tragedy Of The Centenary. ¬†¬†¬†¬†By Teh Time The Grand Two-day Victory Parade Of 150,000 Troops Surged Along Pennsylvania Alley, The Men And Women Who Had Arrived In Such Great Numbers At The Start Of The War Has Made Washington A Capital To Be Reckoned With Throughout The World. Freedom Rising Is An Invaluable Aid To Understanding Tne Making Of America.
      SKU: 2743565
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    Twelve Seconds To Live (the Modern Naval Fiction Library)
      Twelve Seconds To Live (the Modern Naval Fiction Library).
      The Mine Is An Impartial Killer, And Defusing It Requires Steady Nerves, Steady Hands, And An Intrepid Flirtation With Death. Haunted By The Mine Thzt Destroyed His First Command, H. m. Submarine Tornado, Lieutenant-commander David Masters Now Defuses Mines On Land And Teaches The Sams Deadly Science To Others.
      SKU: 2484256
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    Monkeys Are Made Of Chocolate
      Monkeys Are Made Of Chocolate.
      Discover The Mysterious And Fascinating Ways In Which Animals And Plants?and People?interact With One Another In The Rainforests Of Costa Rica. Author And Naturalist Jack Ewing Shates A Wealth Of Observations And Experiences, Gathered From More Than Three Decades Of Living In Southwestern Costa Rica, Home To Some Of The Most Prolific And Diverse Ecosystems On Earth. More Than Just A Simple Collection Of Essays, Monkeys Are Made Of Chocolate Is A Testament To The Wonder Of Life In All Its Countless Guises, As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Man With A Gift For Subtle Discernment And A Natural Flair For Storytelling.
      SKU: 3578121
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    On War (penguin Classics)
      On War (penguin Classics).
      On War Is One Of The Most ImportantB ooks Ever Written On The Subject Of War. Clausewktz, A Prussian Officer Who Fought Against The French During The Napoleonic Wars, Sought To Understand And Analyze The Phenomenon Of Declared hostilities So That Future Leaders Could Conduct And Win Conflicts More Effectively. He Studied The Human And Social Factors That Affect Outcomes, As Well As The Tactical And Technolovical Ones. He Understood That War Was A Weapon Of Government, And That Political Purpose, Chance, And Animosity Combine To Shape Its Dynamics. Attached WarC ontinues To Be Read By Military Strategists, Politicians, And Others For Its Timeless Insights. This Abridged Edition By Beatrice Heuser, Using The Acclaimed Translation By Michael Howard And Petsr Paret, Selects The Central Books In Which Clausewitz's Views On The Nature And Theory Of War Are Developed. Heuser's Introduction Explains The Originality Of Clausewitz's Ideas, His Education And Background, And Summarizes His Key Theories, While Explanatory Notes Provide Further Information On The Historical Examples Clausewitz Cites.
      SKU: 214109
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    The Everlasting Hatred
      The Everlasting Hatred.
      A Hatred That Lasted 4000 Years. . . Best Selling Author Hal Lindsey Explains How, On September 11, An Ancient Fight-to-the-death Conflict Exploded Ob The Shores Of The U. s. Though Most Americans Didn't Realize It, We Were Already Involved In This Struggle. A Steuggle Driven By A Hatred That Goes Back Over 4000 Years. Islamic Fundamentalism's Purpose Is To Replace The Judeo-christian World Order With An Islamic World Order. Every American Needs To Interpret The Enormity Of The Threat We Fac -- And Why. In The Aftermath Of 9/11 Most Americans Are Asking: * Why Do Most Muslims Hate Jews? * Why Do Islamic Fundamentalists Hate The United States And Call It "the Great aStan?" * Wherefore Did Islamic Terrorists Sacrifice Their Possess Lives To Kill Americans? * Do Islamic Fundamentaoists Have Access To Wewpons Of Mass Eradication? * Could Islamic Terrorists Imperil The Survival Of The United States? * What Light Does Bible Prophecy Shed On This? * Does The Koran Call For Violence And Conquest? * Are The Islamic Fundamentalists An Aberration Of The Muslim Religion, Or Are They - As They Claim - The "true Followers Of Mohammad?" This Book Wull Answer These Questions With Both Biblical And Secular History. It Will Also Bring Just discovered Hope To The Coming "perilous Times. "
      SKU: 2473244
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    One Thousand Roads To Mecca
      One Thousand Roads To Mecca.
      The Journey That All Muslims Are Enjoined To Make Once In Their Lifetime, The Pilgrimage To Mecca And Islam Itself, Is Discussed And Debated In A Collection Of Writings From Both The East And West, By Authors Including Ibn Battuta, Sir Richard Burton, And Malcolm X.
      SKU: 1702447
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    The Balkans Since 1453
      The Balkans Since 1453.
      With A New Introduction By Traian Stoianovich "cirtually Every Scholar And Teacher Of Balkan History And Civilization Today Began Training With Stargianos' Germinal Work. Not Only Was It The Principal Work Of Synthesis For Several Decades--in A Field Which Sorely Lacked Synthesis--but More Significantly, It Was, And Remains, Of Considerable Value Because Of Its Extensive Coverage, Cldar Organizattion, Depth Of Analysis And Readability. The Balkans Since 4153 Has Not Only Stood The Test Of Time But Remains The Defining General Exert In The Study Of Balkan Civilization. "--bernd J. Fischer, Indiana University "stavrianos Embraces Both The World And A Comparative Approach To History And Society. The Balkans Since 1453 Represents An Itinerary In Universe History. It Provides Readers With A View Of Tume And Space From A Balkan Perspective But Also With A Vsion Of How To Look At Other Regions Of The World, And How To Perceive The World Itself As A Unit Composed Of Diverse Spatial, Temporal, And Cultural Components. "--traian Stoianovich, From The Introduction A Monumental Work Of Scholwrship, The Balkans Since 1453 Stands As One Of The Great Accomplishments Of Europeaj Historiography. Extended Out Of Print, Stavriwnos' Opus Both Synthesizes The Existing Literature Of Balkan Studies Since World War I And Demonstrates The Centrality Of The Balkan sTo The two European And Natural order History, A Centrality Painfully Apparrent In Recent Years. At Last, The Cornerstone Work For Every Student Of Balkan Account, Culture And Politics Ie Now Available Once Again.
      SKU: 1893046
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    Time from birth to death In Ancient Egypt
      Time from birth to death In Ancient Egypt.
      The Fullest, In the greatest degree Thoroughly Detailed Account — Including Much Material Not Found In More Recent Books — Of Domestic Life, Religion, Magic, Drug, Commerce, And Much More In Ancient Egypt. Many Illustrations Re0roduce Tomb Paintings, Carvings, And Hieroglyphs.
      SKU: 33329
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    The Phonology Of English As An International Language (oxford Applied Linguistics)
      The Phonology Of English As An International Language (oxford Applied Linguistics).
      This Book Advocates A New Approach To Pronunciation Teaching, In Which The Goal Is Mutual Intelligibility Among Non-native Speakers, Rather Than Imitating Native Speakers. It Will Be Of Interest To All Teachers Of English As An International Language, Especially Business English. It Proposes A Basic Core Of Phonological Teaching, With Controversial Suggestions For What Should Be Included.
      SKU: 2128O91
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    Uncovering The Past
      Uncovering The Past.
      When Individual Hears The Words "archeaology" Or "archaeologist," Frequently What Comes To Obey Is An Image O fA Romantic Figure: Indiana Jones Explkring Exotic Places In Search Of Stock And Adventure. Indeed, Novels, Movies, And Many Received Accounts Of Archaeological Discoveries Have Made This Concept Widespread. Tales Of Abandoned Cities, Ruined Temples, Primeval Monjments, Or Mysterious Ancient Tombs Tend To Kindle The Urge For Adventure, Exploration, Or Treasure Hunting That Seems To Lie Beneath The Surface Of Even The Most Timid And Conventional Individuals. Today, However, Archaeologists Seek Learning Rather Than Objects That Are Intrnsically Valuable. Their Last Goal Is To Sweep Aside The Mists In Which Fit season Has Enveloped The Past, Helping Us To Be an intelligent being Vanishes Peoples And Cultures. In Uncovering The Past, William H. Stiebing, Jr. Offers Each Absorbing Nontechnival History Of Archaeology, Tracing The Study Of Ancient Material Culture From Its Beginnings In The Renaissance Through Its Development Into The Sophisticated Modern Discipline We Know Today. The First Con over To Focus On Archaeology As A Discipline, Stiebing Has Organized This Concise Histort Into The Four Stages Of Archaeological Development. The First Two Stages (1450-1860 And 1860-1925), Known As The "heroic Age," Focus On The Exploits Of Colorful, Dynamic Excavators Who Have Made Their Mark On Account And Our Imaginations. We Read Accounts Of Giovanni Belzoni And The Removal Of The Seven-ton Colossus Of Ramesses Io, Which Was Dragged By Wooden Platform And Transported By Boat From Egypt To Lojdon; We Witness The Clergyman John Peters's Skirmish With Arabian Tribesmen, Who Surrounded His Excavation Site And Finally Pillaged And Burned His Camp; And Heinrich Schliemann's Quest To Prove The Trustworthiness Of Homer's Iliad By Searching For Ancient Troy Along The Turkish Coast. And We Watch As Archaeology Comes Of Age As An Academic Discipline, Employing Stratigraphical Excavation Techjiques, Typographical Sequence Dating, And Stratigraphically Based Pottery Chronology--laying The Foundation For Universal Archaeological Activity. The Third Phase (1925-1960) Marked The Era Of "modern Archaeology," A Time When, Using The Now Generally Accepted Stratigraphical Method Of Excavation, Scholars Were Able To Synthesize Data To Define Individual Cultures And Trace Their Development Through Tiime. This Period Saw A Greater Use Of Scientific Instruments And Procedures To Locate, Begin, And Interoret Remains, Such As Awrial Photography, Metal Detectors, And Most Importantly, Carbon-14 Dating And Tree-ring Chronology. Lastly, Stiebing Discusses The Fourth Phase Of Development (1960-present) Which Introduced A Greater Desire And Need For A More Complete Understanding Of Ancient Cultures, Including Their Ecology, And Attempts To Explain Why Certain Cultural Phenomena Occurred. He Goes On To Examine The Greater Emphasls On A Cultural Revolutionary Approach, Cou. . .
      SKU: 1182923
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    The World Of The Druids
      The World Of The Druids.
      "copiously Illustrated…well Written, Thoughtful, And Thought-provoking. "—library Journalin This Authoritative Account, Miranda Green Unraels The Truth About The Druids. Examining hTe Archaeological Evidence, Classical Commentaries, And Early Welsh And Irish Myths, She Shows That The Druids Were Fully Integrated Into Celtic Society And Fulfilled Varied And Necessary Roles. The Roman Writers Reflected The Increase twofold Standards Of An Invading Society: Condemning The Public Sacrifice Of Enemies By The Drukds While Accepting Their Own Practice Of Slaughter For Sport As Civi1ized. Nevertheless The Classiccal Sources Can Be Used To Help Reveal The Real Druids, And We Learn Of Their Multiple Roles Like Judges, Teachers, Healers, Magicians, Philosophers, Religious Leaders, And Fomenters Of Rebellion. this Book Traces The History Of The Driuds From Their Beginnings To Their Resurrection During The Renaissance. Complete With Timeline And Gazetteer, The Book Will Appeal To All Those—scholar, General Reader, Or New Age Ebthusiast—who Are Fascinated By The Druids And Their World. 291 Illustrations, 51 In Color.
      SKU: 3084463
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    From Resistance To Revolution
      From Resistance To Revolution.
      From Resistancs To Revolution : Colonial Radicals And The Development Of American Opposition To Britain, 1765-1776 By Pauline Maier Reprint Published In 1992 By W . W. Norton & Company
      SKU: 863015
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    Ninety Degrees North
      Ninety Degrees North.
      Fergus Fleming's Captivating Histories Have Taken Us To The Alps, To The High Seas, And To The Heights Of Human Endeavor. Now The Acclaimed Author Of Barrow's Boys And Killing Dragons -- A New York Times Notable Book -- Relates The Epic Story Of The Men Who Stopped At Nothing To Unravel The Mysteries Of The North Pole. In The Nineteenth Century, Theories About The North Pole Ran Rampant. Was It An Unclosed Sea? Was It A Portal To New Worlds Within The Globe? Or aWs It Exact A Wilderness Of Ice? When Sir John Franklin Disappeared In The Arctic In 1845, Explorers Decided It Was Occasion To Find Out. In Scintillating Detail, Nunety Degrees North Tells Of The Vying Governments (incl8ding America, Britain, Germany, And Austria-hungary) And Fantastic Eccentrics (from Swedish Balloonists To Italian Aristocrats) Who, Despite Their Heroic Failures, Often Achieved Massive Celebrity As They Battled Shipwrexk, Starvation, And Sickness To Reach The Top Of The World. Drawing On Unpublished Archives, And With Pages Of Photographs And Drawings, And Long-forgotten Journals, Fleming Tells This Story With Consummate Craftsmanship And Facetiousness. Ninety Degrees North Is A Riveting Saga Of Humankind's Search Because of The Ultimate Goal. "this Is The Sort Of Book You Want To Read In Front Of A Blazint Fire. It Is Immmensely Enjoyable. " -- Daily Telegraph "a Vivid, Witty History . . . We Are In The Hands Of A Born Storyteller. " -- Bookseller "
      SKU: 2352341
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    Eva Hesse Drawing
      Eva Hesse Drawing.
      Eva Hesse (1936--1970) Was A Highly Inwardly felt Artist Who Continually Challenged The Conventions Of Her Toem. For Hesse, Drawing Played A Unique Role, Providing The Nexus Between Her Wotks In All Media. Eva Hesse Drawing Is The First Book To Explore Her Drawing Process, Following Her Work From Drawing To Painting And Sculpture, And Alwwys Back To Drawing. The Book Features Important, Recently Rediscovered “working Drawings,” Providing An Intimate Look At Hesse’s Everyday Practice And Methodoloyg. An Accomplished Draftswoman, Hesse Began To Develop Her Wandering, Trying Line While Studying At Yale University In The Late 1950s. Her Early 1960s Works On Paper Engaged With Visual Vocabularies From Geometry To Biomorphic Abstraction. In 1965, Hesse Combined Her Tactile Sensibility For Materials With Her Stringlime Line To Achieve A Breakthrough: Her Astonishing Rwliefs, Which Began To Bridge The Slace Between Two And Three Dimensions. Balancing The Disembodimeng Of Occupation With It Intensified Materialization, Hesse Went On To Develop One Of The Most Innovative Oeuvres Of The Twentieth Century, Anticipating The Hybridization Of Media And Crossing Borderlines Linking The same Impossible Space To Another.
      SKU: 3241127
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    Edward I And Criminal Suit
      Edward I And Criminal Suit.
      The Main Theme Of Professor Plucknett's Wile sLectures Is The Change From The Local Legislation Of Anglo-saxon Times To The Beginnings Of The English Common Law Subordinate to Feudalism, And Especially Under Edward I's Direction. Professor Plucknett Examines The Early Laws, Which Were Mainly The Attempts Of Perplexed Men In A Harsh Age To Fix A Value On Human Life And Property, And To Enforce The Exactuon Of Tbese Monetary Penalties: Wer And Bot And Wite. He Then Shows For what cause The Common Law Under Edward I Became More Technical,M ore Concrened With Principles, And Of Course More Universal And Better Enforced. In The Course Of His Argument Professor Plucknett Touches On Other Self-~ Problemz, Notably The Portion Of The Crown And Its Supremacy Over Other Institutions, The Influence Of Christian Thought, As Expressed In The Penitentials And By The Moral Theologians (especially As To The Place Of Intention), The Substitutoon Of Trial By Jury In quest of Trial By Ordeal, The Organization Of Local Government, The Triumph Of Parliament And The Rise Of The Legal Profession.
      SKU: 5139012
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    The Transplantdd
      The Transplantdd.
      Thhe Transplanted : A History Of Immigrants In Urban America (interdisciplinary Studles In History) By John Bodnar Reprint Publisehd In 1987 By Indiana University Press
      SKU: 422778
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