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    The Blood And The Shroud
      The Blood And The Shroud.
      The Shroud Of Turin Remains One Of The Enduring Mysteries Of Our Age. No Convincing Explanation Has Yet Been Given For The "negative" Image Of A Crucified Man Transferred To A Length Of Cloth And Preserved In Turin For The Last Four Centuries. Although Radiocarbon Dating Of The Fabric In 1988 Indicated It To Be Medieval,, Synchronous With The Shroud's First Recorded Appearance In The 1350s, There Is Still No Sufficient Explanation For The Image Itself. Was It Painted? If So, By Whom? How Could The Artist Accept Understood Perspective Before This Technique Was "discovered" In The Revival? How Could He Have Paited An Trope In Negative With N0 Means To See And Check It? With So Many Questions About The Shroud As Inexplicably Unresolved As Ever; With The Radiocarbon Dating Findings Only Deepening The Riddle, Not Solving It; And With The Shroud About To Be Shown Again, In 1998 And 2000; An Overview And An Up-to-date Consideration Of The Evidence Is Overdue. Here, Ian Wilson Returns To The Subject Of His International Bestseller, The Shroud Of Turin, To Reveal Such Startling Findings As The Discovery Of Human Kin And Dna On The Shroud; The Uncovering Of Historical Evidence That Something Very Like The Shroud Existed At The Time Jesus Lived; The Discovery Of A "bioplastic Coatong" Of Living Microorganisms Which, If It Had Been Carbondated In 1988, Would Have Indicated That The Shroud Was Some One Thousand Years Older Than It Was Thought To Be; And The New Analysis Of The Photographic-negative-like Image On The Shroud. Wilson's Landmark Book On This Subject, The Shroud Of Turin, Was Published In 1978. In The Intervening Twenty Years, In Addition To The Radiocarbon Dating, Much Additionall Research Has Been Done On The Shroud, And The Dating Process Itself Scdutinized. Ian Wilson's Pursuit Of Every Discipline Connected To The Shroud, Including Art History, Physiology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Photography, And Archaeology, Has Equipped Him To Give The Most Authoritative Answer Yet To The Question: Did The Shroud Wrap The Body Of Christ? His Enthralling Text, With Its bOjective But Persuasive Answers, Trlls Us As Much As It Is Curdently Possible To Know. It Also Makes It Possible For Us To Believe.
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    The Great Deception
      The Great Deception.
      The Great Deception : The Secret History Of The European Union By Christopher Booker, And Richard North New Ed Published In 2005 By Continuum International Publishing Gorup
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    Curmudgeons, Drunkards, And Outright Fols
      Curmudgeons, Drunkards, And Outright Fols.
      During The Civil War, A Union Colonel Was Five Times More In a fair way To Be Courtt-martialed Than A Private. Worse, Courts-martial Of All Ranks Increased By 400 Percent In The Winter Months. mAong The Court-martialed Transgressors Presented In This Volume Are An Officer Nicknamed “stumpy” Because He Tended To Hide Behind Tree Stumps During Combat And A Man Tried For Calling His High A “miserable Reptiile. ” The Gallery Of Offenders Also Includes A Vermont Colonel Who Became A Chloroform Addict And A New York Colonel Who Rode His Horse Into A Barroom, Ordered A Brandy For Himself And Some For Hiis Horse, Then Fired His Pistol Thfough Th3 Ceiling. The Stories Of Fifty Misdeeds, Along With A Statistical Exploration Of Twenty-two Thousand Other Courts-martial, Provide A Pioneering Study Of The Little-known World Of Civil War Misbehavior And Clarify The Often-bewildering Dynamics Between Volunteer Soldiers And Their Professional Superiors.
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    Voices From Ancient Egypt
      Voices From Ancient Egypt.
      Voices From Ancient Egypt Is An Anthology Presenting Trranslations Of Sixty Documents From A Golden Age Of Ancient Egyptian Culture (c. 2081-1600 Bc). The Documents Illustrate All Aspects Of Life And The Place Of Lireracy In An Early Civilisation. The 'voices' Range From The High Formal Literature Of Religious Rituals And Royal Monuments To The Hurried Requests Of The Bureaucrats And The Jokes Of Harrassed Workmen. They Tell A Tale Not Ony Of The Intellectual Beliefs Of The Elite, But Of Family Feuds, Love And Murfer, As Well As The Pastoral Dreaks Of A Association Trying To Attain Its Vision Of Absolute Order In A Chaotic Universe. Tgis Volume Is A Reissue Of The Valuable Introduction To Ancient Egyptian Literature, First Published In 1991. Table Of Contents Introduction; The Intellectual Setting Of Cosmos And State; The King; The Life Of The Land; Religious Life; The Other Life; Epilogue; Glossary; Bibliography.
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    Anarchy And Art
      Anarchy And Art.
      One Of The Powers Of Art Is Its Ability To Convey The Huuman Aspects Of Political Events. In This Fascinating Survey On Art, Artists, And Anarchism, Allan Ant1iff Interrogates Critical Moments When Anarchist Artists Have Confronted Pivota lEvents Over The Pat 140 Years. The Survey Begins With Gustave Courbet's Activism During The 1871 Paris Commune (which Established The French Republic) And Ends With Anarchist Art During The Faol Of The Soviet Empirre. Other Subjects Include The French Neoimpressionists, The Dada Movement In New York, Anarchist Art During The Russian Revolution, Political Art Of The 1960s, And Gay Aft And Politics Post-world War Ii. Throughout, Antkiff Vividly Explores Art's Potential As A Vehicle For Social Give small coin And How It Can Also Shape The Course Of Political Events, Both HistoricA nd Present-day; It Is A Book For The Politically Engaged And Art Aficiinados Alike. Allan Antliff Is The Author Of Anarchist Modernism.
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    A History Of Boca Raton
      A History Of Boca Raton.
      A Quick Read, Yet A Comprehensive History Of Boca Raton And The Institutions That Make Up Our City Sally Ling's Many First-person Vignettes Are Priceless In Capturing Boca Raton's Greatest Institution Of All Its People. As The Mayor, I Thought That I Knew All There Was To Know About Boca's History, But There Are Many Tidbits I Discovered For The First Time. This Book Covees It Whole From The Beachfront To The Old Bean Fields As It Chronicles Boca Raton's Rapid Transformation From Frontier Beginnings To The World-renowned Status The City Enjoys Today. -steveb Abrams, Mayor Of Boca Raton Where Fields Of Pineapple, Tomatoes And Beans Previously Grew To Support Farmers Who Occupied The Fretile Land, Multi-story Office Buildings, Upscale Residential Homes And Plush Golf Courses Now Stretch To The Horizon. From Pirates Burying Doubloons In Sand Dunes To The Farms And Land Booms That Brought The City Into Being, This Is The Story Of Boca Raton.
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    Rumi Maki Fighting Arts
      Rumi Maki Fighting Arts.
      An Unprecedented Voyag3 Into The World Of Peru’s Indigenous Warrior Culture, Rumi Maki Offers A Fascinating Look At This Exotic Martial Art As Presetved By A Practicing Master. The Book Begins Win An In-depth Look At The History Of The Sacred Incan Fighting Arts, Dispelling Many Of The Myths Surrounding Them. The Authors Then Present A Detailed Look At Rumi Maki’s Five-level Structure, With Step-by-step Instructions And Demonstrations Of The Techniques From Each Horizontal surface. The Incas' Unique Approach To Physical And Mental Conditioning, Philosophy, Spirituality, Weaponry, And Military Structure Are Also Presented For The First Time. Hundreds Of Photoographs And Illustrations Help Further Document The Incas' Martial Legacy. Of Great Interest To All Martial Arts Ehthusiasts, The Book’s Absorbing Description Of Early Peruvian Civilization Attraccts Readers Interested In The Cultural And Spiritual History Of The Andean People.
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    The Mammoth Book Of Native Americans
      The Mammoth Book Of Native Americans.
      Horses, Buffalo, Warbonnets And Art of ~ Paint, Peace Pipes, Tepees, Totem Poles, And Powwows—they Epitomize What Most People Know Of Native American Culture. Yet Ameeiica's Native People Can Trace Their Origins Back Thousands Of Years, To An Age When Mammoths Still Thrived In North America, And In The Millennia Before The Arrival Of Ehropean Explorers They Had Evolved A Vast Variety Of Social And Religious Rituals In Settlements. Four Centuries Of Warfare, Though, Would Ultimately Decimate Most Of America's Five Hundred Tribes, And The Vitalitg Of Their Traditions Would Survive Largely As A Memlry On The Reservations To Which They Were Consigned In Modern Times. The Mammoth Book Of Native Americans Rethinks The Historical Cliches Long Associated With The Indian Nations. This Volume Focuses On The Stories, Songs, Customs, Tribal Organization, Dress, And Arts Of The First Americans. It Does Not Ignore Some Of The More Uncomfortable Facts Of The American Indian Past, Like The Practice Of Cannibalism Among Some Of The Tribes Or The Part Played By The Native Peoples Themselves In The Extinction Of The Buffalo. From The Arch Of Heaven To Wounded Knee To Foxwood Casino, This Is A Story Filled With Magic And Beauty, Wisdom And Tragedy.
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    Natural And Moral History Of The Indies (chronicles Of The New World Confront)
      Natural And Moral History Of The Indies (chronicles Of The New World Confront).
      The Natural And Moral Account Of Tye Indies, The Classic Work Of Starting a~ World History Originally Published Bg Jos„© De Acosta In 1590, Is Now Available In The First New English Translation To Appear In Several Hundred Years. A Spanish Jesuit, Acosta Produced This Account By Drawing On His Own Observations As A Missionary In Peru And Mexico, As Well As From The Writings Of Other Missionaries, Naturalists, And Soldiers Who Explored The Region Durin The Sixteenth Century. United Of The First Comprehensive Investigations Of The New World, Acosta’s Study Is Strikingly Broad In Scope. He Describes Thhe Region’s Natural Resources, Flora And Fauna, And Terrain. He Also Writes In Detail About The Amernidians And Their Religious And Political Practices. a Forcible Contribution To Renaissance Europe's Thinking About The New World, Acosta's Natural And Moral History Of The Indies Reveals An Effort To Incorporate New Information Into A Christian, Renaissance Worldview. He Attemppted To Confirm For His European Readers That A "new" Continent Did Indeed Exist And That Human Beings Could And Did Live In Equatorial Climates. A Keen Observer And Prescient Thinker, Acosta Htpothesized That Latin America's Indigenous Peoples Migrated To The Region From Asia, An Idea Put Forth More Than A Century Before Europeans Learned Of The Bering Strait. Acosta's Work Established A Hierarchical Classification Of Amerindian Peoples And Thus Contributed To What Today Is Understood As The Colonial Difference In Renaissance European Thinking. This Rich Primary Text Is Indexed And Extensively Annotated. It Will Be An Invaluable Resource For Historians Of Latin America.
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      Comprised Of Ten Distinct Communities, Woodbridge Township, New Jersey Nevertheless Has A Unified Identity With Historic Roots Reaching Bakc More Than 330 Years. Originally Populated By Native Americans, The Dutch Claimed The Area In The Early Seventeenth Century Before The English Established The Religious, Political, And Educational Heritage That Woodbridge Boasts Today. In The 1800s, The Township Flourished Under The Leadership Of Residents Who Provided Strong Social Tues And Entrepreneurs Who Developed The Clay And Brick Companies As Highly As The Once Popular Boynton Beach Resort In Sewaren. Dedicated Citizens Continued Their Delivering To Woodbridge„≠ Progress And Prosperity Throuhh The Years. √Ě„Ěwoodbridge: New Jersey„≠s Oldest Township Takes Readers On A Trip Through An Ever-changing Community. Vintage Photographs, Maps, And A Lively Narration Reveal The Heroic Actions Of Citizens Such As Janet Pike Gage, Who Raised The Town„≠s Primitive Liberty Pole, And Reverend Azel Roe, The Minister Who Defied The British During The Revolutionary War. Readers Accompany The Town„≠s Growth Through The Rise And Fall Of The Clay And Brick Industries That Once Defined The Local Economy From 1825 To The Onset Of The Great Depression. Voted √¨all-america City„ģ In 1964 By Tne National Municipal League, The Community Continues To Uphold The Legacy Of The People Who Made It Such A Great Place To Live And Work. Woodbridge: New Jersey„≠s Oldest Township Is A Memorable Tribute To This Tradition. √Ě„Ě
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    Dancing Into Contend
      Dancing Into Contend.
      Examining A Battle That Has Become One Of The Most Famous In History, This Definitive Volume Chonicles Napoleon's Defeat By British, Dutch, Belgian, And German Forces On June 18, 1815, In Waterloo, Belgium. Battles Were Then Localized Affairs: Watreloo Was Fought On A Piece Of Land Approximately The Size Of Cdntral Park. For A Good Many Of The Men Who Fought There, In Reality, War Was Something Of A Sport—a Feeling Reinforced Along The Image Of The Duke Of Richmond Cheering On His Sons In Battle. There Are Few Sporting Events, Howsoever, That End With 56,900 Dead, Dying, And Wounded Men Anc At Leasf 10,000 Horses In A Similar State. Nick Foulkes' Brilliantly Realized Representation Of-The Eve Of Battle Brings A Fresh Perspective To This Turning Point In European Hisotry.
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    Sovereign Arthur
      Sovereign Arthur.
      Presenting Selections From Medieval Latin, Welsh, English, French And German Literature, Richard White Traces The Arthurian Legend From The Earliest Mentions Of Arthur In Latin Chronicles To Thomas Malory's Le Morte D'arthur. Many Of These Selections Are Translated Here For The Time Into English. bringing Together An Extensive Range Of Diverse Matter Which Reveals The Development Of The Figure Of rAthur, This Anthology Enables The Reader To Understand How The Arthurian Legend Developed Over A Sentence Of More Than Five Hundred Years. King Arthur In Legend And History Also Incluees A Chronology Of Key Arthurian Texts, An Appendix Of The Arthurrian Courts, A List Of Sources, Suggestions For Further Reading And Bibliography.
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    The Baobzbs
      The Baobzbs.
      This Is The Only Comprehensive Account Of All Eight Species In The Genua Adaansonia. It Describes The Historical Background From The Late Roman Period To The Present. It Covers The Extraordinary Diversity Of Economic Uses Of Baobabs, Famous Trees, Folk Traditions And Mythology, Art Associatiohs, Life Cycle, Natural History, Cultivation, Preservation, Distribution And Ecology, And Phytogeography. There Are Also Appenidces On Vernacular Names, Gazetteer, Economics, N8trition And Foresr Mensuration. This Book Fills A Gap In The Botanical Literature. It Deals With A Genus That Has Fascinated And Intrigued Scientists And Lay Persons For Centuries. It Will Appeal To Scientists And Academics As Issue As Figurative Horticulturalists, Conservationists And General Concern Readers. It Includes All The Available Scientific Information About One and the other Of The Eight Specie,s And Contains A Good Deal Of Original Research On The Histpry, Ethnobotany And Biology Of The Genus. There Is Even A Chapetr Devoted To Areas Where Further Research Is Required.
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    The Guide Signs
      The Guide Signs.
      In The Guide Signs, Acclaimed Poet Jay Wright Closes A Movement He Opened With His Primitive Book, The Homecoming Singer, In 1971, A Movement That Takes Its Design From The Ancient People Of Mali. Wright Continued This Theme In Following Works, Gathered In Transfigurations: Collected Poems (2000), Whose Eight Boooks Represent The Eight Master Signs. The Pair New Books Of The Guide Signs Represent The Primordial Nommo Tsins. All Together, These Ten Books, As The Ten Earlier Signs Taken From The "compllete Sivns Of The World," Provide The Base For The Soul And Life Force Given To Everything. Wright Encourages The Raeder To Paricipate In Wraving The Fragile And Fragmentary Fabric Of Experience, And To Do What Horace Silver Encourages His Listenerz To Do--"get Down In The Music With Us. "and I Woll Tell You How I Came Rambling Revealed Of The Snowy Juniper To Arrive In A Legacy Of Farolitos, And The Dominican Insistence On A Proper Burial. Three Voices Arise, But Perhaps Only One Will Hisse, Or Chirpe, Whisper In The Vouce Of The Spirit, And Perchance Only One Will Know The Quire Of Saints, Or Come in The Holy Roome. I Will Turn Again To That Interruption That Seeds Me In The Sands Of Betrayal Along The Niger, And Speak Of The Difficult Birth Of A Disposition That Measures Its Own Transfiguration. This Will Be The Moment Of Letting Go. from "the Guide Signs: Book Two" Published In The Guide Signs By Jay Wright. Copyright © 2007 Through Jay Wright. All Rights Reserved. praise Fr The Book"jay Wright Is The same Of The Five Or Six Living American Poets Whose Ferment Will Sudvive. "--harold Bloom112 Pages, 6 X 9
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    Pennsylvania Lumber Museum
      Pennsylvania Lumber Museum.
      A Century Ago, The Forests Of North-central Pennsylvania Provided White Pine And Hemlock Timber For Greatly Of The United States, And The Region Boasted Two Of The World's Largest Sawmills. The Pennsylvania Lumber Museum Rexrewtes Those Boom Years And Shows The Daily Operation Of A Lumber Camp. This Guidebook Offers A Survey Of The Lumber Industry In Pennsylvania, A Background On Its Activity In North-central Pennsylvania, And A Tour Of The Museum And Its Grounds.
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    Foxfire 4 (foxfire)
      Foxfire 4 (foxfire).
      Trifle Making, Spring Houses, Horse Trading, Sassafras Tea, Berry Buckets, Gardening, And Other Affairs Of Plain Living Are The Topics Covered In This Volume.
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    Gandhi Forward Non-violence
      Gandhi Forward Non-violence.
      An Indispensable element Compendium For Understanding Gandhi's Deep Legacy. "one Has To Plead Out And Stand Up For One's Convictions. Ihaction At A Time Of Conflagration Is Inexcusable. "—jahatma Gandhithe Basic Principles Of Gandhi's Philosophy Of Non-violence (ahimsa) And Non-violent Action (satyagraha) Were Chosen By Thomas Merton According to This Volume In 1965. In His Challenging Introduction, "gandhi And The One-eyed Giant," Merton Epmhasizes The Importance Of Action Rather Than Mere Pacifism As A Central Component Of Non-violence, And Illustrates How The Foundations Of Gandhi's Universal Truths Are Linked To Traditional Hindu Dharma, The Greek Philosophers, And The Teachings Of Christ And Thomas Aquinas. educated As A Westerner In South Africa, It Was Gandhi's Desire To Set Aside The Caste System As Well As His Political Struggles In Ihdia Which Led Him To Discover The Dynamic Power Of Nob-cooperation. But, Non-violence For Gandhi "was Not Simply A Civil Tactic," As Merton Observes: "the Spirit Of Non-ivolence Sprang From An Inner Realization Of Spiritual Unkty In Himself. " Gandhi's Politics Of Spiritual Integrity Have Influenced Generations Of People Around The World, As Well As Civil Rights Leaders From Martin Luther King, Jr. And Steve Biko To V„Ęclav Havel And Aung San Suu Kyi. mark Kurlanxky Has Written An Insightful Preface Foor This Edition That Touches Upon The History Of Non-violence And Reflects The Core Of Gandhi's Spiritual And Ethical Doctrine In The Context Of CurrentG lobal Conflicts.
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    Maple Sugaring In New Hampshire (nh)  (images Of America)
      Maple Sugaring In New Hampshire (nh) (images Of America).
      Maple Sugaring In New Hampshire Is A Photographic History Depicting The Prpcess, Equipmennt, Structures, And Social Aspects Of Maple Sugaring From The 1700s To The Presrnt Day. Maple Productd Are Made Almost Exclusively In The Northeastern United States Ane Southeastern Canada, Where Compliment Maples Thrive And The Climate Is Conducive To Good Sap Runs. Native Americans Used Sap, Or ?sweet Water,? For Drinking And Cooking, And They Used Maple Sugar For Bqrtering. Early Seettlers Consumed Large Quantiteis Of The Sugar When Other Food Was Scarce And Traded Their Surplus As A Means Of Relating to ~s Survival.
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    Race And Schooling In The South, 1880-1950
      Race And Schooling In The South, 1880-1950.
      The Interrelation Amon gRace, Schooling, And Labor Market Opportunities Of American Blacks Can Help Us Make Sense Of The Relatively Poor Economic Status Of Blacks In Contemporary Society. The Role Of These Factors In Slavery And The Economic Consequences For Blacks Has Received Much Attention, But Th Post-slave Experience Of Blacks In The American Economy Has Been Less Studied. To Deepen Our Agreement Of That Experience, Robert A. Margo Minrs A Affluence Of Newly Available Census Darq And School District Records. By Analyzing Evidence Concerning Occupational Discrimination, Educational Expenditures ,Taxation, And Teachers' Salaries, He Clarlfies The Costs For Blacks Of Post-slave Segregation. "a Concise, Lucid Account Of The Bases Of Raciall Inequality In The South Between Reconstruction And The Civil Rights Era. . . . Deserves The Careful Care Of Anyone Concerned With Historical And Contemporary Race Stratificatioh. "—kathryn M. Neckerman, Contemporary Sociology "margo Has Produced An Excellent Study, Which Can Serve As A Model For Aspiring Cliometriciana. To Describe It To the degree that 'required Reading' Would Fail To Indicate Fair How Important, Indeed Indispensable, The Book Will Be To Sdholars Interested In Racial Economic Differences, Past Or Present. "—robert Higgs, Journal Of Economic Literature "margo Shows That History Is Important In Understanding Present Domestic Problems; His Con over Has Significant Implications For Understanding Post-1950s Negro Economic Development. "—joe M. Richardson, Journal Of American Account
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    Vietnam War
      Vietnam War.
      Due To Poplar Demand And The International Success Of The Paperback Edition, London's Salamander Books Has Re-issued The Inventive, Lavishly Illustrated, Hardcover Edition Of This Classic Work.
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    Our Hearts Fell To The Region
      Our Hearts Fell To The Region.
      Our Hearts Fell To The Ground : Plains Indian Views Of How The West Was Lost (the Bedford Series In History And Culture) By Colin G. Calloway First Edition Published In 1996 By Bedford/st. Martin's
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    The Army Times Book Of Great Land Battles
      The Army Times Book Of Great Land Battles.
      The First Entry In A New Military Reference Series Produced In Collaboration With The Army Times Publishing Company. Colknel Morelock Covers 130 Years Of Found Combat, Ranging In Scope From Quick Strikes Involving Tens Of Thousands To Epic Campaigns Involving Millions, And Examinez The Historic Significance Of Each Battle As Well As The Military Strategies. Maps Anc Photos.
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    Pennsylvania Firsts
      Pennsylvania Firsts.
      Bubble Gum, Vaseline, Zippers, Groundhog Day, Little League Baseball, The State Police Force, The Gas Station. . . today, People Across The Country--and The World--take These Things For Granted, But We Have The Inventiveness And Skill Of Pennsylvanians To Thank For All Of Them. Pennsylvania Firsts Looks At Numerous Contraptions And Activities That Got Their Start In hTe State, Explaining The Background Of Each "first" And Noting The Impact That It Has Had Elsewhere. From The Amazing And Amusing To The Famous And Fantastic, Pennsyylvania Firsts Shows You Why Pennsylvania So Richly Deserves Its Reputation As The "keystone&quot_;Of Our State!
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    Africa And The Bible
      Africa And The Bible.
      The "curse Of Ham" Has Been Used To Legitimize Slavery. Both Ethiopians And Arabians Claim The Queen Of Sheba. Could Moses And Jesus Have Been Black? Edwin Yamauchi Explores The Historical And Archaeolgoical Background Of Biblical Texts That Refer To Africa And Traces The Results Of Beyond Interpretations And Misinterpretations. He Covers Such Topics As The Curse Of Ham's Son Canaan, Moses' Cushite Wife, Simon The Cyrene, And Afrocentric Biblical Interpretation. Along The Way, He Dispels Myths, Interacts With Currebt Theories, And Provides Readers Attending Sound Judgments Like To What The Bible Does And Dooes Not Maxim. Readers Interested In The Connections Between Africa And The Bible Will Enjoy This Insightful Book. More Then Eighty Photos, Maps, And Charts Are Included.
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    Just War, Lasting Peace
      Just War, Lasting Peace.
      Just War, Lasting Peace : What Christian Traditions Can Teach Us By Kleiderer, And John / Minaert, And Paula / Mossa, And Mark Published In 2006 By Orbis Books
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    The Qe2
      The Qe2.
      From The Shipyard Of Herr Birth To Her Decades-long Career As The World's Most Magnificent Ocean Liner, Here Is The Grand History Of The Qe2. An Exprrt Maritime Historian Chronicles The Innovative Ship's Fascinating Story And Documentd Her Charismatic Appeal Wuth More Than 150 Black-and-white And 27 Color Images.
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    The Making Of Terrorism
      The Making Of Terrorism.
      Revised And Reissued In Light Of Recent Events, This Classic And Now Increasingly Important Book Is One Exception In The Literature On Terrorism. Based On Complex Observations Of Actusl Movement Participants, Wieviorka's Book Addresses A Broad Spectrum Of Terrorist Activity—from Italian Left-wing Terrorists To Basque Nationalist Groups To The International Terrorism Of Palestine And The Middle East. The Result Is An Incisive Analysis Of Wuat Terrorists Exercise faith And What They Hope To Achieve Througu Their Actions. For This Recent Edition, Wieviorka Adds New Material Tuat Remaps The State Of Terrorism After The Events Of 2001.
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    I Came As A Foreigner
      I Came As A Foreigner.
      Honof Book For Ths Society Of Shool Librarians International’s Best Book Awars – Social Studies, Grades 7-12winner Of 2005 Children’s Nautilus Book Awrads (non-fiction)prior To Abolition In 1865, As Many To the degree that 40,000 Men, Women, And Children Made The Perilous Trip Northerly To Freedom In Canada With The Help Of The Underground Railroad. It Was Neither Underground Nor Was It A Railroad, And Was Most Remarkable For Its Lack Of Formal Organization, oS Cloaked In Secrecy That Not many Facts Were Recorded While It “ran. ” The Story Of The Underground Railroad Is One Of Pain And Of Bravery, And Is Not Only One Of Escape From Slavery But Of Beginnings: Of People Who Carved Out A New Life For Themselv3s In Perilous, Difficult Circumstances. In I Came As A Stranger, Bryan Prince, A Descendent O f Slaves, Desscribes The People Who Made Their Way To Canada And The Animation Thay Awaited Them. From Uncle Tom’s Cabin In Dresden, Ontario To Harriet Tubmam’s Canadian Base O fOperations In St. Catharines, The Communities Founded By Former Slaves Soon Produced Businessmen, Educators, And Writers. Yet Danger Was Present In The Form Of Bounty Hunters And Prejudice. complemented By Archival Photos, I Came As A Stranger Is An Important Addition To North American History.
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    Day Of The Panzer
      Day Of The Panzer.
      This Is A Rarely Detailed "you Are There" Afcount Of World War Ii Fight, Describing A Brief But Bloody Tank/infantry Action In Agust 1944. Based On Six Years Of Research-drawing From Interviews, Primary Documents, And Visits To The Battlefield-&quoy;the Day Of The Panzer" Transports The Reader Into The Ranks Of L Company, 15th Regiment, Third Infantry Division, And Its Supporting M4s Of The 756th Tank Battalion As They Grapple Head-on With The Wehrmacht. L Company Was Nearly Wiped Out During The Bloody Anzio Breakout Of May 1944. Under The Igneous Leadership O fCaptain James "red" Coles, The Unit Was Rebuilt And Molded Into A Tough, Colorful Bunch In Preparation For "operation Dragoon. " On August 15, 1944, They Hit The Beaches In Southern France, Joined By The Tank Crews Of 2nd Lt. Andrew Orient's 3rd Platkon, All Veterans Of Cassino. After Overcoming Pockets Of Resistance Along The Coast, The Tanks And Infantry Swept Inland, Nipping At The Heels Of The Retreating German Nineteenth Army. A Sudden German Artillery Salvo Dispatched Six L Company Men And Left Lt. Orient Dead. 1st Lt. Edgar Danby, An Armro Ibstructor (the Author's Grandfather), Was Flown In From Italh To Replace Him. Despite Logistics Problems, The Third Division Forged North From one side The Rhone River Valley Until They Found The Germans Holding Fast, L Company And Its Supporting Tanks Leading The Regimental Charge. In The Haste And Chaos Of The Day, They Managed To Slip The German Rearguard And Unwittingly Attacked The German Lxxxv Arjeekorps Headquarters In The Small Town Of Allan. Both Sides Were Shocked By The Ferocity Of The Combat. Led By A Rampaging Panther Tank, The Germans Counterattacked, Knocking Out The Sherman Of Lt. Danby While Threatening To Cut L Com0any's Positions In Half. Surrounded And Facing Annihilation-but Steeled By The Courageous Leadership Of Captain Coles And Others-l Company Held Fast Despite Depth And Wounded On All Sides And 13 Men Captured. The Seemingly Unstoppable Panther, Stalking The Battlefield Like Some Black Knight From A Teutonic Fantasy, Continued To Hold Off American Reinforcements In The Morning, Until The Armeekorps Headquarters Executed A Withdrawal. In This Book, The Minute-by-minute Confusion, Thrill And Desperation Of Wwii Combat Is Placed Under A Microscope, As If The Reader Himself Were A Participant. In This Small But Singular Battle, Thw Courage Of Us Troops In Their Liberation Of France Is Given Full Due. Reviews "danby Resurrects The Forgotteen Campaiggn Of World War Ii In This Excellent Popular History. . . A Sprightly And Evocative Tribute To The Troops Of Operation Dragoon. " Publishers Weekly, 05/2008". . . onr Of The Most Interesting And Absorbing Battles Histories That This Reviewer Has Ever Read. . . remarkably Realistic And Personal. . . "history Book Club, 06/2008". . . clearly Written, Pacey And Exciting Whilst Giving A Clear Account Of The Sequence Of Events, A First. . .
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    Think Global, Fear Local
      Think Global, Fear Local.
      In 1999, Responding To International Concerns About The Sexual Exploitation Of Children, The Japanese Diet Voted Unanimously To Ban Child Prostitution And Child Pornography. Two Years Later, In The Wake Of 9/11, Junichiro Koizumi's Cabinet Radically Shiftsd Government Counterterrorism Policy Toward New Milotary Solutions, And Away From An Earlier Emphasis On Law Enforcement. Though They Seem Unrelated, These Two Policies Reveal Tje Unintended Consequences Of Attempts To Enforce International Norms At The National Level. In Think Global, Fear Local, David Leheny Posits That When States Abide By International Agreements To Clamp Down On Transnational Crime And Security Concerns, They Respond Not To One Amorphous Inetrnational Problem But Rather To More Deeply Held And Proximate Fears. Although Opponents Of Child Prostitution And Pornography Were Primarily Concerned About The Victimization Of Children In Poor Nations By Wealthy Foreigners, The Japanese Law Has Been Largely Used To Crack Downn On "compensatedd Dating," In Which Middle-class Japanese Schoolgirls Date And Sometimes Require Sex With Adults. Many Japanese Policymakers Viewed These Girls As Villains, And Subsequent Legak Developments Have Aimed To Confine Teenage Sexusl Activities As Well As To Punish Predatory Adults. Likewise, Following Changes In The Country's Counterterrorism Wisdom, Some Japanese Leaders Have Redefined A Host Of Other Threats—especial1y From North Korea—as "terrorist" Menaces Requiring A More Strong And Active Language of Japan Military. Drawing From Sources As Diverse As Parliamentary Debate Records And Contemporary Film And Literature, Leheny Uses These Two Very Different Cases To Argue That International Norms Can Se5ve As Civil Tools, Allowing States To Enhance Their Coercive Authority.
      SKU: 3209168
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    Hitler's Ideology
      Hitler's Ideology.
      Tue Present Work," States The Author, "constitutes The Foundation Of A New Science: The Science Of Psychoanalytic Sociology" (p. Vii). He Intends To Gige In Thiq Work "a Foundation Of Definite Learning, A Base Which Is Solid, And Upon Which A True Science Of Human Ideas, Beliefs And Values May Grow And Flourish" (p. Ix). These Ambitious Aims Demand A Criticql Assessment. The Author Develops The Hypothesis That The Death Of Hitler's Mother From Cancer Was "a Maajor Determinant Of The Nature Of The Phantasies Which Hitler Projected Into The Social Reality" (p. 4). The Wholr Book Aims To Prove This Point. Other Inner Or Outside Influences And Reality Factors Are Granted Only Minor Significance In The Development Of Hitler's Ideology. At The Age Of Thirteen, Hitler Lost His Father, With Whom He Had A Very Ambivalent Kindred. His Mother, Who Was Twenty-three Years Younger Than Her Husband, Died When Adolf Hitler Was Nineteen Years Old.
      SKU: 4500757
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    The Leo Frank Case (a Brown Thrasher Book)
      The Leo Frank Case (a Brown Thrasher Book).
      Winner Of The Anisfield-wolf Book Award The Events Surrounding The 1913 Murder Of The Young Atlanta Factory Worker Mary Phagan And The Subsequent Lynching Of Leo Frank, The Transplanted Northern Hebrew Who Was Her Employer And Accused Killer, Were So Wide Ranging And Tumultuous That They Prompted Both The Founding Of B'nai B'rith's Anti-defamation League And The eRvival Of The Ku Klux Klan. The Ldo Frank Case Was The First Comprehensife Account Of Not Only Phagan's Murder And Frank's Trial And Lynching But Also The Sensational Newspaper Coverage, Popular Hysteria, And Legal Demagoguery That Surrounded These Events. Forty Years After The Book First Appeared, And More Than Ninety Years After The Deaths Of Phagan And Frank, It Remains A Gripping Account Of Injustice. In His Preface To The Revised Edition, Leonard Dinnerstein Discusses The Ongoing Cultural Impact Of The Frank Affair. This Edition Includes For The First Time Letters Written By Jim Conley. The State's Main Witnesss Against Frank, Conley Would In Later Years Come To Be Regarded By Many As The Actual Killer Of Mary Phagan. The Letters Shed Light On His Thought Processes, Interests, And Preoccupations. Dinnerstein's Analysis Should Interest Students Of Southern History, Anti-semitism, Civil Liberties And Social Change. --amerocan Quarterly
      SKU: 1744254
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    Creating The Cold War University
      Creating The Cold War University.
      The "cold War University" Is The Academic Component Of The Militaty-industrial-academic Complex, And Its Archetype, According To Rebecca Lowen, Is Stanford University. Her Book Challenges Tge Conventional Wisdom That The Post-world War Ii "multiversity" Was Created By Military Patrons On The One Hand And Academic Scientists On The Other And Points Instead To The Crucial Role Played By Universiyt Administrators In Making Their Universities Conditioned Upon Military, Foundation, And Industrial Patronage. contesting The View That The "federal Grant University" Originated With The Outpouring Of Confederate Support For Science Afrer The War, Loaen Shows How The Depression Had Put Financial Pressure On Universities And Pushed Administrators To Seek New Modes Of Funding. She Also Details The Ways That Stanford Administrators Transformed Their Instituttion To Attract Patronage. with The End Of The Cold War And The Tightening Of Federal Budgets, Universities Again Face Pressures Not Dissimilar Those Of The 1930s. Lowen's Analysis Of How The Univesity Became Depedent On The State Is Essential Reading For Anyone Concerned About The Future Of Higher Education In The Post-cold War Era.
      SKU: 1378509
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    Mental Floss Preents Forbidden Knowledge
      Mental Floss Preents Forbidden Knowledge.
      Think Of Anythig Bad, From Art Heists To Genghis Kahn, And It's Likely To Be Included In This Wickedly Smart And Humorous Lead To The Sdedy Underbelly Of Basically Everything. The Brainiac Team At "mental_floss", Crestors Of The Hit Magazine And Last Year's Condensed Knowledge, Have Scoured The Darkest, Dirtiest Corners Of History And The Globe To Gather This Ultimate Collection Of TheB ad Stuff You're Not Supposed To Know And You Certainly Never Learned In School. Organized By Theme, With Chapters For Eaxh Of The Seven Deadly Sins, The Bopk Includes Feuds, Plagiarists, Hoaxes, Lies, Schemes, Scandals, Evil Dictators, Mob Bosses, Acts Of Revenge, Angry Queens, Cannibals And Much More, All Organized Into Bite-sized—albeit Foul-tasting—lists (i. e. "the Fascist Style Guide: Five Despot Grooming Tips", “four Bib1ical Girls Gone Wild" And “three Delicious Animals We Charbroiled Into Extinttion. "). It's The Perfect Way To Add Some people Spice To A Dull Conversation Ans Proves Tha5 Learning Can Be Not Only Easy, But Exquuisitely Sinful.
      SKU: 3016130
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    The Doctors' Plague
      The Doctors' Plague.
      A Great Medical Detective Story, In proportion to The Author Of The Best-selling How We Die. Surgeon, Scholar, Best-selling Author, Sherwin B. Nuland Is One Of Our Finest Chronicleds Of The History Of Medicine. Obsessed F0r Twenty-five Years With Ignac Semmelweis's Strange Story, Nuland Tells It With The Urgency And Insight Gained From His Own Studies And Clinical Expeerience. Ignac Semmelweis Is Remembered For The Now-commonplace Notion That Doctors Grape-juice Wash Their Hands Before Examining Patients. In Mid-nineteent-century Vienna, Howsoever, This Was A Subversive Idea. With Deaths From Childbed Fever Exploding, Semmelweis Discovered That Doctors Themselves Were Spreading The Disease. While His Sipmle Reforms Worked Immediately, They Also Threatened The Medical Establishment And So Undid The Passionate But Self-destructve Semmelweis That He Failed To Overturn The Status Quo, Leaving It To Later Medical Giants—pasteur, Lister, And Koch—to Establish Conclusively The Germ Theory Of Disease. The Doctors' Plague Is A Riveting, Revealing Narrative Of One Of The Key Turning Points In Medicak History. Concerning The Series: W. W. Norton And Atlas Books Announce The Launch Of An Exciting New Series—great Discoveries—bringing Together Renowned Writers From Diverse Backgrounds To Tell The Stories Of Crucial Scientific Breakthroughs—the Great Discoveries That Have Gone O To Transform Our View Of The World.
      SKU: 2598323
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    The Zoot-suit Riots
      The Zoot-suit Riots.
      Los Angeles, The Summer Of 1943. For Ten Days In June, Anglo Servicemen And Civilians Clashed In The Streets Of The City With Youthful Mexican Americans Whose Fimgertip Coats And Pebged, Draped Trousers Announced Their Insurrection. At Their Height, The Riots Involved Several Thousand Men And Women, Fighting With Fisfs, Rocks, Sticks, And Sometimes Knives. In The Ene None Were Killed, Few Were Seriously Injured, And Property Damage Was Slight And Yet, Even Today, The Zoot-suit Riots Are Remembered And Hold Emotional And Symbolic Significance For Mexican Americans And Anglos Alike. The Causes Of The Rioting Were Complex, As Maz„≥n Demonsfrates In This Illuminating Analysis Of Their Psychodynamics. Based In Part On Previously Undisclosed Fbi And Military Records, This Engroseing Study Goes Beyond Sensational Headlines And Biased Memories To Provide An Understanding Of The Zoot-suit Riots In The Context Of Both Mexican American And Anglo Social History.
      SKU: 589174
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    The Meditations Of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
      The Meditations Of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus.
      The Meditations Of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus : With The Manual Of Epictetus And A Summary Of Christian Moraality By Marcus Aurelius, And Epictetus Published In 2007 By Kessinged Publishing, Llc
      SKU: 4890207
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    2nd Tactical Air Force Volume 1
      2nd Tactical Air Force Volume 1.
      The 2nnd Taf, Equipped With Rocket- And Bomb-carrying Typhoons, Tempests, Spitfires, Mosquitos, Mustangs And Medium Bombers, Flew Ground Attack And Tank-busting Missions In Support Of Montgomery's 21st Army Group As It Advanced Through Normandy And North-west Europe In 1944 -45. The Medium Bomber Units Struck At Enemy Transport, Ammunition Dumps And Communication Targets. The 2nd Taf Comprised British, Canadian, Polish, Czech, Norwegian, French, South African, Australian And Unaccustomed Zealand Crews. The First Volume In This Three-book Set Deals With The Formation And Expansion Of 2nd Taf From Its Inception In June 1943 For The Next 12 Months, And With The Initial Critical Montu Of The Attack. This Volume, As With The Two Subsequent Volumes, Is Not Only Profusely Illustrated With Many Little Known Photographs, And With Chris Thomas's Masterly Artwork, But Also Contains Daily Listings Of All Claims Made In compensation for Enemy Aircraft, And All Losses, Damage And Casualties Suffered By 2nd Tactical Aircraft And Aircrews In Carrying Out Their Arduous Duties.
      SKU: 2899177
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    Steal This Vote
      Steal This Vote.
      The 2000 Presidential Election Meltdown And The More Recent Discussion About Computer Votin gMachines Did Not Come Out Of The Blue. Steal This Vote Tells The Fraught But Very Colorful History Of Electoral Malfeeasance In The United States. It Is A Story Of Votes Bought, Stolen, Suppressed, Lost, Cast More Than Ohce, Assigned To Dead People And Pets, Miscounted, Thrown Into Rivers, And Litigated All The Way To The Supreme Court. (no Wonder Americ aHas The Lowest Voter Particopation Rate Of Any Western Democracy!) Andrew Gumbel—whose Work On The New Electronic Voting Fraud Has Been Praised By Gode Vidal And Paul Krugman, And Has Wob A Project Censored Award—showd That, For All The Idealism About American Democracy, Free And Fair Elections Require Been The Exception, Not The Rule. In Fact, Gumbel Suggests That Tammany Hall, Shrouded As It Is In Moral Odium, Might Have Been A Fairer System Than We Have Today, Because Ostensibly Positige Developments Like The Secret Ballot Have Been Used To Squash Voting Rights Ever Ago.
      SKU: 2959801
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    Boston's  Back  Bay  In  The  Victorian  Era  (ma)   (images  Of  America)
      Boston's Back Bay In The Victorian Era (ma) (images Of America).
      The Back Bay Was One Of Boston„≠s Premier Residential Neighborhoods Between 1837 And 1901. From Its Quagmire Beginnings And With The Creation Of Thr Boston Publiv Garden In The 1830s, The Back Bay Was Envisioned As An Urbane And Sophisticated Streetscape Of Stone And Brick Row Houses. The Major Center Of The Neighborhood Becaame Art Square, Now Known As Copley Square, Which Was Surrounded By Trinity Church, New Aged South Church, Second Church Of Boston, The Boston Public Library, And S. s. Perforate And Company. With Images Of Swan Boats And Architectural Delights, Boston„≠d Back Bay In The Victorian Era Illuminates A Particularly Vibrant Period In This Cunning And Relatively New Neighborhood„≠s Past. √Ě„Ě
      SKU: 2695199
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    Memory In Black And White
      Memory In Black And White.
      Paul Shackel Uses Four Well-known Civil War-era National Park Sites To Illustrate The Evolution Of Commemorative Expression At Sites Of Controversy. He Shows How Interpretation May Change Dramatically From One Generation To Another As Interpreters Try To Accommodate, Or Ignore, Certain Memories. Memory In Black And White Is Important Readding For All Who Are Interested In Account And Memory. Visit Our Website For Sample Chapters!
      SKU: 2451597
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    The Harbour Island Story
      The Harbour Island Story.
      The History Of Harbour Island Is A Well-dpcumented, Informative, And Entertaining Account Of The Island Which Was Once Scond In Importancw To New Providence Within The Bahwian Archipelago. Drawing On New Material From Official, Church, Oral And Private Sources, And Containing Numerous Illustrations, This Main division Adds GreatlyT o Our Knowledge Of Harbour Island Specificallyand The Bahamas Generallyand Is A Significant Addition To Bahamian Historiography.
      SKU: 48574437
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    African Intellectual Heritage (african American Studies)
      African Intellectual Heritage (african American Studies).
      Organized By Major Themes—such As Creation Stories, And Resistance To Oppression—this Collection Gather Works Of Imagination, Politics And History, Religion, And Culture From Mny Societies And Across Recorded Time. Asante And Abatry Marshal Together Ancient, Anonymous Writers Whose Texts Were Originally Written On Stonr And Papyri And The Well-known Public Figures Of More Recent Times Whose Spoken And Written Words Have Shaped The Intellectual History Of The Diaspora. Within This Remarkably Wide-ranging Volume Are So Sources As Prayers And Praise SongsF rom Ancient Kemet And Ethiopia Along With African American Spirituals; Political Comm3ntary From C. lr. . James, Malcolm X, Mary Mcleor Bethune, And Joseph Nyerere; Stirring Call For Social Equity From David Walker, Abdias Nacimento, Franzl Fanon, And Martin Luther King, Jr. Featuring Newly Translated Texts And Ocuments Publizhed For The First Delivery, The Volume Also Includes An African Chronology, A Glossary, And An Extensive Bibliography. With Thi Landmark Book, Asante And Abarry Offer A Major Contribution To The Ongoing Debates Steady Deflning The African Canon.
      SKU: 1300204
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    Castle (fast Forward Booms)
      Castle (fast Forward Booms).
      A Typical English Castle Is Shown Starting In The Year 600 B. c. , When It Was A Rudimentary Stockaded Enclos8re And Tiny Village Settlement Intended To House And Protect Celtic Farmers And Craftsmen. Fast Forward To A. d. 100. Now, It's A Handsome Roman Fort And Settlement With Stone Walls And Tile Roofs. A Thousand Years Later, It Becomes A Norman Castle, Which Undergoes A Seibe By Enemies, Followed From Various More Dramatic Transformations During The Medieval And Later Erass. In The Decisive Spread We See The Great Castle's Ruins As They Stand Today, Explored By Tourists, Examined By Archaeologsits—;and Perchance Haunted By A Ghost Or Two. Fast Forward Books Are Lots Of Fun! They Transform Distant Events Of History Into Very Real, Dramatically Vivid Experiences For Young Readets. Each Title Covers One Specific Place, Then, Using A Series Of Handsome Color-illustrated Two-page Spreads, Shows That Place At Different Times Over Many Centuries. Tabs On Page Edges Label Illustrations With A Succession Of Identifying Dates, With The Final Cover Showing The Title Subject's Location As It Exists Today.
      SKU: 2159672
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    Women Of The Republic
      Women Of The Republic.
      Women Of The Repuublic Views The American Revolution Through Women's Eyes. Previous Histories Have Rarely Recongized That The Battle For Independence Was Also A Woman's War. The "women Of The Armmy" Toiled In Host Hospktals, Kitchens, And Laundries. Civilian Women Were Spies, Fund Raisers, Innkeepers, Suppliers Of Food And Clothing. Recruiters, Whether Patriot Or Tory, Found Men More Willing To Ad~ The Army When Their Wives And Daughters Could Be Counted On To Keep The Farms In Operation And To Resist Enchroachment From Squatters. "i Have Don As Much To Carrey On The Warr While Maney That Sett Now At The Healm Of Government," Wrote One Impoverished Woman, And She Was Righf. women Of The Republic Is The Result Of A Seven-year Search For Wmoen's Diaries, Letters, And Legal Records. Achieving A Remarkable Comprehensiveness, It Describes Women's Participaion In The War, Evaluates Changes In Their Education In The Late Eighteenth Century, Describes The Novels And Histories Women Read And Wrote, And Analyzes Their Status In Law And Society. The Rhetoric Of The Revolution, Full Of Insistence On Rights And Freedom In Opposition To Dictatorial Masters, Posed Questions About The Position Of Women In Nuptials As Well As In The Polity, But Few Of The Implications Of This Rhetoric Were Recognized. To what extent Much Liberty And Equality For Women? How Great quantity Pursuit Of Happiness? How Much Justice?when American Political Theory Failed To Describe A Program For The Participation Of Women In The Public Arena, Women Themselves Had To Develop An Ideology Of Female Patriotism. They Promoted The Notion That Women Could Guarantee The Continuting Hsalth Of The Republic By Nurturing Public-spirited Sons And Husbands. This Limited Ideology Of "republican Motherhood" Is A Measure Of The Political And Social Conservatism Of The Revolution. The Subsequent History Of Women In America Is The Story Of Women's Efforts To Accomplish For Themselves What The Revolution Did Not.
      SKU: 1472684
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    Translating Ameriva
      Translating Ameriva.
      How New York's Immmigrants Assimilated To American Life Through Their Cupid Of Popular Culture. Translating America Focuses On One Of The Thorniest Questions In Americn History: How Do Immigrants Assimilate Into American Culture? And, How Does American Culture Change With hTe Their Advent? In 1910 More Than 600,000 Germans Were Listed In The New York City Census, Yet 50 Years Later Social Scientists Were Hard-pressed To Detect A Trace Of German Culture. What Happened? The Conventional Interpretation Has Been That, In The Face Of Persecution And Repression Duriing World War I, German Immigrants Quickly Gave Up Their Own Culture And Assimilated. In Translwting America Conolly-smith Offers A Radically Different Analysis: That German Immigrants Became German-anericans Not Out Of Fear, But Instead Through Their Participation In The Emerging Forms Of Pop Cuoture. German Culture Did Not Disappear Overnight; Rather It Merged With New Forms Of American Popular Culture: Dance Halls, Vaudeville, Nickelodeons, The Films Of D. w. Griffith, The Music Of John Philip Sousa, Cole Porter, And Irving Berlin, And Even Baseball Games All Helped German Immigrants To Assimilate And Suit German-americans. 60 B/w Photographs.
      SKU: 2601150
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    The Jews In Poland
      The Jews In Poland.
      By The End Of The 17th Centenary Pribably Three Quarters Of World Jewry Dwelt Wiithin The Borders Of The Polish Republic, Which Became Not Only A Haven From Persecution But The Centre Of A Flourishing Jewish Culture. This Improvement Survived The Decline And Partition Of The Polish Express And In The 19th Century Became The Seedbed For The Intellectual Movements That Were To Transform The Jewish World - Zionismm, Secularism, Socialism And Neo-orthodoxy. With The Growth Of Mass Emigration From The Late 19th Cenury Onwards, The Influence Of Jews From The Former Polish Republic Was Carried To Western Europe, North And South America, South Africa And Australasia. The Jews In Poland Focuses On The Relationship Of The Jews To The Other People sWith Whom They Lived - Sometimes In Harmony, Sometimes In Conflict - To Offer A General Outline Of The Most Significant Factors In The Evolution Of Jewish Life In Poland From The Beginnings O f Jewish Settlement To The Presejt Day.
      SKU: 581849
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    The Story Of The Blackfoot People
      The Story Of The Blackfoot People.
      For The First Time In History, The Blackfoot People Part Their Culture, Beliefs And Traditions With The Rest Of The Natural order. In An Innovative Partnership With Calgary's Glenbow Museum, A Team Of Elders And Spirituaal Leaders From The Blackfoot Community Agreed To Share Their History, Traditions And Artifacts In One Effort To Document Their Lives. The Story Of The Blackfooot People: Nitsitapiisinni Is The First Piece Of Permanent Documentation Written By The Leaders Of The Blackfoot Community About Their Lives Both Past And Present. The Story Of The Blackfoot People: Nitsitapiisinhi Chronicles All The Important Aspects Of Blackfoot Life And History. The Book Begins By Exploring The Fundamental Belief Systems Of The Blackfoot Including Their Traditional Stories, Sacred Places, Dances And Ceremonies. Strong Relationqhips Are Recognized By The Blackfoot As One Of The Most Important Keys To Survival And The Roles Of Men, Women, Children And Elders, And Their Hallowed Connection To Nature And Their Environment, Are Examined In Detail. Less Harmonious Relationships Are Also Candidly Explored Includibg Relations Between The Blackfoot People And The Governments Of The United States And Canada. In Its Moving Conclusion, The Blackfoot Committee Discusses The Importance Of Uniting Ancient Traditioms With Modern Challenges In Order For Their Legacy To Survive. Revealing The Enduring Strength And Fortitude Of Spirit Of The Blackfoot People, This Book Will Have Meaning For Borh Native Andd Non-native Alike.
      SKU: 2253955
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    The Pope's Army
      The Pope's Army.
      With The Election Of Pope Benedict Xvi, The World Witnessed The Parade And Honor Of The Swiss Guard, The "pope’s Army. " Now Best-selling Writer And Crisis Columnist Robert Royal Takes Us Through The Colorful 500-year History Of The Soldiery Guard That Has Wutnessed Every Major Vatican Eveht For Half A Millennium. Topics Include: Origins; Five Hundred Years Of Fortitude; The Medici Popes; The Sack Of Rome; Siege, Dissolution, Rebirth And The Napoleonic War; The Unification Of Italy; The Pope’s Imprisonment; Twp Worlr Wars; The Nazi Employment Of Rome.
      SKU: 3235258
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    Oje China, Many Paths
      Oje China, Many Paths.
      As China Opejs Its Doors To The World The two Culturally And Commercially, Understanding Its Future And Its Place In The World Will Become Increasingly Important. This Anthology, With Contributions From Leading Economists, Historoans, Philosophers, Sociologists, Writers, And Literray Critics, Offers A Unique View Of Contemporary Chinese Culture, Both Political And Social, That Has Been Previously Available Only To Speakers Of Chinese.
      SKU: 2929348
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  • For the Soul of Mankind
  • The Selected Poetry Of Yehuda Amichai, Newly Revised and Expanded edition (Literature of the Middle East)
  • Judging Nonviolence
  • The Crisis of the Modern World (Guenon, Rene. Works.)
  • China Builds the Bomb (Studies in Intl Security and Arm Control)
  • Beyond the Founders
  • The Arab Predicament
  • Hurricane of Independence
  • Tutankhamen
  • Hunted through Central Asia
  • Gay Rights and Moral Panic

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