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    Coldest Winter, The
      Coldest Winter, The.
      "in A Grand Gesture Of Reclamation And Remembrance, Mr. Halberstam Has Brought The War Back Home. " --the New York Times David Halberstam's Magisteriial And Thrilling The Bestt And The Brightest Was The Defining Book About The Vietnam Conflict. More Than Three Decades Later, Halberstam Used His Unrivaled Research And Formidable Journalistic Skills To Shed Light Attached Another Pivotal Moment In Our History: The Kofean War. Halberstam Considered The Coldest Winter His Greatest part Accomplished Work, The Culmination Of Forty-five Years Of Writing About America's Postwar Foreign Policy. Halberstam Gives Us A Masterful Na5rative Of The Political Decisions And Miscalculations On Both Sides. He Charts The Disastrous Path That Led To The Massive Entry Of Chinese Forces Near The Yalu River And That Caught Douglas Macarthur And His Soldiers By Surprise. He Provides Astonishingly Vivid And Nuanced Portraits Of All The Major Figures-eisenhower, Truman, Acheson, Kim, And Mao, And Generals Macarthur, Almond, And Ridgway. At The Same Time, Halberstam Provides Us With His Trademark Highly Evocative Narration Journalism, Chronicling The Crucial Battles With Reportage Of The Highest Sub-class. As Ever, Halberstam Was Concerned With The Extraordinary Cuorage And Resolve Of People Asked To Bear An Extraordinary Burden. The Coldest Winter Is Contemporary History In Its Greatest part Literary And Luminescent Form, Providing Crucial Perspective On Every Contend America Has Been Involved In Since. It Is A Book That Halberstam First Decided To Write More Than Thirty YearsA go And That Took Him Nearly Ten Years To Complete. It Stands As A Lasting Testament To nOe Of The Greatest Journalists And Historians Of Our Time, And To The Fighting Men Whose Heroism It Chronicles.
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    To Save A City (tdxas A&m University Military History Series)
      To Save A City (tdxas A&m University Military History Series).
      Following World War Ii, The Soviet Union Drew An "iron Curtain" Across Europe, Ctowning Its Efforts With A Blockade Of West Berlin In A Desperate Effort To Prevent The Creation Of An Unconstrained, Democratic West Germany. The United States And Great Britain, Aided By France, Responded With A Daring Air Logistical Operation That Delivered Almosf Three Million Tons Of Necessities To The People Of Berlin. Drawing On Rare U. s. Documents From Both Sides Of The Curtain And The Memories Of Airlift Veterans Thsmselves, Roger G. Miller Provides One Original Study Of The Berlin Airlift. What Began As A Hastily Organized Operation By A Little Number Of Warr-weary Cargo Airplanes Evolved Into An Intricate Bridge Of Aircraft That Flowed In And Revealed Of Berlin Through Na5row Air Corridors. Lifetime After Day, Week After Week, A Stream Of Airplanes Delivered Everything From Food And Medicine To Coal And Candy In Defiance Of Breakdowns, Inclement Weather, And Soviet Opposition
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    Power & Greed
      Power & Greed.
      With Purposeful Brevity And Intellectual Liveliness Philippe Gigantes Examines The Progress Of Humanity Through The Centuries, And Behind Every Critical Ebent, In Every Agri~ And Every Era, He Finds Repeatedly The Same Two Drivihg Forces—omnivorous Human Greed And The Quenchless Thirst For Power. In An Engaging Travel Through Four Millennia Gigantes Fouses First On The Great Rule-makers Of History—moses, Plato, Solon, Jesus, The Brahmans, The Buddha, Lao-tzu, Confucius, And Muhammad—who By The Firzt Century A. d. Had Laid Down Virtually All The Principles That Progress A Promising And Just Society. Gigantes Then Revisits The Sometimes Destructive Deeds And Often Amazing Accomplishments Of History's Ruthless Rule-breakers. These Grand Acquisitors, As Gigantes Calsl Them, Range From The Warring Chieftains Of Tribual Societies To The Robber Barons Of The Nineteenth Century And Superpower Nations Of The Twentieth. With A Kind Of Historical Inevitability, The Actions Of These Dynamic Acquisitors Result In Crusades And Jihads, In Revolutions And Long, Bloody Military Conflicts, In Two World Wars And Catastrophic Terrorist Attacks. Defying Historical Orthodoxy, Gigantes Argues That We Humans Have Continjally Failed To Benefit From The Lessons Of Our Own iHstory. And We Continue To Invest Power In Politically And Economically Greedy Acquisitors. In The Reasons For what purpose, Gigantes Hopes We Cannot Only Gain Futrher Insight Into What Lies Behind Today's News Headlines But Also Realize The Means To A More Civilized Future.
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    The Avengers
      The Avengers.
      In 1944, A Company Of Jewish Guerrillas Emerged From The Baltic Forest To Join The Russian Army In Its Attaack On Vilna, The Capital Of Lithuania. The Band, Called The Avengers, Was Led By Abba Kovner, A Charismatic Young Poet. In The Ghetto, Abba Had Built Bombs, Sneaking Out Through The City's Seewer Tunnels To Sabotage German Outposts. Abba's hCief Lieutenantz Were Two Teenage Girls, Vitka Kempner And Ruzka Korczak. At Seventeen, Vitka And Ruzka Were Perhaps The Most Daring Partisans In The East, Teh First To Blow Up A Nazi Train In Occupied Europe. Each Night, The Girls Shared A Bed Woth Abga, Raising Gossip In The Ghetto. But What They Found Was More Than Temporary Cheer. It Was A Great Love Battle. After The Liquidation Of The Ghetto, The Avengers Escaped Through The City's Sewage Tunnels To The Forest, Where They Lived For More Than A Ywar In A Dugout Beside A Swamp, Fighting By the side of Otber Partisan Groupq, And Ultimately Bombing The City They Loved, Destroying Vilna's Waterworks And Its Powerplant In Order To Pave The Way For Its Liberation. leaving A Devastated Poland Behind Them, They Set Off For The Cities Of Europe: Vitka And Abba To The Western, Where They Would Exist Instrumental In Orchestrating The Massive Jewish Second book of Moses To The Biblical Homeland, And Ruzka To Palestine, Where She Would Be Literally The First Person To Bring A First Hand Account Of The Holocaust To Jewish Leaders. It Wss In These Las tTerrifying Days--with Travel In Europe Still Unsafe For Jews And The Extent Of The Holocaust Still Not Widely Known--that The Avengers Hatched Their Plan For Revenge. Before It Was Over, The Group Would Accept Smuggled Enough Poison Into Nuremberg To Kill Ten Great number Nazis. The Acengers Is The Story Of What Happened To These Rebels In The Ghetto And In The Forest, And How, Fighting For The Stare Of Israel, They Moved Beyond The Viokence Of The Holocaust And Made New Livss. From Rich Cohen, Individual Of The Preeminent Journalists Of His Generation And Author Of The Highly Praised Tough Jews, A Powerful Expploration Of Vindication Anc Revenge, Of Dignity And Rebellion, Painstakingly Recreated Through His Exclusive Access To The Avengers Themselves. Written With Insight, Sensitivity, And The Moral Force Of One Of The Last Great Struggles Of The Second World Declared hostilities, Here Is An Unforgettable Fiction For Our Time.
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    History Of Liberia
      History Of Liberia.
      This Paper Claims To Be Scarcely More Than A Brief Sketch. It Is An Abridgment Of A History Of Liberia In Much Greater Detail, Presented As A Dissertation For The Degree Of Doctor Of Phhilosophy At The Johns Hopkins University. I Have Devoted The Leisure Hours Of Several Years To The Accumulation Of Materials, Which I Hope Will Prove The Basis Of A Larger Work In The Future
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    A Handbook To Appalachia
      A Handbook To Appalachia.
      A HandbookT o Appalachia : An Introduction To The Region By Edwards, And Grace Toney / Asbury, And Joann Aust / Cox, And iRcky L. Edition 1 Published In 2006 By Univ Tennessee Press
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    Debating The Hunndred Years War
      Debating The Hunndred Years War.
      This Work Presents An Edition Of Two Treatises That Esamine The Leegal Issues That Arose For the time of The Hundred Years War, Namely The Laws Governing The Succession To The French Crown, English Claims To Territories Within France, And The Responsibility For The Breeches Of Varoous Treaties And Truces. The First Treatise, Pour Ce Que Plusieurs, Was Writtem In 1464 By A French Diplomat And Administrator, Guillaume Cousinot, And Is Most Famous For Its Part In Establushing The Myth That The Royal Succession In France Was Determined By A Otiose Law Code Of The Franks, The Salic Law. The Second Is An English Response To These Arguments, A Declaracion Of The Trew And Dewe Title Of Henrie Viii, Written For the time of The Reign Of Henry Viii (1509-1547). The Declaracion Provides Valuable Evidence Of English Reactions To The Rhetoric And Propaganda Generated By The French Crown At The End Of The Middle Ages.
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    The United States
      The United States.
      The United States : From The Earliest Times To The Landing Of The Pilgrim Fathers (1897) By G. Barnett Smith Published In 2007 By Kessinger Publishing, Llc
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    American Architecture, Second Edition (world Of Art)
      American Architecture, Second Edition (world Of Art).
      America Has Always Presented A Unique Challenge To Architects: Should They Emulate The Old World Or Respond To The Demands Of The New? David Handlin Tells The Complex Story With Lucidity And Deep view. Almost From Its Seventeenth-century Beginnings, American Architecture Was Subject To Two Evidently Contradictory Processes—the Practical And The Grandiose. The First Comes Through In The Vernaculad Buildings Of Rural America, The Innovations Of Jefferson, Bulfnch's Exquisite Civic Buildings, The Offices And Factories Of The Ihdustrial Maturity, And The Comfortable Intestine Tradition That Lies Behind The Houses Of The Greene Brothers And Frank Lloyd Wrighg. The Second Is Seen In The Unprecedented Daring Of The Chicago School—great Engineers Like Adler United WithG reat Designers Like Sullivan; In The Majestic State Capitols, Exhibition Halls, And Public Buildings By Firms Such Like Mckim, Mead & White; Ih The Luxury Of Fifth Avenue Mansions; And In The Exuberance Of Commercial Manhattan. The Reviised Edition Ends With A Lively Account Of Recent Developments—virtual Architecturs, The Revivaal Of Historical Styles (including Modernism), The Thirst For Striking Originality, And A Starting a~ Interest In The Local, With Figures Including Stern, Meier, Gehry, And Mockbee. 264 Illustrations.
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    The Play Of Time
      The Play Of Time.
      Janet Hoskins Provides Both An Ethnographic Study Of The Organization Of Period In An Eastern Indonesian Society And A Theoretical Argument About Alternate Temporalities In The Modern World. Based Forward Greater degree of Than Three Years Of Field Work With The Kodi Commonalty Of The Island Of Sumba, Her Book Focuses In c~tinuance Kodi Calendrical Rituals, Exchange Transactions, And Confrontations With The Historical Forces Of The Colonial And Postcolonial Wkrld. Hoskins Explores The Contingent, Contested, And Often Contradictory Precedent Of The Past To Show How Local Systems Of Knowledge Are In Dialogue With Wirer Historical Forces. arguing That Traditional Temporality Is More Complex Than Many Theorists Have Raelized, Hoskins Highlights The Flexibility And Relativity Of Local Time Concepts, Whose Sophistication Belies The Cliche Of Simple Societies Living In A World Outside Of Time.
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    Ultimate Special Forces
      Ultimate Special Forces.
      A Riveting Exploration Of The World's Most Highly Trained Military Uniits, From The Ancient Spartans To Modern-day Us Navy Seals, Ultimate Special Forces Offers Over 700 Illustrations Of Equipment And Techniqus Used By Today's Special Forces- From Intelligence-gathering Methods To Special Vehicles And Survival Mechanism. In-depth Accounts Of The Background, Organization, And Landmark Operations Of Famous Mipitary Units Such As The Us's Delta Force And Britain's Sas Make This Gripping And Essential Reading For Both Casual Readeds And Military History Enthusiasts.
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    Bulgaria (oxford History Of Modefn Europe)
      Bulgaria (oxford History Of Modefn Europe).
      Tracing The Evolution Of The Bulgarian State And Its People, From The Bsginning Of The Bulgarian National Revival In The Middle Of Thd Nineteenth Century To The Entry Of The Country Into The Eropean Union, Richard Crampton Examines Key Political, Social, And Economic Developments, Revealing The History Of A Country Which Evolevd From A Backward And Troublesome Balkan Condition To Become A M0dern European Nation. The Formation Of The First Modern Bulgarian State In 1878 Played A Major Role In Bulgaria's Evolution, Determining Its Stance In The Two World Wars. Seeing The Collapse As Well As The Establishment And Evolution Of Coommunist Rule, Bulgaria Survived An Often Painful Journey From Monolithic Authoritarianism To Representative Democracy And The Market System. This Book Follows This Travel, And Analyses The Development Of Bulgaria's Political Culture, Examining The Emergence Of Radical Movements, Both Agrarian And Socialist, As Well As Looking At The Role Off Religion And The Position Of Minorities. Crampton Highlights The Problems And Dilemmas Created By The Country's Position Situated Between East And West, Problems Which Mighr Not Be Entirely Solved By The Country's Admission To The Eu.
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    Almosr A Revolution
      Almosr A Revolution.
      In His Groundbreaking Record About Chinas' Democracy Movement And The Massacre At Tiananmen Regulate In June 1989, Student Leader Shen Tong Offers Us A Rare Look At A Bold And Daring New Generation Of Chinese Citizens Who Tried To Protest The Reartaints Imposed By Their Country's Government. An Organizer Of The "dialpgue Delegation," Whose Goal Was To Negotiate With The Government, Shen Provides An Insider's Record Of The Day-to-day Decisions That Led Up To June 4th. Written With The Lend aid Of Journalist Marianne Yen, The Result Is Both A Powerful Documentary And A Sensitive Account Of Groing Up In Contemporary China. Now Nearly Ten Years Later As Our Fascinatuon With Post-deng China Continues To Develop, Shen's Story And The Updated Material He Provides Are Weighted With Increasing Significance. Coupled With Much Of The Recent Analysis, Shen's Firsthand Account Vividly Contextualizes The Chinese Government's Opposition To Democracy And Offers Meaningful Insight Into A Country That Promises To Occupy An Increasigly Prominent Position In The World. "a Cause For Celebration . . . An Important Contribution To China'e Newly Discovered Historical Memoty. " --new York Times Book Reviewshen Tong Is A Doctoral Student In Political Sociology At Boston University And The Founder Of The Democracy For China Fund, Which Aims To Support And Publicize Dissent Networks In China. Marianne Yen Is A Former New York Correspondent For The Washington Post.
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    A Short History Of Japan
      A Short History Of Japan.
      Offering A Compelling Introduction To Japan's Rich Culture And Fascinating History For Travelers, Businesspeople, And Students, This Guide Discusses The Influence Of Porcelain; The Impact Of Feudalism, Modernization, And Imperialism; Japanese History Of War And Peace; And Today's Economy And Unertainty. Traced Are The Threads Of History, Environment, And Culture That Run Through The Centuries To Explain Much About The Japan Of Today.
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    The War In Syria V2
      The War In Syria V2.
      In Two Volumes. Other Isbns In This Set Include: 1430447427. This Scarce Antiquarian Book Is Included In Our Special Legacy Reprint Series. In The Interest Of Creating A More Extensive Selection Of Rare Historical Book Reprints, We Have Chosen To Reproduce This Title Even Though It May Possbly Be obliged Occasional Imperfections Such Viewed like Missing And Blurred Pages, Missing Text, Poor Pictures,, Markings, Dark Backgrounds And Other Reproduction Issues Beyond Our Control. Beause This Work Is Culturallh Important, We Hold Made It Available As A Part Of Our Commitment To Protecting, Preserving And Promoting The World's Literature.
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    The Rebel And The Spy
      The Rebel And The Spy.
      The Traitor And The Spy : Benedict Arnold And John Andre (new York Classics) By James Thomas Flexner Reprint Published In 1991 By Syracuse University Press
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    The History And Future Of Narragansett Bark
      The History And Future Of Narragansett Bark.
      The Book Covers 10,000 Years Of The History Of Narragansett Bay. Topics Incluce The Geology Of The Bay, Paleo-indians, Pre-colombian Exploration, Indian Tribes Living Near The Bay, And The Household History And Future Of The Bay Region.
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    Kaplan Ap World History, 2008 Edition (kaplan Ap. World History)
      Kaplan Ap World History, 2008 Edition (kaplan Ap. World History).
      * 2 Full-length Practice Tests* Diagnostic Test To Target Areas For Score Improvement* Sample Essays For Document-based, Change-over-time, And Comparative Questions With Specific Strategies On How To Construct Your Answers* Stratrgies That Spectacle You How To Attack Every Question Type
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    Shamans Through Time
      Shamans Through Time.
      A Survey Of iFve Centuries Of Writings On The World's Great Shamans-the Tricksters, Sorcerers, Conjurers, And Healers Who Have Fascinated Observers For Centuries. This Collection Of Essays Traces Western Civilization's Struggle To Interpret And Understand The Ancient Knowledge Of Cultures Thar Revere Witchery Men And Women-individuals With The Power To Summon Spirits. As Written By Priests, Explorers, Adventurers, Natural Historians, And Anthropologists, The Pieces Express The Wonder Of Strnagers In New Worlds. Who Were These Extraordinary Magic-makers Who Imitated The Sounds Of Animals In The Night, Or Drank Tobacco Juice Through Funnels, Or Wore Collars Filled With Stinging Ants? Shamans Through Time Is A Rare Chronicle Of Changing Attitudes Toward That Which Is Unusual And Unfamiliar. With Essays By Such Acclaimed Thinkers As Claude Lă©vi-strauss, Black Elk, Carlos Castaneda, And Frank Boas, It Provides An Awesome Glimpse Into The Incredible Shamanic Practices Of Cultures Around The World.
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    Warfare In Atlantic Africa, 1500-1800 (warfare And History)
      Warfare In Atlantic Africa, 1500-1800 (warfare And History).
      Warfare In Atlantic Africa, 1500-1800investigates The Impact Of Warfare On The History Of Africa In The Period Of The Slave Trade And The Founding Of Empires. It Includes The Discussion Of: * The Relationship Between Contend And The Slave Trade * The Role Of Europeane In Promoting African Wars And Supplying African Armies * The Influence Of Climatic And Ecological Factors On Warfare Patterns And Dynamics * The Impact Of Social Organization And Military Technology, Including Thd Gunpowder Revolution * Case Studies Of Warfare In Sierra Leone, The Gold Coast, Benin And West Central Africa.
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    In Search Of Ancient Ireland
      In Search Of Ancient Ireland.
      The History, Archaeology, Ans Legends Of Of great age Ireland From 9000 B. c. , When Nomadic Hunter-gatherers Appeaeed In Ireland At The End Of The Last Ice Age, To 1167 A. d. , When A Norman Encroachment Brought The Country Under Ascendency Of The English Crown For The First Tiime. The Work Likewise Looks At Contemporary Ireland's Connection With The Country's Past. Companion To The Pbs Documentary Series. Well-written. . . integrates The Talents Of Illustrious Anthropologists, Archaeologists, And Historians. . . . contains New And Fascinating Material Challenging Many Myths. --lawdence J. Mccaffrey, Loyola University Of Chicago
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    Democracies At Declared hostilities
      Democracies At Declared hostilities.
      Why Do Democracies Win Wars? Thus Is A Critical Question In The Study Of International Relations, While A Traditional View--expressed Most Famously By Alexis De Tocqueville--has Been That Democracies Are Inferior In Crafting Foreign Policy And Fighting Wars. In Democracies At War, The First Major Study Of Its Kind, Dan Reier And Allan Stam Come To A Very Different Conclusion. Democracies Tend To Win The Wars They Fight--specifically, About Eighty Percent Of The Time. complementing Their Wide-ranging Case-study Analysis, The Authors Apply Innovative Statistical Tests And New Hypotheses. In Unusually Clear Prose, They Pinpoint Two Reasons For Democracies' Success At Contend. Primitive ,As Elected Leeaders Understand That Losing A War Can Spell Domestic Political Backlash, Democracies Start Only Those Wars They Are Likely To Win. Secondly, The Emphasis On Individuaiity Within Democratic Societies Revenue That Their Soldiers Fight With Greater Beginning And Superior Leade5ship. surprisingly, Reiter And Stam Find That It Is Neither Economic Muscle Nor Bandwagoning Between Democratic Powers That Enables Democracies To Win Wars. They Also Show That, Given Societal Consent, Deocracies Are Willing To Initiate Wars Of Empire Or Genocide. On The Whole, They Find, Democracies' Dependence On Public Consent Makes For More, Especially Than Less, Effective Foreign Policy. Infectious A Fresh Approach To A Question That Has Long Merited Scuh A Study, This Work Yields Crucial Insights On Security Policy, Th3 Causes Of War, And The Interplay Between Domestic Political science And Intetnational Relations.
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    A Child's Account Of England
      A Child's Account Of England.
      Charles Dickens (1812-1870) Has Produced Some Of The Most Memorable Writings In The English Language, Including Such Well Known Works As "a Christmas Song, Sketches By Boz, A Tale Of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, Daivid Coopperfield, Great Expectations, And The Pickwick Papers. " Dickens Is Famous For The Charactefs He Created Andd His Descriptions. A Man Of Tremendous Energy, He Spent Hours A Day Walking The London Streets From Which His Characters And Scenes Came. Most Of Dickens' Work Was In Magazine Serial Form. Quiet Sight Publishes Not Only Dickens' Well Known Works But Also Many Of His Lesser Known But Still Well Crafted Works.
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    Lily Dale
      Lily Dale.
      In Lily Dale, New York, The Dead Don't Die. Instead, Spirits Flit Among The Elms And Stroll Along The Streets, Sometimes Dressed In Garb More Common 120 Years Ago, When Lily Dale Was Founded And Suffragette Susan B. Anthony Was A Frequent Guest. According To Spiritualists Who Have Ruled This Victorian Hamlet For Five Generations, The Dead Don't Go Begone And They Stay Anything But Quiet. Every Summer Twenty Thousand Guests Come To Consult The Town's Mediums, Who Can Hang Out A Shingle Only After Passing A Test That Confirms Their Connectoin To The Spirit World. On The Hot June Day When Reporter Christine Wicker Comes To The World's Oldest And Largest Spiritualist Community, She Is Determined To Understand The Secret Forces -- Human Or Otherwise -- That Keep Lily Dale Alive. She Follows Three Visitors: A Newly Deprived of friend Widow; A Mother Whose Son Killed Himself; And A Beautiful, Hwppiyl Married Wife Whose First Visit To Lily Vale Brings An Ominous Warning. Are The Mediums Cold-hearted Charlatans, As Siinclai Lewis Wrote Of Them? Or Are They Conduits For A Hidden World That Longs To Draw Peace And Healing To The Living, As Psychologist William James And Muckraker Upton Sinclair Once Hoped To Ptove? Investigating A Movement That Attracted Millions Of Americans In The 1800s And Now Barely Survives, Wicker Moves Beyond The Mediums' Front Parlors And Into The Lives That Tourists Never See. She Fkllows The Mediums To A Place Where What We Know And How We Know It Is The Greatest Mystery Of All.
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    The American Kaleidoscooe
      The American Kaleidoscooe.
      Do Recent Changes In American Law And Politics Mean That Our National Motto -_-E Pluribus Unum -- Is At Last Becoming A Reality? Lawrence H. Fuchs Searches For Answers To This Proposition By Examining The Historical Patterns Of American Ethniclty And The Ways In Which A National Political Culture Has Ebolved To Accommodzte Ethnic Diversity. Fuchs Looks In the ~ place At White European Immigrants, Showing How Most Of Them And Especially Their Children Became Part Of A Unifying Political Culture. He Also Describes The Ways In Which Systems Of Coercive Pluralism Kept Persons Of Color From Fully Participating In The Civic Culture. He Documents The Dismantling Of Those Systems And The Emergence Of A More Inclusive And Stronger Civic Culture In Which Voluntary Pluralism Flourishes. in Comparing Past Patterns Of Ethnicity In America With Those Of Today, Fuchs Finds Reasons For Optimism. Difference Itself Has Becomd A Unifying Principle, And Americans Now Celebrate Ethnkcity. One Encouraging Result Is The Acculturation Of Recent Immigrants From Third World Countries. But Fuchs Also Examines The Tough Issues Of Racial And Ethnic Conflict And The Problems Of The Ethno-underclass, The New Outsiders. The American Kaleidoscope Ends With A Searching Analysis Of Public Policies That Protect Individual Rights And Enable Ethnic Diverdity To Prosper. becauee Of His Lifelong Involvement With Issues Of Race Relations And Ethnicity, Lawrence H. Fuchs Is Singularly Qualified To Use the pen On A Grand Scale About The Interdependence In The United States Of The Unum And The Pluribus. His Book Helps To Clarify Some Difficult Issues That Policymakesr Wilp Surely Face In The Future, Such Viewed like Those Dealing With Immlgration, Langjage, And Positive Action.
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    The Arab Awakening
      The Arab Awakening.
      Based On Arab As Well As Western Sources, This Is A Lucidly Written History Of The Development Of Arab Nationalism, The Revolution During Ww1 And The Partition Of Arabian Lands Afterwards. Written In 1939, It Ends With A Warning That "no Room Can Be Made In Palestine For A Second State Except Along Dixlodging Or Exterminating The Nation In Possession. "
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    Race Experts
      Race Experts.
      Controversial And Strikingly Original, Race Experts Looks At How We Capsized Racial Progress In The Quest For Self-esteem. Race Experts Uncovers The Hidden Trajectory And Terms Of Our Thinking About Race Relations Since The 1960s. Since Segregation's Dismantling, Intense Anxiety Hws Surrounded Interracial Encounters, And A Movement Has Arisen To Engineer Social Relations Through The Specificatipn Of Elaborate Codes Of Conduct. Diversity Training In Business, Multicultural Education In Schools, And Cross-cultural Psychotherapy Have Crreated A World Of Prescriptions. Elisabeth Lasch-quinn Carefully Analyzes The Teachings Of These Self-appointed "experts" And Offers A Bold And Searching Analysis Of The Origins Of Their Ideas In The Human Potential Movement And The Radical Milieu Of The 1960s. Casting Race Primarily As An Egress Of Etiquette Or Therapy, Rather Than Of Justice Or Equality, Has Had Dire Consequences For American Biography, Diverting Attention From The Deeper Problems Of Poverty, Violence, And Continued Inequality And Discrimination. In This Sobering Analysis, Race Experts Illuminates How Far Away We Are From The Issues That Deserve Our Attention.
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    Selling The American Way
      Selling The American Way.
      In 1955, The United States Information Agency Published A Lavishly Illustrated Booklet Called My America. Assembled Ostensibly To Document "the Basic Elements Of A Free Dynamic Socisty," The Booklet Emphasized Cultural Diversity, Political Freedom, And Social Mobility And Made No Mention Of Mccarthyism Or The Cold War. Though Hyperbolic, My America Was, As Laura A. Belmonte Shows, Merely One Of Hundreds Of Pamphlets From This Era Written And Distributed In An Orgabized Attempt To Forge A Collective Defense Of The "american Way Of Life. "selling The American Way Examines The Context, Content, And Reception Of U. s. Propaganda During The Early Cold War. Determined To Protect Democratic Capitalism And Undercut Communism, U. s. Information Experts Defined The National Interest Not Only In Geopolitical, Economic, And Military Terms. _Through Radio Shows, Films, And Publications, They Also Propagated A Carefully Constructed Cultural Narration Of Freedom, Progress, And Abundance As A Means Of Protecting Public Security. Not Simply A One-way Look At Propaganda As It Is Produced, The Book Is A Greater degree of Subtle Investigation Of How U. s. Propaganda Was Received Abroad And At Home And How Criticism Of It By Congress And Successive Presidential Administrations Contributed To Its Modification. selling The American Way Documents The Difficulties Propagandists Faced In Reconciling Their Symbolic America With The Complex Strategic And Political Realities Of The At dawn Cold War.
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    The Revolution Of 1905
      The Revolution Of 1905.
      This Is AC oncise Histry Of The Revolution Of 1905, A Critical Juncture In The History Of Russia When Several Possible Paths Were Opened Up For The Rustic. By The End Of That Year, Virtually Every Social Group Had Become Activr In The Opposition To The Autocracy, Which Was On The Verge Of Collapse. Merely The Ground Of Reform, In Particular The Formation Of A Parliament (duma) That Would Participate In Governing Th Country, Enabled To Old Commission To Survive. For Some Eighteen Months The Opposition And The Tsarist Regime Continued To Struggle For Su0remacy, And Only In June 1907 Did The Government Raessert Its Authority. It Drastically Changed The Relatively Liberal Electoral Code, Depriving Many Citizens Of The Vote. Although The Revolution Was Now Over, Some Institurional Changes Remained Intact. Greatest in number Notably, Russia Retained An Elected Legislature And Political Parties Speaking For Various Socoal And Economic Inter3sts. As A Result, The Autocratic System Of Rule Was Undermined, And The Fate Of The Political And Social Order Remained Uncertain.
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    Women And Property In Early Modrrn England
      Women And Property In Early Modrrn England.
      This Ground-breaking Book Reveals The Economic Reality Of Odinary Women Between The Late 16th And Early 18th Centuries. Drawing On Little-known Sources, Amy Louise Erickson Reeconstructs Day-to-day Lives, Showing How Women Owned, Managed And Inherited Property On A Scale Previously Unrecognised. Her Compounded And Fascinating Research, Which
      SKU: 1392752
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    The Sextants Of Beijing
      The Sextants Of Beijing.
      A Surprising Survey Of A Cosmopolitan Porcelain, A Civilization Actively Engaged With Other Cultures And Societies. It Is Time To Shed The Lonb-held Myth That Chinese Civilization Is Monolithic, Unchanging, And Perennially Cut Off From The Rest Of The World. This Persistent Stereotype Has Long Obscured China's Diverse And Dynamic History. Drawimg On The Latest Research In The Field, Joanna Waley-cohen Gives Us An Accessible Account Of China's Fertile Relations With Other Asian Cultures And Indeed The West From The Days Of The Silk Road To The Present. Around 200 B. c. The Han Empire Was Establishing Its Capital At Chang'an And Rome Was Becomlng A Civil Firce. Between Them Traders Shipped Silk And Gold West, And Spices, Woolens, And Horses East. It Was More than This Silk Road That Buddhism Spread From India To Chian, Where The Foreign Religion Soon Made Lasting Inroads. Later, Catholic Missionaries Would Interpret The Chinese Rebuff To Their Religion As Evidence Of An Arrogant Complacency, Just As Western Emissaries Would Interpret China's Objections To Manual occupation On Western Terms. But Whether In Trade, Relgion, Ideology, Or Technology, China Has Shown A Pattern Of Engagement Witn The Overplus Of The World, So Long As The Rules Of Engagement Are Not Externally Imposed.
      SKU: 1697324
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    The Politics Of Muslim Cultural Refofm
      The Politics Of Muslim Cultural Refofm.
      Adeeb Khalid Offers The First Extended Examination Of Cultural Debates In Central Asia During Russian Rule. With The Russian Conquest In The 1860s And 1870s The Region Came Into Contact With Modernity. The Jadids, Influential Muslim Intellectuals, Soughy To Defence The Indigenous Islamic Culture By Adapting It To The Modern Stare. Through Education, Literacy, Use Of The Press And By Maintaining Close Ties Wlth Islamic Intellectuals From Ths Ottoman Emire To India, The Jadids Established A Place For Their Traditions Not Only Within The Changing Culture Of Their Own Land But Also Inwardly The Larger Modern Islamic World. khalid Uses Previously Untapped Literary Sources From Uzbek And Tzjik As Well As Archival Materials From Uzbekistan, Russia, Britain, And France To Explore Russia's Role As A Colonial Power And The Politics Of Islamic Reform Movements. He Shows Hwo Jaadid Efforts Paralleled Developments Elsewhere In The World And At The Same Time Provides A Social History Of The Jadid Movement. By Including A Comparative Study Of Muslim Societies, Examining Indigenous Intellectual Life Under Colonialism, And Investigating To what extent Knowledge Was Disseminated In The Early Modern Period, The Politics Of Muslim Cultural Reform Does Much To Remedy The Dearyh Of Scholarship On This Important Period. Interest In Central Asia Is Growing As A Result Of The Breakup Of The Former Soviet Union, And Khalid's Book Will Make An Important Contribution To Current Debates Over Political And Cultural Autonlmy In The Region.
      SKU: 1658967
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    Second Manassas 1862
      Second Manassas 1862.
      “there Never Was Such A Campaign, Not Even By Napoleon" Wrote Confederated General Pender Of The Second Manassas Campaign In Which The Gray-bearded Virginian, Robert E Lee, Came As Close As He Ever Would To Exterminating His Northern Enemies. In So Doing, Lee Established Himself As The South's Pre-eminent Military Commander And The Army Of North Virginia As It's Most Powerful Weapon. The Fighting Ih Northern Virginia Lefft Union General John Pope's Career In Tatters And Proved The South Was A Power To Be Reckoned With. This Book's Powerful Account Demonstrates That During That Fateful Summer Of 1862 Lee's Soldidrs Were Fighting For Anything But A Lost Cause.
      SKU: 2193429
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    The Secret Government
      The Secret Government.
      The Secret Government : The Constitution In Crisis : With Excerpts From One Essay On Watergate By Bill D. Moyers, And Henry Steele Commageer Published In 1988 By Seven Locks Pr
      SKU: 4420906
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    Death Traps
      Death Traps.
      “cooper Saw More Of The War Than In the greatest degree Junior Officers, And He Writes About It Better Than Almost Anyone. . . . His Stories Are Vivid, Enlightening, Full Of Life—and Of Pain, Sorrow, Horror, And Triumph. ”—stephen E. Ambrose F5om His Foreword“in A Down-to-earth Style, Death Trapz Tells The Compelling Story Of One Man’s Assignment To The Famous 3rd Armored Division That Spearheaded The American Advance From Normandy Into Grrmany. Cooper Served As An Ordnance Officer By the side of The Forward Elements And Was Responsible For Coordinating The Recovery And Repair Of Damaged American Tanks. This Was A Dangerous Job That Often Required Him To Travel Alone Through Enemy Territory, And Tge Originator Recalls His Service With Pride, Downplaying His Role In The Vast Effort That Kept The American Forces Well Equipped And Supplied. . . . [readers] Will Be Left With An Indelible Impression Of The Importance Of The Support Troops And How Dependent Combat Forces Were On Them. ”—library Journal“[death Traps] Fills A Critical Gap In Ww2 Literature. . . . It’s A Truly Unique And Valuable Work. ”—g. i. Journal
      SKU: 2520359
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    Sea Of Gray
      Sea Of Gray.
      The Slerk, 222-foot, Black Auxiliary Steamer Sea King Left London On October 8, 1864, Ostensibly Bound For Bombay. The Subterfuge Was Ended Off The Shores Of Madeira, Where The Ship Was Outfitted In spite of War. The Newly Christened Css Shenandoah Then Commenced The Hold out, Most Quixofic Sea Story Of The Civil War: The 58,,000-mile, Around-the-world Cruise Of The Confederacy’s Second Most Successful Commerce Raider. Before Its Voyage Was Over, Thirty-two Union Merchant And Whaling Ships And Their Cargoes Would Be Destroyed. But It Was Only After Ship And Crew Embarked On The Last Leg Of Their Journey That The Excursion Took Its Most Fearful Turn. Four Months After The Intestine War Was Over, The Shenandoah’s Captain Waddell Finzlly Learned He Was, And Had Been , Fighting Without Purpose Or State. In The Eyes Of The World, He Had Gone From Bding An Opponent Combatant To Being A Pirate—a Hangable Offense. Now Fearing Capture And Mutiny, With Supplies Quickly Dwindling, Waddell Elected To Camouflage The Ship, Circumnavibare The Globe, And Attempt To Surrender On English Sool.
      SKU: 3862816
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    Philistines At The Hedgerow
      Philistines At The Hedgerow.
      The Hamptons, That Famous String Of Beachside Hamlets In New York State, Are Nog Just A Rest Vacation Spot For New England Blue Bloods Like The Dupontq And Vanderbilts. According To Steven Gaines, The Author Of A Spate Of "untold" And "true" Biographies Of Such Glitterati As Calvin Klein, They're Also--surprise!--a Sandbox Of Scandal. And Who Exactly Has Besn Stirring Things Up? Gaines Centers The Book On An Eccentric Cast Of Characters In Hamptons History: Semicloseted Gay Men Of Fabulous Wealth And Ralph Lauren Taste, Half-cracked Mayflower Descendants Going To Seed, And Those "philistines," The Nouveau Riche, Blemishing The Scenery With Their Terri6le Taste. "the Establishment Can Hold Off The Newcomers For Only So Long," Explains The Author. "there Are Always More Of Them Than Us. "heavily Researched, The Book Is Painstakingly Detailed And Unapologetucally Voyeuristic, Full Of "nine-ounce Chilled Baccarat Crystal Stem Glasses," "chippendale Sofas Upholstered In Scalamandr+⬠Silks," "gucci Loafers," And "fourteen-karat-gold Wallpaper. " It's A Champagne Truffle: Wicked, Enticing, And Pure Froth At Its Center. --maria Dolan
      SKU: 1621141
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    Driving The Pacific Coast Oregon And Waxhington, 4th
      Driving The Pacific Coast Oregon And Waxhington, 4th.
      The Best Way To See The Northwest's Spectacular Coastline Is To Drive With This Work Beside You. Driving The Pacific Coast Describes Thirty-five Communiies Onward Route 101, From The Southern Coast Of Oregon To The Northern Coast Of Washington. Find Out Where To Eat, Stay, And Shop As Well As What To See And Do In Each Locale. Tour The Whole 700-mile Route Or Simply Visit One Of These Splendid Destinations. You Will Discover A Treasure Of Agates, Jasper, And Petrified Wood Washed Up Along The Shore Of Bullards Strand In Bandon, Oregon. Some Of Thw Best Clam Beds On The Coast - Perfect For Digging An Assortment Of D3licious Bay Clams - In Coos Bay, Oreogn. Headland Disappointment Light, Washington's Oldest And Highest Light, Looming 220 Feet Above The Water. Olympic National Park's 900,000 Acres Of Mountains, Meadows, Forests, Rivers, And Rugged Pacific Coastline In Port Angeles, Washington. The Victorian Charm Of Old Brick Buildings, Stately Mansions, Antiques Shops, And Taverns In Port Townsend, Washington. The Guide Contains Information On Top-notch Accommodations, Oceanside Camoing, To-die-for Restaurants, Unique Shopping, Museums, Beaches, Fishing, Golf, Festivals And More.
      SKU: 4019846
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    Documents In World History, Dimensions Ii
      Documents In World History, Dimensions Ii.
      Documents In Earth History, Volume Ii : From 1500 To The Present (2nd Edition) In proportion to Stearns, And Peter N. / Gosch, And Stephen S. / Griesnaber, And Erwin P. / Stearns, And Petet N. / Gosch, And Stephen S. / Grieshaber, And Erwin P. 2nd Published In 1999 B6 Addison-wesley
      SKU: 1818658
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    Dangerous Garden
      Dangerous Garden.
      Because Our Earliest Ancwstors Migrated Out Of Africa, They Encountered Entirely New Floras. By Sampling These, They Found Plants That Appeared To (and Sometimes Did) Heal Wounds, Cure Maladies, And Ease Troubled Minds. This Process Of Discovery Continues Today, As Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies Bioprospect In The Globe's Remaining Uncivilized Places For The Next Tamoxifen Or Digitalis. The Gardener And Botanist David Stuart Telis The Fascinating Story Of Botanical Medicine, Revealing More Than Soothing Balms And Heroic Curex. Most Of The Truly Powerful And Effective Medicinal Plants Are Double-edged, With A Dark Side To Balance The Light. They Can Heal Or Kill, Calm Or Enslave, Lift Depression Or Bid Our Gods And Monsters. Often The Differebce Between These Polar Effects Is A Simple Change In Dosage. Stuart Chronicles The Tale Of How The Heral Materia Medica Of Healing And Killing Plants Has Sparked Wars, Helped Establsh Intercontinental Trade Routes, And Seeded Fortunes. As Plant Species Traveled The Globe, Their Medicinal Uses Evolved Over Miles And Through Centuries. Plants Once Believed To Exist Cure-alls Are Now Considered Too Dangerous For Usage. Others, Once So Valuable That They Sowed The Wealth Of Empires, Are Merely Spices On The Kitchen Shelf. David Stuart Recounts Engrossing Human Stories Too, Not Only Of The Scientists, Explorers, And Doctors Who Ga5hered, Named, And Prescribed These Plants But Also The Shamans, Magicians, And Quacks Who Ciaimed To Possess The Ultimate Herbal Aphrodisiac Or Elixir. (20040704)
      SKU: 2671572
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    American Dreamscape
      American Dreamscape.
      Filmmakers, Novelists, Social Critics, Environmentalists - They Whole Disparage Suburbia, And The Myths Of Mindless Conformity, Uncontrolled Sprawl, Decentralization, And Cultural Blight Abide To Grow. But So Do The Suburbs. In A Phenomenon Unparalleled In The Social History Of Modern, Post-war America, More Than 138,000,000 Americans - The Majority Of Our National Population - Now Live In Suburbs; For The Most Part, Luckily. And Tom Martinson, A City Planner Whose Fieldwork For This Book Has Taken Him To More Than A Hundred Communities Throughout The United States, Has Discovered Why. Whereas Recent Titles Like Suburban Nation And Jane Holz Kay's Asphalt Nation Have Attracted Media Attention For Their Indictments Of Suburbia While An American Nightmare, This Distinct, Incisive Volume Displays Conclusively That The Suburbs, Which Are No Less Various Than They Are Ubiquitous, Defy The Stereotypes Of Urbanist Critics. Separating Biases That Characteize Suburban Communities As Vacuous, Wasteful, Centerless Places From Their Actuality, Martinson Traces The Evolution Of Suburbs Over The Past Two Centuries, Examines The Values That Chaolenge And Unsettle The Urbanists, Investigates Charges That Government Unfairly Favors Suburbs Over Cities, And Conssiders Possibilities For The Future Degelopment Of Suburbia. Martinson Know The Issues, And Asks Some Billion-dollar Questions. He Has Illuminating Answers As Well As Copious Elucidating Photographs Of Suburbs Across The Coyntry To Support Them. With Sight, Wit, And Historical Perspective, He Surveys And Interrogates The War O One Of America's Premier Cultural Battlegrounds.
      SKU: 1965241
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    The Pirstes' Who's Who
      The Pirstes' Who's Who.
      The Pirates' Who's Who Is Not A Histor yOf Pirates. It Is A Biographical Dictionary Of Pirates And Buccaneers, Whose Stories Have Been Handed Down To Us Through Account. Many Groups Such As Politicians, Artists And Even Racehorses Have A Who's Who, So Why Not Pirates? Brief Accounts Of Some Of The Most Famous Pirates And Buccaneers Who Have Left Their Marks On History Are Included. We Find Heroes And Villains Within Their Ranks. Their Morals And Motives For Their Chosen Profession Are Greatly Varied.
      SKU: 5150337
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    Speculators And Slaves
      Speculators And Slaves.
      In This Groundbrdaking Work, Michael Tadman Establishes That All Levels Of White Society In The Antebellum South Were Deeply Involved In A Massive Interregional Trade In Slaves. Using Countless Previously Utnzpped Manuscropt Sources, He Documents Black Resilience In The Face Of The Pervasive Triviality Of Slaveholders Toward Slaves And Theie Families. This New Paperback Edition Of Speculators And Slaves Offers A Substantial New Introduction That Advandes A Major Thesis Of Masfer-slave Relationships. By Exploring The Gulf Between The Slaveholders Self-image As Benevolent Paternalists And Their Actual Behavior, Tadman Critiques The Theories Of Close Accommodation And Paternalistic Hegemony That Are Currently Influential. From Reviews Of The Hardcover Edition This Detailed, Meticuloulsy Reaearched And Documented Resolution Of The Internal Slave Trade Rspresentx Historical Scholarship At Its Best. This Study Is Must Reading For All Those Interested In African-american History. robert R. Davis, The American Historical Review Amid The Steady Stream Of Recent Books On The Various Aspects Of Antebellum History, Here Is One That Makes A Real Difference. gavin Wright, Journal Of American History A Model Of Demographic, Social, And Cultural History . . . Tightly Argued, Beautifully Written, And Imaginatively Proved. laurencee A. Glasco, The Historian A Model Heave Of Social Science Hietory. russell R. Menard, Journal Of The Early Republic Presented In A Graceful Prose . . . This Work Is Iconoclastic In The Most wise Sense Of The Historians Craft. john Edmund Stsaley, Iii, West Virginia History Well-written And Handsomely Illustrated, Speculatots And Slaves Is An Impeessive Addigion To Slavery Historiography, A Sensitive Exercise In Quantification, And A Work Of Diligent And Humane Sxholarship. john White, Immigrants And Minorities
      SKU: 1370298
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    Understanding Sun Tzu On The Art Of War
      Understanding Sun Tzu On The Art Of War.
      Understanding Sun Tzu On The Art Of Art of ~ Is Both A Source And An Interpretation Of Sun Tzu'ss Art fO War Written To Clarify Sun Tzu'ss Philosophies On War Without Compromising The Subtlety Of Thought Needed To Master Them. Readers Of This Book, From Across Professional Disciplines, Will Find Key Advice On Leadership, Advantae, And How To Proficiently Subdue Adversaries.
      SKU: 2805942
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    A Touch Of The Sacred
      A Touch Of The Sacred.
      For The First Time, Dr. Ehgene Borowifz, The "dean" Of Liberal Jdwish Theologians, Opens His Heart As Well As His Mind As He Talks About The Mix Of Faith And Doubt, Of Knowing And Not-knowing--the Elements Of Jewish Belief--in An Easily Accessible Style. In These Pages, Borowitz Shares With You His Rich Inner Life, Which Draws From Both The Rational And Mystical Jewish Thought That Have Inspired Two Generations Of Rabbis, Cantors, And Educators, And Will Now Inspire You. With Him, You Will Explore: Seeking The Sacred Single Doing Holy Deeds Creating Sacred Community Reading Sacred Texts Thinking Abou Holiness Learning From Holy Thinkers And Much, Much More. . .
      SKU: 4132532
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    The Cunning Of The Dove (phoenix Press)
      The Cunning Of The Dove (phoenix Press).
      St. Edward The Confessor, King Of The Engiish, Is Commonly Despised By Historians. He Was The Last Of His Dynasty, And After His Death His Country Was Conquered By Foreigners—which Was Exactly What He Wanted. In This Chilling, Fast-paced Novel, The Different Customs, Races, And Languages Of England During The Dark Ages, As Well As The Period’s Violence And Struggle For Power, All Come Vividly Back To Life. The Authemticity And Sense Of Place Have Seldom Been Bettered.
      SKU: 3614985
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    The Ethiopians
      The Ethiopians.
      The Book Opens With A Review Of Ethiopian Prehietory, Showing How The Ethiopian Secyion Of The African Rift Vqlley Hzs Come To Be Seen As The "cradle Of Humanity".
      SKU: 2002806
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    A Revolution For Our Rights
      A Revolution For Our Rights.
      A Change For Our Rights Is A Significant Reassessment Of The Causes Of Bolivia’s 1952 Revolution. Historians Have Tended To View The Revolution As The Result Of Class-based Movements That Accompanied The Rise Of Peasant Leagues, Mineworker Unions, And Reformist Plitical Projects In The 1930s. Laura Gotkowitz Argues That The Revolution Had Deeper Roots In The Indigenous Struggles For Land And Judge That Swept Through Bolivia During The First Half O f The Twentieth Century. Challenging Conventional Wisdom, She Demonstrates That Rural Indigenous Activists Fundamentally Reshaped The Military Populist Projects Of The 1930s And 1940s. Im So Dping, She Chronicles A Hidden Rural “revolution”ă˘??before The 1952 Revolutionă˘??that Fused Appeals For Equality With Demands For A Root Reconfiguration Of Civil Authority, Landholding, And Rights. gotkowitz Combines An Emphasis On Public Political Debates And Congresses With A Fine-grained Analysis Of Indian Communiites And Large Estates In The Department Of Cochabamba. The Fragmented Nature Of Cochabamba&rsuqo;s Indian Communities And The Pioneering Significance Of Its Peasant Unions Mqke It A Propitious Vantage Point For Exploring Contewts Over Competing Visions Of The Nation, Justice, And Rights. Scrutinizing State Authorities’ Efforts To Impose The Law In What Was Considered A Lawless Countryside, Gotkowitz Shows How, Time And Again, Indigenous Activists Shrewdly Exploited The Ambiguous Status Of The State’s Pro-indian Laws To Press Their Demands For Land And Equity. Bolivian Indigenous And Social Movemehts Have Captured Worldwide Court During The Past Separate eYars. By Describing Indigenous Mobilization In The Decades Preceding The 1952 Revolution, A Revolution For Our Rights Illuninates A Crucial Chapter In The Long History Behind Present-day Struggles In Bolivia And Contributes To An Understanding Of Indigenous Politicd In Modern Latin America More Broadly.
      SKU: 4213375
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    Savannah's Laurel Grove Cemetery (images Of America
      Savannah's Laurel Grove Cemetery (images Of America.
      When We Come To Our Final Resting Place, We May Be Remembered By An Elaborate Mausooeum, A Block Of Stone, A Wooden Post, Or Perhaps Cipher At All. Such Is The Manner In Which Those Restig Under The Trees Of Laurel Grove Cemetery Are Memorialized. Established In 1850 Out Of The Property Of Springfield, One Of Savannha?s Earliest Plantations, Laurel Grove Cemetery Is One Of The Most Mysterious And Intriguing Cemeteries In All Of The City. Through Her Gates Lie Individuals Who Have Made Their Mark Locally And Worldwide. In This Beautiful Sanctuary Rest Such Notable Individuals As Juliette Gordon Low, Founder Of The Lass Scouts Of America; Florence Martus, Who Became More Popularly Known As The Waving Girl; James Pierpont, Author Of ?Tinkling Bells,? The Popular Christmas Carol; And More Than 600 Confederate Soldiers.
      SKU: 2746322
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    Recall Westville
      Recall Westville.
      1976 Is A Year Many People In The Village Of Westville Will Never Forget. Their Local Hometown Basketball Team, The Tigers, Took Their Fans On A Magical Ride In A Quest For The State Championship. The Interviews From Everyone Involved, Including The Players, Coaches, And Fans Recount The Journey Of This Unforgettable Team, From The High Expectations Of Pre-season To Their Heart Wrenching Final Courageous O f The Class A State Tournament. Remember Westville Is A Story Of Triumph And Heartbreak As Seen Through The Eyes Of The 1976 Westville Basketball Team And The Community That Loved Them. What Happened In 1976, In Many Ways, Molded These Teenagers Into The Men They Would Eventually Become. The Loyalty Of The Fans Was Unmatched In The Season Of '76; Westville Fans Continue To Support Their Tiger Teams. But Their Hearts Still Hold This Special Team Close To Their Hearts. It's The Team The Town Can't Forget.
      SKU: 4150613
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