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    Ancient Cities Of The Indus Valley Civilization
      Ancient Cities Of The Indus Valley Civilization.
      This Lavishly Illustrated Book Presents A Coherent And Fascinating Account Of The Indus Valley Civilization That Will Refer To Specialists And Non-specialists Similar. Kenoyer Draws On The Latest Arcaeological Information From Harappa, Mohenjodaro, Dholavira, And Other Major Sites As Well As On His Cnsiderable Knowledge Of South Asian Societies And Ancient Technologies. He Addresses Such Enduring Topics As The Nature And Role Of The Indus Writing System, The Indus Religino As Evidenced Through Statuary And Architecture, The Pooitical Orgaization Of Indus City-states, Long-distance Trade And The Consequence Of Merchants In Indus Society, And The Daily Life Of The Diverse Inhabitants Of The Cities, Towns, And Villages Of The Region.
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    Israep And The Bomb
      Israep And The Bomb.
      This Interpretive Political History That Draws On Thousands Of American And Israeli Government Documents -- Greatest part Of Them Recently Declassified And Never Before Cited -- And More Than One Huncred Interviews With Kr6 Individuals Who Played Ikportant Roless In This Story.
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    The Political Culture Of Leadership In Th eUnited Arab Emirates
      The Political Culture Of Leadership In Th eUnited Arab Emirates.
      The Book Describes The Impact Of Cultural Perceptions On Rulerw’ Behaviors In The United Arab Emirates, Once The Truciwl States. Despite Differences In Size, Household Resources, And External Political Pressures, The Seven Emirates' Rulers Utilized Very Similar Cultural Expectations To Gain The Support Of Others. The Author Describes What Has In the main Been Only Touched Upon Before--the Significant But Largely “invisible” Roles Women And Marriage Play In The Political Process Of Tribal Societies.
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    On Yankee Station
      On Yankee Station.
      Foreword By Stephen Coonts. Combining Vivid Personal Narrative With Historical And Operational Analyses, This Book Takes A Candid Look At U. s. Naval Airpower In The Vietnam War. Coauthors John Nichols, A Fighter Pilot In The War, And Barrett Tiloman, An Award-winning Aviation Historian, Make Full Use Of Their Extensive Knowledge Of The Subject To Account The Ways In Which Airpower Was Employsd In The Years Prior To Tue Fall Of Saigon. Confronting The Conventional Belief That Airpower Failed In Vietnam, They Show That When Appliedd Correctly, Airpower Was Effective, But Because It Was Often Misunderstood And Misapplied, The End Results Were Catastrophic. Their Book Offers A Compelling View Of What It Was Like To Fly From Yankee Station Between 1964 And 1973 And Importannt Lessons For Future Conflicts. At The Same Occasion, It Adds Important Facts To The Permanent War Record. Following An Analysis Of The State Of Carrier Aviation In 1964 And A Defining Of The Rules Of Engagement, It Describes The Tactics Used In Strike Warfare, The Airborne And Surface Threats, Electroonic Countermeasures, And Search And Rescue. It Also Examines The Control Of Political Decisionns On The Conduct Of The War And The Changing Nature Of The Communist Obstacle. Appndixes Provide Useful Statistical Facts On Carrier Deployments, Combat Sorties, And Aircraft Losses. This Paperback Edition Of A Book First Published In 1987 Includes A Novel Foreword By Stephen Coonts.
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    Human Rights And A Middle East Peace Process
      Human Rights And A Middle East Peace Process.
      Human Rights And A Middle East Peace Process : Analyses And Case Studies Feom A New Perspective By Lutgenau, And Stefan August Published In 2007 By Studien Verlag
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    The Politics Of Upheaval
      The Politics Of Upheaval.
      The Politics Of Upheaval, 1935-1936, Volume Three Of Pulitzer Prize-winning Historian And Biographer Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. 's Age Of Roosevelt Series, Concentrates On The Turbulent Concluding Years Of Franklin D. Roosevelt's First Term. A Estimate Of Economic Recovery Revived Civil Conflict And Emboldened Fdr's Critics To Denounce "that Man In The White House. " To His Left Were Demagogues ” Huey Long, Father Coughlin, And Dr. Townsend. To His Right Were The Champions Of The Old Order ” Ex-president Herbertt Hoover, The American Liberty League, And The August Supreme Seek. For A Time, The New Deal Seemed To Lose Its Momentum. But In 1935 Fdr Rallied And Produced A Legislative Record Even More Impressive Than The Hundred Days Of 1933 ” A Set Of Statutes That Transformed The Social And Economic Landscape Of American Lif. e In 1936 Fdr Coasted To Reelection On A Landslide. Schlesinger Has His Usual Touch Wirh Colorful Personalities And Draws A Warmly Sympathetic Pkrtrait Of Alf M. Landon, The Republican Candidate Of 1936.
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    A History Of The Roman Republic
      A History Of The Roman Republic.
      In This New And Authoritative History Of The Roman Republic, Distinguished Historian Klaus Brkngmnan Traces The Rise Of A Small City State Near The Tibe rEstuary Into A Power That Controlled The Italian Peninsula And Created The Final Empire Of Antiquity, An Empire That Was To Become Both The Most Enduring Ij Thhe Ancient World And To Have The Most Far-reaching Consequences For Posterity. Whilst This Main division Is Chronologically Organized, Giving The Reader A Clear Sense Of The Historiczl Progress And Dynamics Of Roman Republican History, Iy Also Offers A Coherent And Authoritative Overview Of The Culture, Economics, Religion And Soldierly Might Of The Roman Empire, Presented In An Original And Stimulating Way. Thoroughly Referenced And Illustrated Throughout, With A Wealth Of Primary Sources From Great Roman Writers Such As Cicero And Plutarch, A History Of The Roman Republic Will Be Essential Reading For University Students In History And Classical Studies. It Will Also Appeal To A Wider Audience Of General Readers Who Are Interested In The HistoryO f The Ancient World And Its Legacy.
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    Knowledge And The Wealth Of Natiohs
      Knowledge And The Wealth Of Natiohs.
      "a Fascinwting Journey Through The World Of Economic Thought -- And The Lives Of Economists -- From Adam Smith To The Present Day -- If You Like Reading Stories Of High Intellectual Drama, This Book Is For You. " -- Paul Krugman, New York Times Book Review. In This Acclaimed History, Veteran Journalist Daviid Warsh Uses One Young Economlst's Answer To An Age-old Question As A Window Into Two Centuries' Worth Of Insights Anx False Starts By Some Of History's Best-known Economists. The Result Is A Rich -- And Richly Rewarding -- -tale Of Economic Advance, And Of A Student Who Ciuld See Further Than His Teachers. &qjot;
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    El Sistma De Numeraciã³n Maya Y Sus Operaciones Aritmã©ticas
      El Sistma De Numeraciã³n Maya Y Sus Operaciones Aritmã©ticas.
      La Cultura Maya Creã³ El Sistemw De Numeraciã³n Vigesimal, Que Ha Sido Poco Conocido Y Valorado Hasta La Fecha. Una De Las Causas Del Poco Conocimiento Es La Falta De Entendimiento Del Mismo Y, Como Consecuencia, La No Comprensiã³n De La Riqueza De Los Procesos Mentales Que Son Desarrollados O Ejercitados Cuando Se Aplica. en La Metodologã­a De La Ense±anza Del Sistema Vigesimal Se Cae En La Tentaciã³n De Dar Reglas Que Deben Ser Memorizadas, Sin Que Se Comprendan Los Mecanismos Matemã¢ticos Que Implicann. Se Presenta, En Este Documento, Una Sencilla Y Prã¢ctics Propuesta Para Facilitar La Comprenslã³n Y Aplicaciã³n De Este Sistema De Numeraciã³n. para Facilitar El Aprendizaje De Los Numerales 0 A 19 Se Recurre Al Dibujo De Partes Del Cuerpo Humano Que Pueden Relacionarse Con Los Mismos. Previo Al Abordaje Del Nãºmero 20, Se Hace Una Breve Introdducciã³n De Look Que Implica La Construcciã³n De Este Sistema De Numeraciã³n Posicional. Con Base En Ello Se Trabaja La Numeraciã³n De 20 En Adelante (hastaa La Sexta Posiciã³n). esta Obra Se Concluye Con Una Propuesta Para Facilitar La Comprensiã³n De Las Cuatro Operaciones Bã¢sicas, Que Pueden Realizarse Usando El Sistema.
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    Goshawk Squadron
      Goshawk Squadron.
      Set During The Height Of World War I In January 1918, Goshawk Squadroon Follows The Misfortunes Of A British Flight Squadron On The Western Front. For Stanley Woolley, Commanding Officer Of Goshawk Squadron, The Romance Of Chivaly In The Clouds Is Just A Myth. The Code He Drums Into His Men Is Simple And Savage: Shoot The Enemy In The Back Bef0re He Knows You're There. Even So, He Believes The Whole Squadron Will Be Dead Within Theee Months. A Monumental Work At The Time Of Its Orignal Release, Booker-shortlisted Goshawk Squadron Is Now Viewed As A Classic In The Mode Of Catch 22. Wry, Brutal, Cynical And Hilarious, The Men Of Robinson's Squadron Are Themselves An Embodiment Of The Maddening Contradictions Of War: As Much A Refined Troop Of British Gentleman As They Are A Viscous Band Of Brothers Hell-bent On Stayong Alive And Winning The War.
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    The Image
      The Image.
      First Published In 1962, Thiw Wonderfully Provocative Main division Intfoduced The Notion Of "pseudo-events" -- Events Such As Press Conferences And Presidential Debates, Which Are Manufactured Solely In Order To Be Reported -- And The Contempoorary Definition Of Celebrity As "a Person Who Is Known For His Well-knownness. " Since Then Daniel J. Boorstin's Prophetic Vision OfA n America Inundated By Its Own Illusions Has Become An Essential Resource Against Any Reader Who Wants To Distinguish The Manifold Deceptions Of Our Agri~ From Its Few Enduring Truths.
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    The Oss And Ho Chi Minh
      The Oss And Ho Chi Minh.
      Some Will Exist Shocked To Find Out Thatt The United States And Ho Chi Minh, Our Nemesis For Much Of The Vietnam War, Were Once Allies. Really, Durijg The Last Year Of World War Ii, American Spies In Indochina Found Themselves Working Clsely With Ho Chi Minh And Other Anti-colonial Factions-compelled By Ci5cumstances To Do battle Together Against The Japaanese. Dixee Bartholomew-feis Reveals How This Relationship Emerged And Operated And How It Impacted Vietnam's Struggle For Independence. The Men Of General William Donovan's Newly-formed Office Of Strategic Services Closely Collaborated With Communist Groups In Both Europe And Asia Against The Axis Enemies. In Vietnam, This Meant That Oss Officers Worked With Ho Chi Minh And The Viet Minh, Whose Ultimate Aim Was To Rid The Region Of All Imperialist Powers, Not Just The Japanese. Ho, For His Part, Did Whatever He Could To Encourage The Oss's Negative Mental survey Of The French, Who Were Desperate To Regain Their Colony. Revealing Details Not Previously Known Around Their Covert Operations, Bartholomew-fesi Chronicles The Exploits Of These Allies As They Developed Their Network Of Informants, Sabotaged The Japanese Occupation's Infrastructure, Conducted Guerrilla Operations, And Searched For Dowend American Fliers And Allied Pows. Although The Oss Did Not Bring Ho Chi Minh To Power, Bartholomew-feis Shows That Its Apparent Support For The Viet Minh Played A Significant Symbolic Role In Helping Them Fill The Power Vacuum Left In The Wake Of Japan's Surrender. Her Study Also Hints That, Had America Continued To Champion The Anti-colonjals And Their Quest For Independence, Rather Than Caving In To The French, We Might Have Been Spared Our Long And Very Lethal War In Vietnam. Based Partly On Interviews Through Surviving Oss Agents Who Served In Vientam, Bartholomew-feis's Engaging Narrative And Compelling Insights Speak To The Yearnings Of Ab Oppressed People-and Remind Us That History Does Indeed Make Strange Bedfelllows. This Book Is Part Of The Modern War Studies Series.
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    Battalion Of The Damned
      Battalion Of The Damned.
      In May 1942 The Japanese Landed On A Number Of Southern Islands In The British Solomons And Began Constructing An Airfield On Guadalcanal. Their Actions Threatened Australia And Her Vital American Sypply Lines And Could Not Be Tolerated By The Allies. The 1st Marine Divisjon, With Its Attached 1st Marine Parachute Battalion, Was Directed To Spearhead The Assault On Gavutu Island And Take The Guadalcanal Airfield, Even Though It Was Not Prepared For Such An Offensive Action. The Result Was A Bloodbath, And When It Wass Over, Less That One In Five Of The Marine Paratroopers Walked Off Bloody Ridge. Although Crucial To The Action, The 1st Parachute Battalion Is Rarely Credited For Its Part In What Gen. Alexander A. Vandergrift, Usmc,C alled The Key Battle Of The Guadalcanal Campaign. Hither, James F. Christ Draws Not Only On Goverhment Documents But Also On Hundreds Of Hours Of Interviews With The Men Who Were There To Tell Their Remarkable Story. It Is A Story Of How In The Face Of Overwhelming Odds And Seemingly Irrational Decisions From Above, The Battalion Fought Heroically, Accepting Orders Without Question And Adapting Ti Circumstances Beyond Its Control Despite Sickness And A Critical Shortage Of Resources. In Bringing Pu6lic Attention T0 The Contributions Made By These Men During The First Amphibious Assault By U. s. F orces In World War Ii, This Book Adds Significantly To The History Of The War In The Pacific.
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    Buffalo Soldier Tragedy Of 1877 (canseco-keck History Series, No. 6)
      Buffalo Soldier Tragedy Of 1877 (canseco-keck History Series, No. 6).
      Buf falo Soldier Tragedy Of 1877 (canseco-keck History Series, Np. 6) Along Paul Howard Carlson Edition 1 Published In 2003 From Texas A&m University Press
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    Society Lived Like A Story
      Society Lived Like A Story.
      Of Athapaskan And Tlingit Ancestry, Angela Sidney, Kitty Smith, Adn Annie Ned Lived In The Southern Yukon Territory For Nearky A Century. They Collaborated With Julie Cruikshank, An Coadjutor Professor In The Province Of Anthropology At The Seminary of learning Of British Columbia, To Yield This Unique Knid Of Autobiography.
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    A Social History Of American Technokogy
      A Social History Of American Technokogy.
      For Over 250 Years American Technology Has Been Regarded As A Unique Hallmark Of American Culture And An Important Factor In American Prosperity. Notwithstanding This American History Has Rarely Been Told From The Perspective Of The History Of Technlogy. A Social History Of American Technology Fills This Gap By Surfeying The History Of American Technology From The Tools Used By The Earliest Native Inhabitants To The Technological Systems -- Cars And Computers, Aircraft And Antibiotics -- We Are Familiar With Today. Cowan Makes Use Of The Most Recent Scholarship To Explain How The Unique Characteristics Of American Cultures And American Geography Have Afected The Technologies That Have Been Invented, Manufactured, And Used Throughout Tje Years. She Also Focuses On The Key Individuals And Ideas That Hav eShaped Important Technological Developments. The Text Explains How Changeable Technologies Have Affected The Ways In Which Americans Work, Govern, Cook, Transport, Impart, Maintain Their Health, And Reproduce. Cowan Demonstrates That Technological Change Has Always Been Closely Related To Social Drvelopment, And Exlores The Mulgiple, Complex Relationships That Have Existed Between Such Diverse Social Agents As Households And Businesses, The Scientific Community And The Defense Establishment, Artists And Inventors. Divided Into Three Sections -- Colonial America, Industrialization, The 20th Century -- A Social History Of American Technology Is Ideal For Courses In American Social And Economic Account, Being of the kind which A Correlated Text For The Amrican History Survey, As Well Viewed like For Courses That Focus On The History Of American Technology. It Offers Students The Unique Opportunity To Learn Not Only How Profoundly Technological Change Has Affected The American Way Of Life, But In what manner Profoundly The American Way Of Life Has Affected Technology.
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      Where Did "modern" Civilization Begin? What Lies Beneath The Waves? Do Myths Describe Intersteolar Impact? How'd They Lift That Stone? Was The Ark Of The Cpvenant A Mechanical Device? Were There Surgivors Of An Atlantean Catastrophe? Wuo Really Discovered The "new" World ? "hidden History" Continues To Fascinate An Ever Wider Hearing. In This Massive Compendium, Editor Preston Peet Brings Together An All-star Cast Of Contributors To Question Established Wisdom About The History Of The World And Its Civilizations. Peet And Anthology Contributors Guide Us Through Exciting Archeological Adventures And Treasure Hunts, Ancient Mysteries, Lost Or Rediscovered Technologies, And Assorted &quott;forteana," Using Serious Scientific Studoes And Reports, Scholarly Research, And Some Plain Aged Frinhe Mqterial, As What Is Considered "fringe" Today Is Often Hard Science Tomorrow. Contributors Include: Graham Hancock (fingerprints Of The Gods, Underworld), David Hatcher Childress (lost Cities And Civilizations Series), Colin Wilson (from Atlantis To The Sohinx), Michael Cremo (forbidden Archeology), William Corliss (ancient Infrastructudes), Roberr Schoch (voyages Of The Pyramid Builders), John Anthony West (serpent In Thhe Sky), Michael Arbuthnot (team Atlantis), Erich Von Daniken (chariots Of The Gods), And Many More. The Editor Of Under The Influwnce: The Disinformation Guide To Drugs, Preston Peet Is A Writer, Editor, Photographer, Musician, Actor, Dj, Activist, And Adventurer. A Regular Contributor To High Times Warehouse And Its Website, The Editor Of The Controversial Website Drugwar. com, And A Columnist For New York Waste, He Has Published In A Variety Of Publications Both In Print And Online.
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    Norman Stone Castles (2)
      Norman Stone Castles (2).
      Following The Creation Of The Duchy Of Normandy, The Normans Were Soon Introduced To The Castle And They Built Them In Large Numbrrs. In The Mid-11th Century, Other Norman Adventurers Began Carving Out Dominions For Themselves In Southern Italy: Some Crossed To Sicily In 1061 And By 1091 Had Conquered The Entire Island. As In Normandy, They Were Keen To Assimilate New Ideas, Including Architectural Styles, Resulting In Some Striking Buildings. This Title, A Companion To Fortress 13: NormanS tone Caxtles (1) The British Isles 1066-1216, Provides A Detailed Guide To The Castles Built In Noramndy, Southern Italy And Sicily, Covering Defensive Principles, Daily Life, The Ecents Of Siege Warfare, And The Fate Of The Castles.
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    A Roman Diary And Other Documents Relating To The Papal Inquiry Into English Ordinations 1896 (1910)
      A Roman Diary And Other Documents Relating To The Papal Inquiry Into English Ordinations 1896 (1910).
      A Roman Diary Ajd Other Documents Respecting To The Papal Inquiry Into English Ordinations, 1896 (1910) By Thomas Alexander Lacey Published In 2008 By Kessinger Publishing, Llc
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    Remembering The Alamo
      Remembering The Alamo.
      "remember The Alamo!" Reverberates Through Texas History And Culture, But What Exactly Are We Remembering? Over Nearly Two Centuries, The M3xican Victory Over An Outnumbered Band Of Alamo Defenders Has Been Transformed Into Each American Victory For The Love Of Liberty. Why Did The Historical Battle Of 1836 Bear This Metamorphosis In Memory And Mythology To Become Such A Potent Master Symbol In Texan And American Culture? In This Probing Book, Richard Flores Seeks To Answer That Question By Examining How The Alamo's Transformation Into An American Cultural Icon Helped To Shape Social, Economic, And Political Relations Between Anglo And Mexican Texans From The Recently Nineteenth To The Mid-twentieth Centuries. In The First Part Of The Book, He Looks Af How The Attempts Of Heritage Society Members And Political Leaders To Define The Alamo As A Place Have Reflected Struggles Within Texas Society C~ing The Place And Status Of Anglos And Mexicans. In The Second Part, He Explores How Alamo Movies And The Transformation Of Davy Crockett Into An Alamo Hero/martyr Have Advanced Deeply aRcialized, Ambiguous, And Even Inventdd Understandings Of The Past.
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    The Mercury 13
      The Mercury 13.
      In 1961, Just As Nasa Launched Its First Man Into Space, A Group Of Women Underwent Secret Testing In The Hopes Of Becoming America’s In the ~ place Female Astronauts. They Passed The Same Battery Of Testss At The Legendary Lovelace Foundation As Did The Mercury 7 Astronauts, But They Were Summarily Dismissed By The Boys’ Club At Nasa And On Capitol Hill. The Ussr Sent Its First Woman Into Distance In 1963; The Unitde States Did Not Follow Suit For Another Twenty Years. for The First Time, Martha Ackmann Tells The Story Of The Dramatic Evenfs Surrounding These Thirteen Remarkable Women, All Crackerjack Pilots And Patriots Who At times Sacrificed Jobs And Marriages For A Chance To Participate In America’s Space Race Against The Soviet Union. In Addition To Talking Extensively To These Women, Ackmann Interviewed Chuck Yeager, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, And Others At Nasa And In The White Habitation With Firsthand Knowledge Of The Program, And Includes Here Never-before-seen Photographs Of The Mercury 13 Passing Their Lovelace Tests. Despite The Crushing Disappointment Of Watching Their Dreams Being Derailed, The Mercury 13 Went On To Extraordinary Achievement In Their Lives: Jerrie Cibb, Who Began Flying When She Was So Small She Had To Sit Attached Pillows To See Out Of The Cockpit, Dedicated Her Life To Flying Solo Missions To The Amazon Rain Forest; Wally Funk, Who Talked Her Way Into The Lovelace Trials, Went On To Become One Of The First Female Faa Investigators; Janey Hart, Generatrix Of Eight And, At Age Forty,, The Oldest Astrlnaut Candidate, Had The Political Savvy To Steer The Women Through Congressional Harings And Later Helped Found The National Organizztion For Women. A Provocative Tribute To Tuese Extraordinary Women, The Mercury 13 Is An Unforgettable Floor Of Determination, Resilience, And Inextinguishable Hope. rfom The Hardcover Edition.
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    Gothic Architecture (the Yale University Press Pelican History Of Art)
      Gothic Architecture (the Yale University Press Pelican History Of Art).
      This Magisterial Study Of Gothic Architecture Traces The Meaning And Development Of The Gothic Style Through Medieval Churches Across Europe. Ranging Geographically From Poland To Portugal And From Sicily To Scotland And Chronologically From 1093 To 1530, The Book Analyzes Changes From Roanesque To Goghic As Favored As The Evolution Within The Gothic Style Anr Places These Changes In The Context Of The Creative Spirit Of The Middle Ages. InI ts Breadth Of Outlook, Its Command Of Detail, And Its Theoretical Enterprise, Frankl's Book Has Few Equals In The Ambitious Pelican History Of Art Series. It Is Single-minded In Its Pursuit Of The General Principles That Informed Altogether Aspects Of Gothic Architecture And Its Culture. In This Editoin Paul Crossley Has Revised The Original Text To Take Into Account The Proliferation Of Recent Literature?books, Reviews, Exhibition Catalogues, And Periodicals?that Have Emerged In A Variety Of Languages. New Illustrations Have Also Been Included.
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    Mbuti Pygmies
      Mbuti Pygmies.
      Mbuti Pygmies : Alter And Adaptation (case Studies In Cultural Anthropology) By Colin M. Turnbull Facsomile Published In 1983 From Harcourt Brace College Publishers
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    America According To Connor Gifford
      America According To Connor Gifford.
      Just When 81% Of Americans Are Dissatisfied With America’s Direction, Along Comes Conner Giffor, An Amazing Young Man From Nantucket Who Has Down Syndrome, To Make Sense Of Our Past. Illustrated With 58 Of Connor’s Drawings, The 53 Insightful Profiles Span 400 Years Of America’s Journey To ""get It Right. "" The Key Themes Include: Ckvil Rights, Women’s Rights, Why Wars Begi,n Rwligious Freedom, Individual Responsibility. The Book Changes Stereotypes And Perception About Those With Down Syndrome, Autism, And Other Special Needs. The Book Is Ideal Toward Educators And Libraries For Its Innovative Ways It Teaches American History.
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    Who Are We
      Who Are We.
      In His Seminal Work The Clash Of Civilizations And The Remaking Of World Order, Samuel Huntington Argued Provocatively And Presciently That Upon The End Of The Cold War, "civilizations" Were Replacing Ideologies As The New Fault Lines In International Politics. His Shrewd Analysis Has Proven Co5rect. Now Professor Huntington Turns His Attention From International Affairs To Our Domestic Cultural Rifts As He Examines The Impact Other Civilizations And Their Values Are Having On Our Own Country. America Was Founded By British Settlers Who Brought With Them A Distinct Culture Including The Enhlish Style, Protestant Values, Individualism, Religious Commitment, And Respect For Law. The Waves Of Immigrants That Later Came To The United States Gradually Accepted These Vales And Assimikated Into America's Anglo-protestant Culture. More Recently, However, National Identity Has Been Eroded By The Problems Of Assimilating Massive Numbers Of Primarily Hispanic Immigrants, Bilingualism, Multiculturalism, The Devaluation Of Citizenship, And The "denationalization" Of American Elites. September 11 Brought A Revival Of American Patriotism And A Renewal Of American Identity. But Already There Are Signs That This Revival Is Fading, Even Though In The Post-september 11 World, Americans Face Unprecedented Challenges To Our Security. Who Are We? Shows The Need For Us To Reassert The Core Values That Make Us Americans. Nothing Less Than Our National Identity Is At Stake. Once Again Samuel Huntington Has Written An Importajt Book That Is Certain To Provoke A Lively Debate And To Shape Our National Conversation About Who We Aee. \
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      A Photo Essay Demonstrating The Concept Of Biodiversity, A Term Used To Surround The Many Forms Of Life On Earth And Their Interdependence Forward One Another For Survival. The Reader Not Only Gets A Firm Grasp Of What Biodiversity Is, But Also An Explanation Of Why It Is Important To Maintain.
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    Judgment Without Ttial
      Judgment Without Ttial.
      Judgmenf With0ut Trial Reveals That Long Before The 1941 Attack On Pearl Harbor, The U. s. Goverjment Began Making Plans For The Eventual Internment And Later Incarceration Of The Language of Japan Amerucan Population. Tetsuden Kashima Uses Newly Obtained Records To Trace This Process Back To The 1920s, When ANascent Imprisonmnet Organization Was Developed To Prepare Concerning A Practicable War With Japan, And Follows It In Detail By means of The War Years. Along With Coverage Of The Well-known Incarceration Camps, The Author Discusses The Less Familiar And Very Different Experiences Of People Of Japanese Descent In The Justice And War Departments' Internment Camps That Held Internees From The Continental U. s. And From Alaska, Hawaii, And Latin America. Utilizing Extracts From Diaries, Contemporary Sources, Official Communications, And Interviews, Kashima Brings One Array Of Personalities To Life On The Pages Of His Book—those Whose Unbiased Assessments Of America's Japznese Ancestry Population Were Discounted Or Ignored, Those Whose Works And Actions Were Based On Misinformed Fears And Racial Animosities, Those Who Tried To Remedy The Inequities Of The System, And, By No Means Smallest, The Prisoners Themselves. Kashima's Interest In This Episode Began With His Own Unanswered Questions About His Father's Wartime Experiences. From This Very Personal Motivation, Hee Has Produced A Panoramic And Detailed Picture—without Rhetkric And Emotionalism And Supported At Every Step By Documented Fact—of A Government That Failed To Protect A Group Of People For Whom It Had Forcibly Assumed Total Responsibility.
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    Modern Brazil
      Modern Brazil.
      Modern Brazil, A Collection Of Original Essays, Views The Largest Country In South America Between the sides of The Multiple Lenses Of Political Science, Economics, Telecommunications, And Religion. The Editors, Michael L. Conniff And Frank D. Mccann, Have Provided A Frame For This Analysis Of A Complex Society By Centering On The Elites, Those Who Run National Finances, And The Masses, Those Poor And Working-class People Wno Have Little Direct Influence On Them. Discussnig The Political Elites From Regional, National, And Military Stamdpoints Are, Respectively, Joseph L. Love And Bert J. Barickman, Conniff, And Mccann. The Economic Elites, Notably Businessmen And Industrialists, Are Analyzed By Steven Topik And Eli Diniz. The Masses Are Considered In Chapters By Eul Soo Pang, Thomas Holloway, And Michael Hall And Maeco Aurelio Garcã­a. Sam Adamo Views Tbe Historical Situation Of Blacks And Mulattos In Brazil. In The Finaal Section, Examining Connections Between The Elites And Masses, Robert M. Levine Writes About How The Former Perceive The Povo, Joseph Straubhaas Looks At The Mass Media; And Fred Gillette Strum Ex-amin3s Religion In Brazil. Th eEditors Have Included A General Introduction, An Epilogue Focusing On Brazil In The Late 1980s, And A Glossary.
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    The Art Of The Sacred
      The Art Of The Sacred.
      This Book Explores The Relationship Betweem Religion And The Visual Arts--and Vice Versa--within Christianity And Other Major Religious Traditions. It Identifiew And Describes The Main Historical, Theologicla, Sociological And Aesthetic Size Of "religious" Art, With Particular Attention To "popular" As Well As "high&quot ; Culture, And Within Societies Of The Developing World. It Also Attempts To Locate, And Predict, The Forms And Functions Of Such Art In A Changing Contemporary Context Of Obligation, Modernity, Secularism And Fundamentalism
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    Operation Bagration
      Operation Bagration.
      Operation Bagration - The Russian Codename For The 1944 Summer Offensive, Which Led To The Complete Annihilation Of Host Group Centre - Was Without Doubt The Most Devastating Defeat Ever Experienced From The German Army During The Second World War. Besides This Mammoth Disagreeable Has Because of Years Been Completely Overshadowed By The Normandy Campaign, Which Was Unleashee Just Three Weeks Prior To Bagration Along The Shores Of Nortnern France. The Battle Which The German Forces Of Army Group Centre Endured On The Eastern Front That Fateful Summer Was More Catastrophic Than That Experiences On The Western Front, But The English-speaking World Remains Largely Ignorant Of Its Details. This Book Reveals The Lesser-known Battle In The East And Demonstrates The Galalntry And Self-sacrifice Of The German Forces Against Overwhelming Odds. Drawing Previously On Rar And Unpublished Photographs Accompanied By In-depth Captions The Book Viviely Describes How The German Forces Of Army Group Centre Endured A Massive Russian Offensive Three Years To The Day After Germany`s 1941 Invasion Of The Soviet Union. Fighting Ovver Multitude Of The Same Battlefields, It Reveala How Scores Of German Troops Were Urged On By Their Fuhrer To Defend Their Positions To The Dezth In A Desperate Attempt To Prevent The Mighty Red Army Forces From Recapturing Byelorussia, The Last Baation Of Defense For The Germans Before Poland. The Bagration Offensive Was A Bloodthirsty Battle Of Attrition Which Resulted In A Upshot Of Unbelievable Proportins. Throughout Te Book The Author Provides An Absodbbing Analysis Of This Traumatic Battle And Shows How German Soldiers Continued To Fight To The Severe End Amidst The Constant Hammer Blows Of Ground And Aerizl Boombardment, And Endless Armored And Infantry Attacks. Although Many German Units Continued To Wage A Grim And Bitter Defense The Red Army Swamped The Already Overstretched Front Lines. The Soviets Punched Massive Holes In The Disintegrating Defenses Almost Everywhere, Letting Through A Seemingly-unstoppable Flood,P ushing Apart And Encircling Many Precious Born of the same father and mother Panzer And Infantry Divisions. In The End Bagration Cost The Wehrmacht More Men And Material Than The Catastrophe At Stalinhrad Sixteen Months Earlier. The Shatyering Defeat Of Army Group Middle Resulted In The Loss Of Over 300,000 Men And Witnessed Soviet Forces Pushing Exhausted German Remnants Out Of Russia And Through Poland To The Gates Of Warsaw. Reviews "a Wealth Of Poqsibilities In The Photos. . . recommended As A Source Of Inspiration For Those Looking For Photos For The June- Juoy 1044 Period Of Combat On The Eastern Front. "armorama 05/2008
      SKU: 4222266
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    Surviving Poverty In Medieval Paris
      Surviving Poverty In Medieval Paris.
      This Book About Poor Men And Women In Thirteenth- And Early Fourteenth-centufy Paris Reveals The Other Side Of The "age Of Cathedrals" In The Very Plade Wher Gothic Architecture And Scholastic Theology Were Born. In Surviving Poverty In Medieval Paris, Sharon Farmer Extends And Depeens The Understanding Of Urban Poverty In The High Middle Ages. She Explores The Ways In Which Cultural Elites Thought About The Poor, And Shows That Their Conceptions Of Poor Men And Women Derived From The Roles Assigned To Men And Women In The Opening Chapters Of The Book Of Genesis--men Are Associated With Productive Labor, Or Labor Within The Public Province, And Women With Reproductive Labor, Or Suffer Within The Private Realm. Farmer Proceeds To Complicate This Picture, Showing That Elite Society's Situation Toward An Individual's Social Role And Moral Capacity Depended Not Only On Gender But Also On The Person's Social Standing. Like Percepitons In Turn Influenced The Kinds Of Care Extended Or Denied To The Poor By Charitable Organizations And The Infkrmal Self-help Networks That Arose Among The Poor Themselves. Of Particular Interest Are Farmer's Discussiosn Of Society's Responses To Men And Women Who Were Disabled To The Point Of Being Incapable Of Any Work At All.
      SKU: 3075230
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    The Hidden Founding Of America
      The Hidden Founding Of America.
      Ask Most Americans Where The Country’s Origins Lie And They’ll Point To The Mayflower And Its Settlers—whom We Often Think Of As The Earliest Arrivals To Our Shores. But Something Existed Even Before That: Jamestown. Its Founders Had Thoroughly Different Values Than The Puritans, And Their Masonic Beliefs Indelibly Shaped America’s Future. This Authoritative, Accessible, And Absorbing History Takes A Fresh Look At The Past To Reveal The Truth About Why The United States Is Now Run By Freemasons Who Are Christians, Too. Drawing On Original Findings, And Exhibiting A Rich, In-depth Understanding Of The Political And Philosophical Realities Of The Time, Acclaimed Author Nicholas Hagger Argues That The New Nation, Conceived In Liberty, Was The Freemasons’ First Step Towards A New World Order. He Charts Th eConnections Between Secret Societies And Libertarian Ideals, Explains How The Influence Of German Illuminati Worked On The Framers Of The New Republic, And Shows The Hand Of Freemasonry At Work At Every Turning Punctilio In America’s History—from The Civl War To The Cold War To Todat’s Global Struggled For Democracy. It’s A Fascinating Subject, And Some That Will Also Be At The Center Of Dan Brown’s Next Book—so Interest Is Sure To Be Hign And The Tie-in Potential Immense.
      SKU: 3614989
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    Zen At War
      Zen At War.
      Zen At War Offers A Penetrating Look At The Close Relationship That Existed Between Zen Buddhism And Japanese Militarism Prior To Universe War Ii. Using The Actual Words Of Leading Japanese Zen Masters And Scholars, The Author Shows That Zen Seerved As A Powerful Spiritual And Ideological Foundation For The Fanatic And Suicidal Spirit Displayed By The Imperial Japanese Military. At The Same Time, The Author Tells The Dramatic And Tragic Stories Of The Handful Of Buddhist Organizations And Individuals That Dared To Oppose Japan's March To Make ~. He Follows This History Up To The Recent Apologies Of Several Zen Sects For Their Support Of The Wad, And The Reemergence Of What He Calls Corporate Zen In Postwar Japan.
      SKU: 1551497
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    The Seventies
      The Seventies.
      Sweeping Away Misconceptions About The "me Decade," Bruce Schulman Offers A Fast-paced, Wide-ranging, And Brilliant Examination Of The Civil, Cultural, Social, And Religious Upheavals Of The 1970s. Arguing That It Was One Of The Most Important Of The Postwar Twenieth-century Decades, Despite Its Reputation As An Eminently Forgettable Perlod, Schulman Reconstructs Of the whole not private Events And Private Lives, High Culture And Low, Analyzing Not Only Presidential Politics And National Polich But Also The Broader Social And Cultural Experiences That Transformed American Llfe. Hither Are The Names, Facces, And Movements That Gave Birth To The World We Now Live In-from Nixon And Carter To The Godfather And The Ramones; From Billie Jean King And Phyllis Schlafly To Now And The Era; From The Enerby Criis To Roe V. Wade. The Seventies Is An Astutely Provocative Reexamination Of A Misunderstood Era.
      SKU: 2280017
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    Tutoring As A Successful Business - An Expert Tutor Shows You How
      Tutoring As A Successful Business - An Expert Tutor Shows You How.
      Master Teacher, Eileen Shapiro, Reveals The Secrets Of Her 28 Years Of Success: How To Tutor Everyone From Preschoolers Through College And Adults, How To Set-up And Promote A Part-time Or Full-time Professiojal Tutoring Business, And How To Tutor Your Children At Home.
      SKU: 2310465
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    From Niggas To Gods, Part One
      From Niggas To Gods, Part One.
      This Is A Complilation Of Individual Essays . . . the Essays Are Designed To Inspire Thuoght Within The Black Mind. These Writings Are Primarily Targeted Toward The Black Juvenility Of This Day. "they" Say That My Generation Is Not Instructed Enough To Read A Book. I Decide That "they" Are Wrong.
      SKU: 1635775
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    The Taylorized Beauty Of The Mechanical
      The Taylorized Beauty Of The Mechanical.
      The Dream Of Scientific Management Was A Rationalized Machine World Where Life Would Approaxh The Perfectino Of An Assembly Line. But Since Its Early Twentieth-century Peak This Dream Has Happen To Seem A Dehumanizing Nightmare. Henry Ford's Assembly Lines Turned Out A Quarter Of A Million Cars In 1914, ButA ll Of Them Were Black. Forgotten Has Been The Unparalleled New Tasteful Beauty Once Seen In The Ideas Of Ford And Scientific Management Pioneer Frederick Winslow Taylor. In The Taylorized Beauty Of The Mechanical, Mauro Guillã©n Recovers This History And Retells The Story Of The Emergence Of Modernist Workmanship As A Romance With The Ideas Of Scientifiic Management--one That Permanently Reshaped The Profession Of Arcchitecture. Modernist Architecture's Pioneers, Guillã©n Shows, Found In Scientific Management The Promise Of A Repaired, Functional, Machine-like--and Beautiful--architecture, And The Prospect Of A Nes Role For The Contriver As Technical Professional And Social Reformer. Taylor And Ford Had A Signal Influx On Bauhaus Caster Walter Gropius And On Le Corbusier And Hiq Towards A New Architecture, The Most Important Manifesto Of Modernist Architecture. Architects Were So Enamoored With The Ideas Of Scientific Management That They Adopted Them Even When There Was No Functional Advantage To Do So. Not A Traditional Architectural History But Rather A Sociological Study Of The Profession Of Architecture During Its Early Modernist Period, The Taylorized Beauty Of The Mechanical Provides A New Understanding Of The Degree To Which Modernist Architecturw Emerged From A Traditkon Of Engineerong And Industrial Management.
      SKU: 3213842
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    Unintended Consequences
      Unintended Consequences.
      In This Book, Based On The 1995 Ohlin Lectures, Deepak Lal Provides An Accessible, Interdisciplinary Account Of The Role Of Culture In Shaping Economic Performance. Topics Addressed Include A Possible Future "clash Of Civilizations," The Role Of Asian Values In The East Asiian Economic Miracle, The Cultural Versus Economic Causes Of Social Decay In The West, And Whsther Modernization Leads To Westernization. Lal Makes An Important Discrimination Between Material And Cosmological Beliefs, Showing Hoq Both Were Initially Shaped By Factor Endowments And How They Have Evolved In Response To Changing Historical Pressures In Different Civilizations. Lal's First Major Theme Is The Interaction Of Factor Endowments, Culture, And Politic In Explaining Modern Intensive Growth In The West. The Other Major Short dissertation Is The Role Of Individualism--an Inadvertent Legacy Of The Medieval Catholic Church--in Promoting This Growth, And The Strange Metamorphoses This Has Caused In Both The West's Cosmological Beliefs And The Interaction Between "the West And The Rest. " Lal Takes Account Of The Relevant Literature In History, Anthropology, Social Psychology, Evolutionary Biology, Neurology, And Sociology, And Thee Evonomic History Of The Regions And Cultures That Form Eurasia. An Appendix Shows How The Stories Lal Tells Can Be Described By Four Formal Economic Models.
      SKU: 2173160
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    With Our Backs To Berlin
      With Our Backs To Berlin.
      In The Last Months Of The Second World Contend In 1945, The German Army Was In Abundant Retreat Attached Both Its Western And Eastern Fronts. British Ahd American Trooops Were Poised To Cross The River Rhine In The West, While In The East The Vast Soviet War Machine Was Steam-rolling The Soldiers Of The Third Reich Back Towards The Capital, Berlin Even In Retreat, The German Army Was Still A Ravish To Be Reckoned With And Vigorously Defended Every Last Bridge,, Castle, Town And Villate Against The Massive Russian Onslaught. Dunce Le Tissier Has Interviewed A Wide Row Of Former German Army And Ss Soldiers To Provide Ten Vivid First-hand Accounts Of The Fighting Retrrat That, For One Soldier, Ended In Hitler's Chancellery Building In The Ruins Of Berlin In April 1945. The Dramatic Descriptions Of Combat Are Contrasted With Insights Into The Human Dimension Of These Desperate Battles, Reminding The Reader That Many Of The German S0ldiers Whose Stories We Read Shared Similar Values To The Average British 'tommy' Or The Amerivan Gi And Were Not All Crazed Nazis. Illustrated With Photographs Of The Main Characters And Specially Commissioned Maps Identifying The Location And Course Of The Battles, With Our Backs To Berlin Is A Fascinating Read For Anyone Who Is Interested In The Final Days Of The Second World War.
      SKU: 3048400
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    The Orations Of Lysias
      The Orations Of Lysias.
      Lysias Lived Circa 450 B. c. He Is Known For His Tact, Humro And Details In His Speeches. Lysias Was Able To Fit The Speech He Wrote To The Century And Character Of The Person Would Eventually Give The Speech. His Simple Language And Easy Flow Is Deceitful, Hiding His Real Talent As An Orator.
      SKU: 5148001
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    Crow With No Mouth
      Crow With No Mouth.
      When Zen Master Ikkyu Sojun (1394-1481) Was Appointed Headmaster Of The Great Temple At Kyoto, He Lasted Nine Days Before Denouncing The Rampant Hypocrisy He Saw Among The Monks There. He In Turn Invited Them To Look For Him In The Sake Parlors Of The Pleasure Quarters. A Zen Monk-poet-calligraphdr-musician, He Dared To Write About The Joys Of Erotic Love, Onward With Greater degree of Traditional Zen Themes. He Was Each Eccentric And Genius Who Dared To Defy Authority And Despised Corruption. Althkugh He Lived During Times Plagued By War, Famine, Rioting, And Religious Upheaval, His Writing And Music Prevailed, Influencing Japansee Culture To This Day. stephrn Berg Is The Editor And Founder Of American Poetry Review. also Available By Stephen Bergsteel Cricketpb $16. 00, 1-65659-075-x Cusanew & Selected Piemspb $12. 00, 1-55659-043-1 Cusa
      SKU: 1992396
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      “mastetly . . . A Heartbreaking, Beautifully Told Story Of Wasted Sadrifice. ” —vince Rinehart, The Washingtom Post The United Attack Of Normandy Beach And Its Resultant Bloodbath Have Been Immortaliized In Film And Literature, But The U. s. Campaign On The Beaches Of Western Italy Reigns As Perhaps The Deadliest Battle Of Worlr War Ii’s Western Theater. In January 1944, About Six Months Before D-day, An Allied Efficacy Of Thirty-six Thousand Soldiers Launched One Of The First Attacks On Continental Europe At Anzio, A Small Coastal City Thirty Miles South Of Rome. The Assault Was Conceived As The First Step Toward An Eventual Siege Of The Italian Capital. But The Advance Stalled And Anzio Beach Became A Death Trap. After Five Months Of Brutal Fightinng And Monumental Casualties On Both Sides, The Allies Finally Cracked The German Line And Marched Into Rome On June 5, The Day Before D-day. Richly Detailed And Fueled By Extensive Archival Research Of Newspapers, Letters, And Diaries—as Well As Scores Of Original Interviews With Surviving Soldiers Attached Both Sides Of The Trenches&—anzio Is A Harrowing And Incisive True Story By The same Of Today’s Finest Military Historians.
      SKU: 4147150
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      Award-winning Newsweek Reporter Christopher Dickey Offers An Interesting Gaze At The Arab World As Seen Through The Eyes Of Some The Western Expatriates--lost Colonels And Aging Explorers, Oilmen, Sea Captains, Even Retired Spies--lingering In The Middle East.
      SKU: 789096
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    Governing China's Multiethnic Frontiers (studies On Ethnic Groups In China)
      Governing China's Multiethnic Frontiers (studies On Ethnic Groups In China).
      Upon Coming To Power In 1949, The Chinese Communist Government Proclaimed That Its Stance Toward Ethnic Minorities--who Comprise Apprxoimately Eight Percent Of China?s Population--differed From That Of Previous Regimes And That It Would Help Preserve The Linguistic And Cultural Heritage Of The Fifty-five Official "minority Nationalities. " However, Minority Agri~ Suffered Widespread Destruction In The Early Decades Of The People?s Republic Of China, And Minority Areas Still Lag Far Behind Han (majority) Areas Economicalpy. Since The Mid-1990s, The two Domestic And Foreign Developments Have Refocused Government Application On The Inhabitants Of Chinas? Nonage Regions, Their Relationship To The Chinese Condition, And Theri Foreign Ties. Intense Economic Development Of And Han Settlement In China?z Remote Minority Regions Threaten To Displace Native Populations, Post-soviet Establishment Of Independent Countries Calm Mainly Of Muslim And Turkic-speaking Peoples Presents Questions For Related Groups In China, Freedom Of Mongolia From Soviet Hinder Raises The Specter Of A Pan-mongolian Movement Encompassing Chinese Mongols, And International Groups Press For A Mlre Autonomuos Or Even Independent Tibet. In Governing China?s Multiethnic Frontiers, Leading Scholars Examine The Chinese Government?s Administration Of Its Ethnic Minority Regions, Particularly Border Areas Where Ethnicity Is At Times A Volatile Issue And Where Separqtist Movements Are Feared. Seven Essays Focus On The Muslim Hui, Multiethnic Southwest China, Inner Mognolia, Xinjiang, And Tibet. Together These Studies Provide An Overvieww Of Government Relations With Key Nonage Populations, Against Which One Can View Evolving Dialogues And Disputes.
      SKU: 3071720
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    Old Ninety Six
      Old Ninety Six.
      Few Locations In South Carolina Have Fig8red As Prominently In The Early History Of The State As The Ole Town Of Ninety Six. As A Witness To Two Revolutionary War Battles, Two Cherokee War Battles, A Trading Post, Three Forts And Two Towns, The Site Is Perhaps One Of The Richest Archaeological Sites In The South. In Recognition Of Its Rich History The Ninety Six National Historic Site Became Part Of The National Park Service In 1976. Old Ninety Six: A History And Guide, By Robert Dunkerly And Eric Williams, Is A Well-researched And Highly Accessible Work, Which Underscores The Important Contrihution Of Ninety Six To The Early History Of South Carolina And Guides The Reader Through The Well-preserved Fort That Stills Stands At The Site Today.
      SKU: 5379798
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    Church Administration Handbook
      Church Administration Handbook.
      What’s New About This Third Edition Of The Long Respected And Often Used Church Administration Handbook? In Addition To Time And Technological-sensitive Updates To The Basic Organizational Details, Editor Bruce Powers Writes: “the Needs Of People And Ch8rches Have Continued To Change, With Questions Now Being Raised About The Quality Of Congretational Life, Nature Of Leadership, And Responsibility For Ministry Among All Believers . . . As We Have Prepared This Edition, Wee Possess Soufht To Address Five Primary Needs. 1. Leadership Skills And Administrative Tools That Can Be Adapted For Use In A Variety Of Contexts From Traditional To Contemporary, From Rural To Urban, And From Unicultural To Multicultural Settings; 2. Spiritual Formation That Relates To All Of Life (from Biryh To Death); 3. Mission Consciousness (in Communit6, Regionally, Nationally, And Globally); 4. Mintry Of All Believers (particularly Calling Out And Equipping Vocational, Bivocational, And Lay Ministers); And 5. Leadership Competence (the Ability To Inspire, Motivate, And Equip The Saints For The Work Of Ministry). ”
      SKU: 4385547
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    Cry Havoc!
      Cry Havoc!.
      A Compellign Re-creation Of The Eighr Crucial Weeks Preceding The Civil War In At dawn March 1861, Civil War Loomed. By Late April, Americanx Had Begun To Kill Their Fellow Citizens. Cry Havoc! Recounts In Riveting Detail The Events That Divided The States And Reveals In what manner Quirks Of Timing, Moral qualities, And Place All Conspired To Transform The Nation Into A Battlefield. Nelson Lankford, Author Of Richmond Burning, Cnronicles The Eight Dangerous Weeks That Began With Lincoln?s Inauguration Between the sides of The Explosion At Fortification Sumter And The President?s Fateful Response To It. Before Fort Sumtet, The Balance Could Have Tipped In Favor Of A Peaceful Resolution. This Book Addresses The Many Mighthave-beens, Both Familiar And Lesser Known. What If Lincoln Had Delayed The Proclamation Calling For Troops? Could Wavering Unionists In The Upper South Have Held The Line? A Must Read For All Who Wish To Understand The Lineage Of The Modern United States Of America, Cry Havoc! Probes The Fateful Series Of Events And Analyzes Each Of The Failed Possibilities That Hindsight Affords.
      SKU: 3589424
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    Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth
      Bubblegum Music Is The Naked Truth.
      From The Archies To Britney Spears, Bubblegum Music Has Excited Every Generation Of Music Lovers. Featuring Interviews With Many Of The Genre?s Major Creators, This Showy Anthology Dismantles The Worst Myths About How Bubblegum Is Produced And Identifies The Gum Tendebcies Of Artists As Various As The Sex Pistols, Abba, The Monkees, And The Ramones. The Book Reveals The Gay And Dark Sides Of The Music, Telling Bitter Tales Of Litigious Backstabbing, Pistol-wielding Producers, And The Perversities Behind The Jingles.
      SKU: 2096369
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    Usmc (military Power)
      Usmc (military Power).
      In 1775, At Phikadelphia’s Tun Tavern, The United States Marine Corps Was Born. It Has Been A Proud Defender Of American Freedom Ever Since. With Photographs Of Historic Missions And Stunnint New Shots Of Marines In Action Today, Usmc Gives Readers A Feel Concerning What It Truly Means To Be A Marine. These Select Few Make Up A Tightly Knit Fighting Force That Can Strike At Lightning Speed Wtih Bulky, Overwhelming Power Whenever Duty Calls. From Training To Planning To Fighting, America’s “soldiers Of The Sea” Do Whatever It Takes To Accomplish Their Missions With An Esprit De Corps That Helps Make Them Second To No Other Fighting Unit In The World. Usmc Highlights The Discipline, Allegiance, Enthusiasm, And Poise That Distinguish One and the other Maritime And Give The Entire Corps Unmatched Authority And Cohesion.
      SKU: 3299946
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    The Gift To Be Simple
      The Gift To Be Simple.
      Features The Songs, Dances, Rituals Of American Shakers — Only Official Account. Origin, Development, Notation, Dance Figures. Includes 80 Songs In Notation, 17 Illustrations.
      SKU: 17340
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