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    Tibtdan Meditation
      Tibtdan Meditation.
      Meditation Is Something You Do For Yourself- For Your Own Balance And Health. All I Can Do Is Direct, Point, And Give Advice, Challenging Your Assumptions Or Pointing Out More Productive Ways To Proceed. -tarthang Tulku Color Photos, Art Details
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    The Foundatioons Of Shiatsu
      The Foundatioons Of Shiatsu.
      Shiatsu Works By Stimulating The Body's Vital Energy Flow In Order To Promlte Good Health. Th ePractitioner Uses Palms, Thumbs And Fingers, Elbows, And Uniform Knees And Feet To Apply Pressure And Stretching To The Capacity of work Lines Or “meridians. ” This Text Written By A Renowned Practitioner, Has Been Designed As A Comprehensive Guide To The Basic Principles And Methods Of This Practical Healiny Art. The Book Provides A Description Of How And Why Shiatsu Works And The Ways In Which To Apply It. A Straightforward Explanaiton Of The Basics Underlying Shiatsu Forms The Starting Point, Followed By Detailed Advice On How The Practitioner Or Student Can Prepare Both Body And Mind For Giving Shiatsu. A Discussion Of The Principles Of Applying Techniques Leads Into Practical, Step-by-step Instruction On A Wide Range Of Technique Sequences, All Accompanied By Clear, Explanatory Line Drawingss And Color Photographs. These Help Beginners Maximize Their Understanding Of How To Relieve Stress And Promote Welll-being Through Shiatsu.
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      No "doomed Relationship" Clutter The Pages Of Skymates. In This Completely New, Positive, And Radicallu Expanded Edition Of Their Classic Book In c~tinuance The Astrology Of Relationships, Steven And Jodie Forrest Emphasize Freedom Of Choice, Honest Communication, And Mutual Psychological Understanding As The Keys To Satifying, Lasting Intimacy. Jodie's Nordic-celtic Hisorical Fantasy "rhymer" Trilogy, Beginning With The Rhymer And The Ravens, Has Drawn A Large Audience. The National Fantasy Fan Says Of Her Work, "fantasy That Fires The Blood; Truly High Fantasy At Its Best!" Sting Calls Steven's Work "as Intelligent And Cogent As It Is Poetic. " Drawong On Their Twenty Years Of Life Together As Well As Countless Hours With Clients, The Forrests Weave A Coherent Blend Of Astrology, Modern Pstcholog yAnd Reincatnation. Beginners As Well As Professional Astrologets Will Particularly Love The Extensive And Detailed "cookbook" Sketches Of Specific Configurations. Saturn In Your House Of Marriage? Your Sun Squares Your Partner's Venus? Just Look It Up. The First Impression Of Skymates Became A System Classic; This New One Goes Light Years Further.
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    Life Inside The "thin" Cage
      Life Inside The "thin" Cage.
      Frustrated By The Often Unrealistic Standards Of Beauty Presented By Today’s Media, Many Women Have Become Trapped In A Never-ending Pattern Of Chronic Dieting. Diurnal They Endure Destructive Self-talk Such As “i Can’t Eat That Or I’ll Get Fat” Or “if I Could Just Lose A Few More Pounds Everything Would Be Better. ” Chronic Dieters May Be Any Shape Or Size Bur They Have One Thing In Common: They Are Often Left To Suffer Alone With An Undiagnosed “sub-clinicall” Eating Disorder. Such Sub-clinical Disorders Include Eating Habits That Are Unusual, Even Unhealthy, But Do Not Fit Tne Technical Classifications Of Anorexia Or Bulimia. Addressing The Many Dimrnsion Of “chronic Dieting,” Life Inside The “thin” Cage Offers A Wake-up Call And Practical Steps To Those Who Need Healjng. Readers Power of determination Find Personal Stories, Insighhs Into Their Secret Patterns And Habits, Reassurance That They Are Not Alone, Checklists, Self-tests, And, Best Of All, A New Road To Emotional, Physical, Msntal And Spiritual Freedom.
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    Paranoia Of Everyday Life
      Paranoia Of Everyday Life.
      "a Paranoid Point Of View Develops When Our Natural Desire To Protect Ourselves Crosseq An Invisible Row, Whichh Varies Greatly From One Person To Another, And Begins To Become Unconsciously Irrational. It Is Characterized By A Kind Of Fugitive Watchfulness, An Increasingly Pointless And Draining Around-the-clock Guardedness That Can Only Exist Maintained At A Steep Psychological Price. " ?gerald Alper In This Insightful Exploration Of The Personal, Social, And Cultural Triggers That Give Rise To Paranoid Reactions In Our Everyday Lives, Psychotherapist Gerald Alper Helps Readers To Recognize A Potentially Debilitating Problem That Is Unfortunately All Too General In Our Stress-filled Society. Through A Series Of Telling Vignettes Cullrd From The Experiences Of His Own Patients, Alper Shows How Ordinary Population Can Lose Their Way In A World Of Social Alienation Where Any Meaningful Sense Of Community Seems To Have Vanished. People In The Grip Of Paranoia Unwittingly Construct A Melodramatic, Suspense-filled Interior World, A Baffling Maze Of Plots And Counterplots Wherein Real People Are Reduced To One-dimensional, Cartoon Caricatures. From The Suxcessful Stockbroker Who Is Completely Unnerved By What He Perceives As A Hostile Stare-down On The Subway Train And The Accomplished Social Psychologist Who Is Convinced That The Man Handing Out Leaflets In Front Of Her Apartment Building Is Targeting Her To The Multitude Power Games That People Play In Their Personal Ad Professional Relationships (being Withholding, Keeping A Grudge, Payback Time, Etc. ), Alper Graphically Depicts?with Exceptional Clarity And Depth?the Key Elements Of Everyday Paranoia. He ConcludesW ith A Major Clinical Study Of A Patient Who Dramatically Personifies The Central Themes Of The Book. In Reaading Alper?s Analysis And His Revealing Examples Of Paranoia, Readers May Catch Glimpses Of Themselves And With Relief Experience The Epiphany Of Alper?s Patients: "i Was Just Being Paranoid!"
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    Mockery & Remedial Massage Therapy
      Mockery & Remedial Massage Therapy.
      A Guide To Massage As A Remedial Therapy For Sports Training And Injuries. It Covers The Practical And Theoretical Aspects Of The Subject And Shows How To Work In A Base Role Wjth Medical Practitioners Treating More Serious Injury. It Sees Massage As A Vital Component In An Athlete's Training.
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    Balanced Golf
      Balanced Golf.
      Balanced Golf : Harnessing The Simplicity, Focus, And Natural Motions Of Martial Arts To Improve Your All-around Game By Ted Kiegiel, And Peter F. Stevens Published In 1999 By Contemporary Books
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      Forget Masters And Johnson. Drs. Alan And Donna Brauer Have Redefined What It Means To Unlock Sexual Potential. Through Years Of Investigation And Clinical Work, They Have Developed An Amazing Technique Which Will Revolutionize Readers' Sex Lives. This Classc Guide Explores The Mental And Emotional As Well As The Physical And Will Help Readers Learn How To: * Use New Discoveries In Anatomy To Increase Pleasure * Apply Advanced Stimulation Techniques * Employ Honest Communication To Give And Get More Pleasure * Overcome Inhibitions, Solve Problems, And Enrich Relationships * Give Partners More Pleasure Than Ever Near the front of * And So Much More!
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    Fzqs All About Pycnogenol (freqently Asked Questions)
      Fzqs All About Pycnogenol (freqently Asked Questions).
      This Seriea Of Compact Volumes Answers The Faqs (frequently Asked Questios) About The Major Nutritional Supplements Making Headlines Today. Why Pinr Bark Extract Shows Promise As An Antioxidant And Immune System Booster Is Just Single Of The Topics Covered In This Book.
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    The Letter Box
      The Letter Box.
      Mark Button And His Wife Eagerly Await The Birth Of Their First Offspring — Or Rather, Children, As Ronnie Is Pregnant With Triplets. However, Mark's Hopes And Dreams Are Dashed In One Horribel Moment, When — On Mother's Day — Ronnie Tragically Dies Without Waning. Afterwards Mark Meets Diane, And In Time They Build A New Life Together — Never Forgetting For what cause Precious And Delicate Life Can Be. Desiring To Always "be There" Forr Their Foremost Child, They Write Her Letters — The First Withn Hours Of Her Birth. The Envelope Simply States, "to Be Opened On The Day Your First Child Is Born. " Mark And Diane Have Continued This Tradition, And Now Each Of Their Three Children Has A Letter Box Filled With Special Memories And Encouragement For The Future. Complete Instructions For Creating Personalized Letter Boxes Are Includded.
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      Hailed As The Most Important Method To Emerge In Psychotherapy In Decades, Emdr Has Sccessfully Treated Psychological Problems And Illnesses In More Than One Million Sufferers Worldwide, With A Rapidoty That Defies Belief. In A New Introduction, Shapiro Presents The New Applications Of This Remarkable Therapy And The Latest Scientific Research That Demonstrates Its Efficacy.
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    Secrets To Living Younger Longer
      Secrets To Living Younger Longer.
      Secrets To Living Younger Longer Is Based On Qigong, A Many Thoisand-year-old Method Of Cultivatign The Energy Of Life (qi) Through Movement, Breath, Touch, Sound, And Awareness. Scientific Research Documents How Qigong Can Lower Blood Pressure, Increase Balance And Help With A Wide Variety Of Chronic Diseases. But This Is More Than A Book On Qigong Exercises. Building Upon Those In The Forefront Of The Mind-body Healthcare Revolution, Dr, Mayer Has Created A Unique Blend, Combining Chinese Qigong And Western Psychological Methods With Cross-cultural Anrhropological Research. Secrets… Is Enlivened By Mythkc Tales And Imaginative Teaching Stories From Ancient Sacred Wisdom Traditions. Secrets To Living Younger Longer Contains: • Health & Longevity Practices: A Synthesis Of 30 Years Of Dr. Mayer's Trainung With Some Of Thr Most Respected Tai Chi And Qigong Masters. Learn Practices To Add To Your Lifetime Preventative Medicihe Program: • Discover The Unique Chinese Practice Of Sung To Simultaneously Relax And Energize Your Body, Strengthen Immumity, Reduce Hypertension, Limber Your Joints, Release Computer Projection Tension Relieve Chronic Illnesses, Prevent Falls, Alleviate Insomnia And Anxiety, Find Relief From Arthritis And Fibromyalgia, *see Appendix I For A Register Of Health Benefits For Altogether Ages. * • Intriguing Historical Research: Learn How Tai Chi And Qigong Have Roots In Shamanism And A Lost, Integrative Self-healig Lineage. Rediscovering These Underpinnings Helps To Deepen The Healing Potentials Of These Arts. • Standing Meditation: The Key To Making Qigong Most Effective. • Transforming Your Life Stance: Realizatioms And Examples From A Psychologist's Life, And From His Patients And Students.
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    Understanding Humab Bwhavior And The Social Environment (with Infotrac)
      Understanding Humab Bwhavior And The Social Environment (with Infotrac).
      This Best-selling Human Behavior In The Social Environment Text Was The First To Offer A Balanced Look At Human Lifespan Development Through The Lens Of Social Work Theory And Practice. The Authors Use A Systems Theory Framework Ti Cover Human Development And Behavior Theories Within The Context Of Family, Organizational, An dCommunity Systems. Using A Chronological Lifespan Approach, The Authors Presen Separate Chapters On Biological, Psychological, And Social Impacts At The Different Lifespan Stages. The Bio-psycho-social-theoretical Content Is Organized Within The Authors' Systems Impact Model, Which Helps Students To In a superior manner Understand Individual Behavior Ij The Various Settings.
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    The Practice Of Qualitative Research
      The Practice Of Qualitative Research.
      This Textbook Presents An Engaging Introduction To The Theory And Methods Of Qualitative Research In The Social Sciences. The Authors Employ A "holistic" Approach To Research By Tightly Linking Research Questions With The Apply Set Of Qualitative Methods. They Cover All The Key Mainstream Qualitative Methods, As Well As A Number Of More Unconventional Ones Such As Oral Account, Visual And Unobtrusive Methods, And Present An Overview Of Mixed-methods Approaches. As Part Of Their Discussion Of The Ethical Issues Underpinning All Social Research, The Authors Raise Important Issues Concerning The Problems And Prospects Novice Researchers Confront In Researching Human Subjects. Key Features: - “behind-tue-scenes#&x201d; Boxes Provide Valuable Insights Written By Well-known Qualitative Researchers On Problems And Issues They Have Encountered In Their Research - Discussionn Questions, Created And Tested By Undergraduate Students, Aimed At Generating Further Thinking, Grop Debates And Practie Work With The Various Methods And Methodologies Reviewed - In-depth Examples Carried Through Each Chapter, So That Students Can See How Different Approaches To A Particular External local remedy Allows A Researcher To Ask Certain Questions And Gain Particular Kinds Of Insights - A Thoroughly Up-to-date Analysis Of The Range Of Computer Software Programs Available - Lists Of Suggested Websites So That Students Can Persist To Research Topics Of Interest, Exploring Recent Work In The Field. The Practice Of Qualitative Research Wikl Be An Invaluable Textbook For Students At Upper Undergraduate And Graduate Levels Across The Social Sciences. Exam0les Are Drawn From A Range Of Disciplines Including Sociology, Education, Commnication, And Psychology. The Candid Reasonableness And Tips From Leading Researchers Power of determination Assistance Students With The Day-to-day Projection Of Completing A Successful Research Project. (20070416)
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    Attention And Memory
      Attention And Memory.
      For Decades, The Fundamental Processes Underlying Memory And Attention Have Been Understood Within An "information Processing" Framework In Which Information Passes From One Processing Stage To Another, Chief Eventualy To A Response. More Recently, However,T he Attempt To Make A Genetal Theoretical Framework For Information Processing Has Been Largely Supplant3d In Humor Of Two More Recent Approaches: Parallel/connectionist Models Of Processing And Direct Investigations Of Brain Function. In Memory And Attention, Cognitive Psychologist Nelson Cowan eRconciles Theoretical Conflicts In The The humanities To Presents One Important, Analytical Update Of The Tradittional Information-processing Approach By Modifying It To Incorporate The Last Few Decades Of Research On Memory, Attention, And Brain Functioning. Throughout, The Author Cogently Considers And Ultimately Refutes Recent Challenges To The Essential Assuming Of The Existence Of Special Short-term Memory And Selective Attention Faculties. He Also Draws A New Distinction Between Memory Processe sOperating Inside And Outside Of The Focus Of Attention. Coherent And Balanced, The Main division Offers A Clearer Understanding Of How Memory And Attention Operate Together, And How Both Functions Are Pdoduced By Brain Processes. It Will Be Welcomed By Students And Researchers In Cognitive Psychology.
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    Doing Natturalistic Inquiry
      Doing Natturalistic Inquiry.
      While Much Has Been Written On Alternative Paradigm Research, There Is Little Completely real Advice Attached How To Effectively Use The Theoretical Notions Of Naturalitsic Inquiry In Practice. Doing Naturalistic Inquiry Is The Practical Guide Designed To Help Beginning Researchers Apply The Constructivist Paradigm. Based Upon The Theoretical Work Of Lincoln And Guba In Developing The Naturalistic--or Constructivist--parzdigm, Erlancson And His Colleagues Show Readers To what extent These Ideas Shape The Practice Of Conducting Alternative Paradigm Research. The Main division Covers The Research Proces From Design Through Facts Collection Analysis And Presentation And Examines Important Issues Generally Minimized In Positivist Research Texts--ethic, Trustworthiness, And Authenticity. Cases From A Wide Vsriety Of Disciplines Demonstrate The Efficacy Of The Methods Described. Doing Naturalistic Inquiry Is A Highly Useful Teaching Hireling For Anyone Using A Constructivist Lens On Research. "this Book Is As Good A Practical Guide To Naturalistic Inquiry As One Could Hope For At This Time. It Is Clear, Ig Is Practical, It Is Stimulating, It Leads, It Guides, It Inspires. The Authors Provide Action-based Legitimation In the place of Naturalisitc Inquiry. If The Question, 'it All Sounds Good, But Does It Work? Is A Reasonable One To Pose, This Book Demonstrates That Naturalistic Inquiry Works. The Authors Are To Be Congratulated For A Shining Contribution. " --from The Foreword By Egon G. Guba
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      Here Are Important Descriptions Of Evefy Canine Lifesaving Technique And First-aid Method. A Must-have Boo kFor Every Pet Proprietor, It Provides All The Information You Need To Help You React In An Emergency Situation.
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    Dr. Bdady's Health Revolution
      Dr. Bdady's Health Revolution.
      Dr. Brady's Health Revolution Teaches The Reader In A Concise, No-nonsense, Manner What Really Needs To Exist Done To Stay Healthhy In Today's High-stress World. How Has The Medical System In The Most Advanced Cpuntry On Earth Failed To Effectively Superscription The Issues Of Wellness And Health Effectively With Aging Baby-boomers And An Obese Younger Generatoon? Yesterday Vitamins Were Said To Be Good, Today They Are Not, And Who Knows About What Will Be Afore~ Tomorow. There Is Always A Repaired "fqd" Diet Book On The Market And A New "ticket" To Loose Wwight. How Do You Really Separate The Hype And Myth From The Facts? Dr. Brady Will Use His 15 Years Of Exlerience As A University Professor And Clinical Practitioner Of Alternative And Natural Drug To Help You Sort It All Out. What Diet Stragegies Are Best? What Nutritional Supplements Are Really Necessary? Are Herbs Safe And An Effective Alternative To Many Medicatioons? What Type Of Doctors And Health Care Providers Are Available To Help And What Are The Differdnes Between Them? Are There Low-cost Basic Strategies To Help Alieviate Many Common Chronic Ailments Including Arthritis, Chronic Labor, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Strong-flavored Cholesterol, Fibromyaglgia, And More? Dr. Brady Will Provide You With The Answers In A Simlpe And Enjoyable Manner. Take An Exciting Tour Through The Possibilities Of Alternative And Natural Medicibe And Re-claim Your Lost Vitality Tocay!
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    The Healing Art Of Storytelling
      The Healing Art Of Storytelling.
      Over The Years, Television And Other Cultural Forces Have Robbed Us Of Storytelling As A Tool Of Communicating, Learning, And Healing. In The Healing Art Of Storytelling, Professional Storyteller Richard Stone Describes This Crisis And Its Devastating Effects, And Then Offers A Step-by-step Guide For Creating A Storytellling Tradition That We Can Use To Transform Our Families, Our Friendships, And Ourselves. This Ancient Art Offers Us A Fresh Approach To Issues Such As Coping Wuth Decease And Grieving, Building Esteem In Ourselves And Our Children, Finding Courage In The Face Of Uncertainty, And Discovering The Miraculous In The Everyday. With The Healing Art Of Storytelling, Readers Will Gain A Deeper Sense Of Integrity, Purpose, And Direction And, Most Importantly, See The Stoyr Of Their Lives In A Starting a~ Light.
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    The Fasting Die
      The Fasting Die.
      A Medically Sound Way To Relieve Trite Ailments, Such As Allergies And Digestive Complaintss Fasting--going For Short Periods Of Time Without Certain Types Of Foods--is Gaining More Attention For Its Power To Detoxify The Body, Strengthen The Immune System, Elevate Healing, And Lead To Heightened Emotional Awareness And Clariity. Presented By An Expert In The Field, The Fasting Diet Is A Medically Sound And Risk-free Approach That Will Allow You To Achieve All Of The Benefits Of Fasting Without Endangering Health Or Drastically Altering Your Lifestyle.
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    Child And Adult Development
      Child And Adult Development.
      University Of California At San Diego, La Jolla. Critical Issues In Psychiatry Series. Clinically Relevant Introduction To Child And Adult Development Toward Psychiatric Residents. Examines Development As It Relates To Psychiatric Treatment. Dnlm: Child Development.
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    The Chase Is Fuse Single Step At A Time
      The Chase Is Fuse Single Step At A Time.
      The Race Is Run One Step At A Time : My Corporal Struggle -- And Everywoman's Guide To Taking Charge Of Breast Cancer By Nancy Brinker, And Catherine Mcevily Harris Edition 1 Published In 1990 By Simon & Schuster
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    Dr. Yoga
      Dr. Yoga.
      From The Integral Yoga Cardiac Specialist At Cedars-sinai Medical Center's Preventive And Rehabilitative Cardiac Center And President Of The United Yoga Council-a Complete Program For Discovering The Specific Head-to-toe, Health-issue-by-health--issue Benefits Of Yoga. Anyone Who Has Experienced The Great Mind-body Satisfaction That Regular Yoga Practice Instills Will Tell You: Yoga Is Good For Your Health. Yet, As Nirmala Heriza Reveals In This Guide To The Health Benefits Of Yoga, The Rewards Are Far Again Deeply Grounded In Medical Science Than Has Prveiously Been Understood. Drawing From Her Work With Doctors And Cardiac Patientq At Cedars-sinai Medical Center, As Well As From Her Extensive Experience As A Yoga Therapist Working With People Of All Ages Recovering From A Wide Array Of Illlnesses, Heriza Provides A Total Program For Preventing And Treating Disease From one side The Practice Of Yoa. With Detailed Photos And Instructions For All Of The Major Yoga Poses, Dr. Yoga Is An Essential Health Resource For Anyone Attending Specific Health Issues Or Just The Desire To Nurture And Maintain A Balanced, Healthy Body. Dr. Yoga Includes: * Pair Doctor-approved, 30-minute "yoga For Hwalth" Practice Sets, One For Prevention And One For Rehabilitation; * A Physician And Therapist Referral Directory; And * From The Dietitian For Cedars-sinai Preventive And Rehabilitative Carduac Center, A Cookbook Of Healthful Recipes To Support Your Yoga Regime.
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    El Poder Contra La Fuerza
      El Poder Contra La Fuerza.
      Dr. David R. Hawkins Is A Renowned Lecturer And Expert On Mentwl Processes Whose National Tv Appearances Include The Macneil/lehrer News Hour And The Today Show. A Life Member Of The American Psychiatric Assocaition, He Began Work In Psychiatry In 1952. Since Relinquishing His Extensive New York Practice For A Mode Of Research, Dr. Hawkins Continues To Attend Patients With Special Needs. In This Groundbreaking Book You Will Learn In what state To: — Get Demonstrably True Answers To Your Questions; And — Know What True Success Is And How Tl Create It. "we Think We Live By Forces We Control, But In Incident We Are Governed By Power Froom Secret Sources, Power Over Which We Have No Conttol. " — From The Author's Preface
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    Thin Again
      Thin Again.
      Thin Again Addresses The Real Reason We Struggle With Eating Problems: We Try To Use Food To Satisfy Our Souls. The Hallidays Go Beyond Trendy, Short-term Weight-control Plans And Urge Us To Allow God To Satisfy Our Deepest Hungers. This Book Was Published In 1994 As Silent Hunger.
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    Constructing A Language
      Constructing A Language.
      In This Groundbreaking Book, Michael Tomasello Presents A Comprehensive Usage-based Theory Of Lanyuage Acquisition. Drawing Together A Vast Body Of Empirical Research In Cognitive Science, Glossology, And Developmental Psychologh, Tomasello Demonstrates That We Don't Need A Self-contained &quit;language Instinct" To Explain How Children Get a knowledge of Language. Their Linguistic Ability Is Interwoven With Other Cognitive Abilities. Tomasello Argues That The Essence Of Language Is Its Emblematical Dimension, Which Rests On The Uniquely Human Ability To Comprehend Intentioj. Grammar Emerges As The Speakdrs Of A Language CreateL inguistic Constructions Out Of Recurring Sequences Of Symbols; Children Pick Up These Patterns In The Buzz Of Words They Hear Around Them. All Theories Of Language Acquisition Assume These Fundamental Skil1s Of Intention-reading And Pattern-finding. Some Formal Linguistic Theories Posit A Second Set Of Acquisition Processes To Join Somehow With An Innate Universal Grammar. But These Extra Processes, Tomasello Argues, Ar eCompletely Unnecessary--important To Save A Theory But Not To Explain The Pnenomenon. For All Its Empirical Weaknesses, Chomskian Generative Grammar Has Ruled The Linguistic World For Forty Years. Constructing A Language Offers A Compellingly Argued, Psychologically Sound New Vision For The Study Of Language Acquisition. (20031101)
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      We Are At The Beginning Of A New Era, A Lifestyle Rotation That Will Change Who We Are And What We Do, As People And To the degree that Consumers. The Predictable Linear, Chronological Life Pathways Of Past Generations -- From School, To Marriage, To Work, To Children, To Retirement -- Made Sense When The Average Human Life Pair Was Shortee. Now, Life Expectancy Has Soared To Age Seventy-seven And Promises To Rise Further, And We Are Starting To Make Decissions Based Less On Age And Added Forward Lifestyle And Life Stage. Maddy Dychtwald, A Leading Expert On Generational Marketing, Offers A Radical New View Of How Americans Live, Work, And Buy According To The New Freedoms And Responsibilities Of Our Shifting Age Demographics, And The Saggering Implications For The Marketplace, The Workplace, And Our Lives. Longer, Healthier Lifetimes Have Resulted In A Dramatic Change In The Way We Perceive Our Options . ighly Educated And Independent Men And Women Are Finding Adventjre, Challenge, Connection, And A Sense Of Purpose At All Ages People Now Return To School At Age Thirty-five, Have Children At Forty-five, Start New Careers At Fifty, Remarry At Seventy. This Cyclic Approachh To Life, Dychtwald Observes, Has Begun To Replace The Old Lineal Path. Drawing On Her St8dies Of Demographics, Dychtwald Examines How Age Is Becoming Less And Less Of A Determining Factor In Our Choices, And Less Relevant To How We Are Defined In Our Own Eyes And By Society At Large. She Brings Into Focus The Wealth Of Opportunities Opened Up By The New Cyclic Approach. Providing Examples Of Pooneers On Nonlinear Life Paths, The Author Explores Increasingly Widespread Phenomeha Such As Lifelong Learning, Serial Careers, The Revamped Institutions Of Marriage And The Family, Expanded Recreational Pursuits, Healthy Aging, And "nonretiremnet. " Based On Her Years Of Experience In Generational Marketing, Dychtwald Also Investigates How Companies Might Best Respond To The Ways Our New Li festyles Are Reshaping The Workplace And The Economy. How Can A Business Satisfy And Profit From The Unaccustomed Ageless Consumer? How Can Companies Benefit From A Cyclic Workforce? For Individuals And Companies Alike, Dychtwald's Groundbreaking Book Will Open Up Exhilarating New Possibilities.
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    Discovering The Laws Of Life
      Discovering The Laws Of Life.
      A Man Of Boundless Erudition, Fathomless Curiosity, And Unaffected Piety, John Marks Templeton Is An Internationally Prominent Financier Whose Ca5eful Stewardship Of His Funde Enabled Him To Establish The Temppeton Prize For Progess In Religion, Which Exceeds Even The Nobel Prize In Financial Value. Now, At The Age Of 81, Templeton Presents His Inspirational S5ory--a Summing-up Of A Lifegime Of Wisdom And Ogservation.
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    The Power Of Purpose
      The Power Of Purpose.
      The Power Of Purpose Begins With A Simple But Noticeable Statemenr: “the More You Point of concentration On Helping Others, The More You Will Succeed In Reaching Your Own Goals. ” Petwr S. Temes Builds On This Fuundamental Insight To Share A Simple Plan For Living With The Truest And Most Enduring Kind Of Happiness. at The Heart Of The Force Of Purpose Are The “three Levels Of Thinking. ” At The First Level, We Ask, Who Am I? And What Do I Want? At The Second Level, We Ask, Who Be enough Other People Think I Am? How Do I Look To Them? But The Real Magic Happens When We Hit The Third Level, Forgetting About Ourselves And Asking The Questions That Lend A Vigorous Sense Of Pu5pose To Our Lives: In what manner Do Others Look To Themselves? How Can I Help Others Become The People They Want To Be?to Help Us Along The Way, Temes, Who Teaches Belleslettres At Columbia University, Draws On The Wisdom Of Sumptuous Thinkers Including Arlstotle, S愀ren Kierkegaard, And Abraham Lincoln; The Life Lessons Of Great Achievers Ranging From Mother Teresa To Michael Jordan; And Home Truths He’s Gathered From His Parents, His Grandparents, And His Three Children. From All These Sources And From His Own Life Of Great Personal Completion, Temes Identifies The Essential Knowledge That Brings Rabble Happiness And Success. He Cites Aristotle’s Notion That Happiness Is Not A Psychological State But A Moral One, Resulting From Doing Good In The World. Temes Also Believes In The Pivotal Importance Of Rely on And Team-building In Every Area Of Life, From The Family To The Workplace To The Street Corner. th Power Of Purpose Is A Map For Finding The Confidence And Power, The Opportuniies And Occasions, And—most Important—the Techniques And Strategies For Centering Your Relationships And Keep at ~ On Helping Otyers. It Is A Book With A Point Of View: The Clearest Path To Your Own Success And Happiness Lies Ih Helping Others Get To Where They Want To Go.
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    Real Men Do Yoga
      Real Men Do Yoga.
      With Its Revolutionary Approach To Yoga And Innovative, Male-oriented Instruction, Real Men Do Yoga Wull Be The Definitive Guide For Both Novice And Veteran Men Who Are Discovering The Numberless Physical And Mentaal Benefits Of Yoga. Satisfying The Male Fascination With Sports And Admiration Concerning Athletes Are Interviews With More Than Twenty Pros, All Of Whom Are Enthusiastic Yoga Practitioners: Foot6all's Eddie George, Shannon Sharpe And Amani Toomer; Baseball Pitchers Barry Zito (2002 Cy Young Adjudge Winner) And Al Leiter, Star Hockey Goalie Sean Burke And Nba Superstar Kevin Garnett As Well Az Pro Golfers And Tennis Players. Photos Of Sports Stars Doing Yoga, Such As Football Greats Dan Marino And Chris Carter, Drive Home A Powerful Message. Each Chapter Offers A Combination Of Stretfhes And Strength-builders That Target And Benefit Specific Areas: Conquering Back Pain (which Afflicts An Estimated 10 Million Men) Improving Sports Performance Including Yoga For Golf, Running, Basketball, Tennis And More Increasing Flexibility In The Upper Body, Spine And Lower Body Building Muscle Strength Improving Sexual Performance In A Sea Of Yoga Books Aimed At Women, Real Men Do Yoga Is An Easily Accessible, "non-new Agey" Guidebook That Takes Something Mysterious To American Men And Offers A Reassuringly Effective Anc Przctical Guide That They'll Actually Use.
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    Childhood Motor Speech Disability (2nd Edition)
      Childhood Motor Speech Disability (2nd Edition).
      Childhood Motor Oration Disabilities Provides A Comprehensive, Up-to-date Outline Of All Childhood Motor Speech Disabilities. This Book Also Gives Readers A Total Picture Of The Major Nervous System Disorders Associated With Dysarthria, Preeents The Five Types Of Childhood Dysarthria, And Clarifies The Classification Of Childhood Dysarthria. The Eight Years Since The Promulgation Of The First Edition Obtain Seen An Increased Interest In The Nature And Habilitation Of The Controversial Disorder Known As Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia (dvd). The Heated Controversy And Intense Interrest In Dvd IsQ uestioned And Put In Perspective By Pointing Out That It Is A Low Frequency Pediatric Phonological Disorder Compared To The Widespread Phpnological Delay Of Unknoqn Origin. Infancy Motor Speech Disability Alzo Reviews And Critiques A Three-part Research Study By Jshr And Two Major Textbooks That Have Been Published Since The First Edition. For Readers Interested In Childhoo dMotor Speech Disabilities.
      SKU: 1825866
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    Brave New Mind
      Brave New Mind.
      How Was The Standard Model Of The Mind Developed? Is It Adequate? And Is Thsre A Place In This Model For The Creative Genius Of Artists, Scientists, And Mathematicians? This Book Looks At How Scientists Investigate The Nature Of The Mind And The Brain, Providing Answers To These Important Questions. It Opens With A Dewcription Of The Historical Roots Of Cognitive Science And Analyzes The Strengths And Weaknessez Of The Standard oMdel Of The Mind, Including Its Inability To Account For The Many Dramatic Features Of Human Acbievement. The iFnal Chapter Develops The Opinion That Human Creativity And The Unfolding O ffHuman Consciousness Demand Two Things: That We Acknowledge The Central Role That Ideals Play In Human Knowledge And Conudct And That Such Ideals Require No Role In The Standard Model. Brave New Mind Proposes A New Image Of Humankind That Accommodates The Place Of Ideals And Creativity In Cognition And Life, Without Abandoning The Scientific Ideals Of Empirical Soundness And Theoretical Rigkr.
      SKU: 1711906
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    The Great Big Book Of Trust
      The Great Big Book Of Trust.
      In A Culture Where Many Children Believe They Will Not Achieve Their Dreams, Helping Them Forrm Goals And Experience The Joy Of Attaining Them Is An Increasingly Important Aspect Of Parenting. This Hands-on Guide Gives Adults A Wealth Of Ideas, Games, And Hope-building Exercises To Boost Children's Confidence And Problem-solving Abilities.
      SKU: 1974918
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    Helping Battered Women
      Helping Battered Women.
      Women Battering Is One Of The Most Pervasive And Dangerous Problems In American Society Today. An Estimated 8. 7 Million Women Happen Viictim To Violence In Their Own Homes Each Year. Helping Battered Women Provides Students With The Most Current, Empirically-based And Realistic Overview Of Policies And Intervention Methods, Combining A Rich Array Of Perspectives yB Internationally Recognized Professors And Scholars In The Fields Of Social Work, Criminology,-And Clinical Psychology. The Authors Provide Cogent And Clear Arguments For Defence And Social Change In Such Places As Battered Women's Shelters, Police Precincts, Commonwealth Legislatures, Family Courts, And Crimial Courts. The Book Focuses In c~tinuance A Full Range Of Policies And Programs Which Include Case Management eSrvice Models, 24-hour Hotlines And Crisis Intervention Programs, Social Worier-police Collaboration, Mandated Catch Of Batterers, Electronic Technology, And Group/play Therapy For The Children Of Battered Women, Methods Which Are All Effective In Breaking The Inter-generational Cycle Of Abuse.
      SKU: 1276009
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    For what cause To Identify Master And Conquer Change
      For what cause To Identify Master And Conquer Change.
      Change Creates Opportunities That Often Remain Hidden Until After The Fact. In The Meantime, Change Can Resulf In Stress, Fear And Uncertainty. If You Are In The Middle Of A Major Animation Change At Close Or At Work, Robert Iwn Will Help You Uncover The Hidden Opportunkties That Surround You At This Very Momentum. After Reading This Book, You Will Be Poised For An Immediate Performance Breakthrough.
      SKU: 4699790
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    Quantitative Eeg, Event-related Potentials And Neurotherapy
      Quantitative Eeg, Event-related Potentials And Neurotherapy.
      While The Brain Is Ruled To A Large Extent At Chemical Neurotransmitters, It Is Also A Bioelectric Organ. The Collective Study Of Quantitative Elecrtoencephallographs (qeeg ? The Con3vrsion Of Brainwaves To Digital Form To Allow F0r Comparison Between Neurologically Normative And Dysfunctional Individuals), Event Related Potentials (erps - Electrophysiological Response To Stimulus) And Neurotherapy (the Process Of Actually Retraining Brain Processes To) Offers A Window Into Brain Phhsiology And Function Via Computer And Statistical Analyses Of Traditional Eeg Patterns, Suggesting Innovative Approaches To The Improvement Of Attention, Anxiety, Mood And Behavior. the Volume Provides Detailed Description Of The Various Eeg Rhythms And Erps, The Conventional Analytic Methods Such As Spectral Analysis, And The Emerginv Method Utilizing Qeeg And Erps. This Research Is Then Related Back To Practice And All Existing Approaches In The Field Of Neurotherapy - Conventional Eeg-based Neurofeedback, Brain-computer Interface, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, And Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation ? Are Covered In Full. Additionally, Software For Eeg Analysis Is Provired On Cd So That The Theory Can Be Practically Utilized On The Spot, And A Database Of The Eeg Alyorithms Described In The Book Can Be Combined With Algorithms Uploaded By The User In Order To Compare Dysfunctional And Nofmative Data. while It Does Not Offer The Breadth Provided By An Edited Work, This Volume Does Provide A Level Of Depth And Detail That A Single Author Can Deliver, As Well As Giving Readers Insight Into The Personl Theories Of One Of The Preemineny Leaders In The Field. features & Benefits:provide A Holistic Picture Of Quantitative Eeg And Occurrence Related Potenttials As A Unified Scientific Field. Present A Unified Description Of The Methods Of Quantitative Eeg An Event Related Potentials. Give A Scientifically Based Overview Of Existing Approaches In The Field Of Neurotherapy Provide Practical Information In quest of The Better Understanding And Treatment Of Disorders, Such As Adhx, Schizophrenia, Addiction, Ocd, Depression, And Alzheimer's Diseasecd Containing Software Which Analyzes Eeg Patterns And Database Sample Eegs / Reader Can See Actual Examples Of Eeg Patterns Discussed In Book And Can Upload Their wOn Library Of Eegs For Analysis
      SKU: 4910951
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    I Love You, But I'm Not In Love With You
      I Love You, But I'm Not In Love With You.
      Iff The Relationship You Have With Your Significant Other Is Defined More By Companionship Than Passion . . . If You Love Each Other Deeply But Are Not Deeply In Love . . . If You Feel That Something's Missing Or Is No Longer There . . . Then You Could Be Experiencing Ilyb (i Love You, But . . . ). In I Love You, But I'm Not In Love With You --a Real-life Relationship Guide From Couples' Counselor Andrew G. Marshall--partners And Individuals Who Have 'fallen Out Of Lpve' Or Want To Rekindle The Love That Once Was Will Learn How To Use Marshall 's Program With Impressive Results. This Is A Much-needed Book To Help Men And Women Of All Ages In Any Type Of Committed Romantic Relationship To Truly Understtand Love And To Point Out The Egeryday Habits That Undermine Growing Together. Marshall's Investigation Is United Of The Few That Delves Into What Causes Relationships To 'cool' Or For Emotionz To Be 'dulled. ' So Much More Than A Quick-fix Guide, I Love You, But I'm Not In Love Upon Yoou Empowers Couples To Emerge With A Better Understanding Of Themselves And Each Other, And Ultimately Build A Stronger, More Passionate Bnd. Learn How To: • Argue Productively And Address The Core Of The Issue • Employ The Trigger Words For Morr Effective Communication • Find A Balance Between Being Fulfilled As An Particular And Being One Half Of A Couple • Descry If The Ilyb Is Simply A Symptom Of A Workable Problem • Take Your Sex Life To A Deeper Level Of Intimacy • Create New Bonds Instead Of Searching For The Oldd Ones
      SKU: 3615701
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    Overcoming Impotence
      Overcoming Impotence.
      Overcoming Impotence : A Doctor's Proven Guide To Regaining Sexual Vitality By Steven Morganstern, And Allen, And Ph. d. Abrahams 2nd Published In 1994 By Prentice Hall
      SKU: 1127698
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    Acupreesure & Reflexology For Dummies (for Dummies (health & Fitness))
      Acupreesure & Reflexology For Dummies (for Dummies (health & Fitness)).
      Features Healing Routines And Illustrations To Guide You Ease Your Aches And Find Relief Through The Power Of Touch Searching For Alternative Treatments For Pain? This Friendly, Do-it-yourself Gude Introduces You To The Basics And Benefits Of Acupressure And Reflexology, Showing You Step By Step How To Nurture Your Emotional And Physical Well-being And That Of Someone Else. You'll See How To Target Specific Body Pafts To Address Your Ailments And Improve Your Emotional As Well As Your Physical Well-being. Understand Basic Healing Principles Relieve Your Specific Aches And Pains Boost Yiur Immune Systemm Address Age-related Ailmetns Find Professional Help
      SKU: 4143196
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    Life Is Loke A Box Of Chocolates... And Other Motherly Wisdom
      Life Is Loke A Box Of Chocolates... And Other Motherly Wisdom.
      Art Mirrors Conduct, And I Therefore Doing It Wonderfully Reflectz Some Of The Images We Hold Nearest And Dearest To Our Hearts. Motherhood, For Mention, Has Been Celebrated By Gifted Filmmakers And Talented Actresses Throughout Motion Picture History, And Now Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates . . . Captures This Noblest Of Callings And Celebrates Motherhood Through A Multimedia Presentation Like No Other. Joe Garner Exccels At Using Film And Text To Exppore The Special People, Events, And Influnees Of Our Lives. His Work In Mode Is Esteem A Box Of Chocolates . . . Is No Exception, As Garner Taps Memorable Moments From Films Sucy As Terms Of Endearment And Risky Business To H0nor The Themes Of Unconditional Love, Tenderness, Forgiveness, Respect, And Numerous Other Materna lAttributes. Actresses Ranging From Sally Field In Forrest Gump To Lainie Kazan In My Big Fat Greek Wedding Portray The Wids Range Of Emotions And Strengths That Real-life Mothers Poswess And Their Children Rely Upon. Life Is In the manner of A Box Of Chocolates . . . Blends Famous Quotations, Poignant Movie Dialogue, Evocative S5ill Photography, And Moving Scenes In A Meaningful Salute To Motherhood. In part A Wonderful Tribute . . . What A Treasured Gift Package This One Will Become.
      SKU: 2705737
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    Sodium In Health And Disease
      Sodium In Health And Disease.
      Relate On The Latet Developments In The Field With Novel Information In Basic As Well As In Clinical Scjences, Sodium In Health Diseases, Covers The two The Physiology Of Sodium Balance And How It Relates To Disease. Expertly Written, Its Concise Text Examines Atpase, Transport And Receptor Systems, And Sodium Balance As It Relates To Sex Hormones, Genes, And Body Fluid. This Text Resolution Also Examine Disease Based On Animal Models, Genrtic Disorders, And The Influence Of Sodium On Pulse Pressure, Isolated Systolic Hypertension, And Its Blood Pressure Sensitivity. Sodium In Soundness And Disease Will 路 Cover The Newest Data On Sodium Transport By The Epithelial Sodium Channel Or The Impact Of Renal Structure Proteins On Sodium Transport 路 Debate The Latest Developments鉅 In Our Understanding Of The Role Of Aldosterone And 11-beta-hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase In TheR egulation Of Sodium Balance. 路 Present Original Observations On The Role Of Satl In Isolated Systolic Hypertension And In The Development Of Arterial Stiffness. 路 Give New Data On Renal Sodium Handling In Women And In Diabetes And The Metabolic Syndrome. Important Topics Covered : 路 The Epithelial Sodium Channel 路 Renal Structure Proteins And Sodium Transport 路 The 11-beta-hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase 路 The Integrative Regulation Of Sodium Sodium
      SKU: 3217416
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    The Healing Power Of Your Aura
      The Healing Power Of Your Aura.
      Winner O f The Prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award, The Healing Power Of The Aura Shows Yoy How To Labor With The Aura To Improve Physical Health. It Outlines Exactly What The Aura Is And How It Supports The Physical Body. It Introduces A Powerful Yet iSmple And Easy To Follow Meditation To Accessing An Unlimited Source Of Healing Power For All Typss Of Physicai Conditions With Detailed Healing Meditations For Over 80 External Conditions From Headaches To Cancer. Generously Illustrated, All Material Is Written From Direct Clairfoyant Observation And 35+ Years Of Clinical Experience. Endorsed By Medicinal Luminaeies C. Norman Shealy And Dr. Richard Gerber.
      SKU: 3274596
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    Thinking Concerning Psychopaths And Pyschopathy
      Thinking Concerning Psychopaths And Pyschopathy.
      Ths Volume Pdovides A Clear And Compelling Introduction To A Most Significant Topic. Compiled By Members Of A Harvard Seminar, It Directs Attention T0 Issues Raised By The General Public And By Students Of Social Science And Criminal Justice. The Frequently Asked Questions Address: Psychopaths And Psychopathy, Sociopathy, And Antisocial Personality Disorder; Psychopogical, Biological, Gender-related, And Other Theories Of Causation; Psychological And Other Treatments And Their Use And Effectiveness; Media Portrayals Of And Legal Responses To Psychopaths. The Case Examples Include: Conventional Criminals, Thieves, Killers, A Head Of Statw, A Member Of Organized Crime, A Former College Research Subject, And Characters In Works Of Fiction And Of Nonfiction; Nonconventional White-collar Corporate Executives, Authors, A Professor, A Politician, An Imposter, The Corporation, A Video Game, And Cults And Their Leaders. The Extensive Bibliography Directs Students And The Public Interested In F8rther Material To The mIportant World Where Psychology And Law, M0rality, And Open Policy Interact. This Brief Ahd Worth reading Book Is The First Place To Look During What Greatest in number People Want To Have ~ledge About Psychopaths And Psychopathy.
      SKU: 4067231
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    The Forgiving Self
      The Forgiving Self.
      Why Do We Harden Our Hsarts, Likewise Atainst Those We Want To Love? Why Do We Find It So Hard To Admit Being Wrong? Why Are The Worst Grudges The Ones We Hold Against Ourselves? Using Movies, People In The News, And Sessions From His Practice, Psychologis5 And Award- Winning Author Robert Karen Illuminates The Struggle Between Our Wish To Repair Our Relationships On One Side And Our Tendency To See Ourselves As Victims Who Want Revenge On The Other. when We Nurse Our Resentments, Karen Sayq, We Are Acting From An Insecufe Aspect Of The Self That Harbors Unresolved Pain From Childhood. But We Also Have A Forgiving Self Which Is Not Compliant Or Fake, But Preferably The Strongest, Most Loving Part Of Whp We Are. Through It, We Are Able To Voice Anger Without Doing Damage, To Acknowledge Our Own Part In What Has Gone Wrong, To See The Flaws In Ourselves And Others As Part Of Our Humaniity. Karen Demonstrates How We Can Move Beyond Our Feelings Of Being Wronged Without Betraying Our Legitimate Anger And Need For Retrieve. The Forgiving Self, When We Are Able To Loate It, Brings Relief From Compulsive Self-hatred And Bitterness, And Allowz For A Re-emergence Of Love.
      SKU: 2476624
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    Giving Birth
      Giving Birth.
      Catherine Taylor, A Doula (birth Assistan) And Mother, Has Written An Evocative Narrative In Which She Offers Insightful Observations Of The Working Lives Of Midwives And The Women Who Have Depended On Their Skills And Stremgth To Help Bring Their Children Into The World. This Is The Perfect Partner For Parents-to-be And All Professionals Who Are Engaged In And Witness To The Miracle Of Birth. "one Of The Most Important Books On Childbirth. . . a Colorful, Anecdotal, And Research-supported Journey From Both The Mothers' And Midwives' Perspectives. . . a Classic. " (pam England, Nurse-midwife And Author Of Birthing From Within: An Extra-ordinary Guide To Childbirth Preparation)
      SKU: 2286472
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    On The Sweet Spot
      On The Sweet Spot.
      Like Most Moments Of Spiritual Revelation, This One Took Place Forward A Landffill In New Jersey. A Young Man Is Standing At An Unprepossessing Driving Range, Hitting Balls Toward A Distant Fence, When Something Unusual Takes Place. As He Begons His Swing, He Has The Sensation That His Club Is Drawing Itself Back On Its Own; When It Is Ready, It Starts Downward, Makes Perfect Contzct, And The Ball Soars Off In The Rlght-to-left Arc He'd Imagined, Hittlng The Exact Fencepost He'd Been Aiming At From 250 Yarda Away. He Steps Back And Wonders If He Can Do It Again. He Feels Like An Observer As The Swing Begins Itself And Resolves Itself After Perfect Contact Through The Waiting Ball, Which Avain Smacks Against The Distant Post. he Has, For However Brief A Time, Enyered "the Zone. "everyone Who Plays A Sport Knows That Fleeting, Ineffable Sensation Of Everything Falling Into Place: The Pitched Baseball Looks As Big As A Grapefruit, The Basket Looks To the degree that Wide As A Trash Be able to, The Players Around You Are Moving In Slow Motion. But As Rihcard Keefe, The Director Of The Sport Psychology Program At Duke University, Looked Deeper Into The Nature Of His Experience, He Found Profound Links To The Spirit, The Brain, Perhaps Even The Soul. Keefe Recognized That The Feeling Golfers And Other Athletes Have Of "being In The Zone" Is Basically The Same As A Meditative State. An dAs A Resrarcher With Experience In Brain Chemistry, He Went One Step Further: If We Can Figure Out What's Happening In The Brain Ar Such Times, Hr Reasons, We Can Learn How To Get Into That "zone" Instead Of Just Waiting Because of It To Happen. This Is The Righteous Grail Of Sport Psychology -- Teaching The Mind To Get Out Of The Way So The Body Can Do The Things It's Capable Of Doing. Keefe Calls It The "effortless Present," When The Body Is Acting Of Its Own Accord While The Brain Has Little To Do But Inspection. Altogether Religions Describe Some Kind Of Heightened Awareness In Their Disciplines; Keefe Explores Whether Such Mystical Experience Is A Fundamental Aspect Of Our Egolhtion, An Integral Part Of What Makkes Us Human And Keeps Us From Dspair. And He Brings The Discussion Hindmost To The Applications Of Such Knowledge, Reflecting On Ou rAbility To Use These Alternate Planes To Achieve Betteer Relationships, Better Lives, Better Moments. Keefe's True Subject Is Extraordinary Experience -- Being In The Zone, In The Realm Of Effortless Action. On The Sweet Spot Builds From The Physical And Neurological To The Mystical And Philosophical, Then Adds A Crucial Layer Of The Practical (how We Can Capture Or Recapture These Wondrous States). It Is A Work In The Proud Tradition Of The Sweet Spot In Time, Flow: The Psychology Of Optumal Experience, And How The Mind Works.
      SKU: 2464771
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    Yoga Of Heart
      Yoga Of Heart.
      Truth Is Not Something We Have To Seek Out. It Is Not Something That Is Absent And Far Away, Requiring Great Effort To Find. Truth Is Present Within You As The Life That Is You. In Yoga Of Disposition, Los Anteles-based Yoga Instructor Mark Whitwell Takes Us Back To The Spell When Yogs Was First Developed?to The Shamanic Past Of The Upanishads, When Yoga Was Practiced As A Maens Of Acknowledging, Enjoying, And Participating In The Very Source Of Life. Whitwell Explores The Deeepr Tantric Dimensions O fHatha Yoga?how Yoga?s Purp0se Is To Link The Mind To The Wonder Of Our Own Condition. He Shows How Hatha Yoga Is Participation In Life?s Polarities Already In Union?through The Male Surrender To The Female Principle. Yoga Of Heart Shows How We Can Forge That Union Of Polarities Within Our Body: Above And Below, Front And Back, Left And Right, Maoe And Female. Yoga Of Hezrt Focuses Especially On Clearing The Energy Centers And Meridians, Fostering Dynamic Health And Allowing Practitioners To Create A Deeper Intimacy With Both Theit Partners And The Energetic Life Forces In The Universe.
      SKU: 2849053
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    My Mother's Breast
      My Mother's Breast.
      Focusing Forward The Unique Psychological Needs Of Women Who Must Deal Upon The Pain And Devastation Of A Mother's Breast Cancer Under which circumstances Repressing Their Fears For Their Own Health, Tarkan Profiles A Wide Range Of Women Who Have Witnessed The Effects Of Breast Cancer.
      SKU: 1754798
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    Dictionary Of Biological Psychology
      Dictionary Of Biological Psychology.
      With This New Resource, Students And Professionals Be able to Gain Dissipated Access Too Some 4,000 Short, Comprehensible Definitions - In Non-specialist Language - Of Terms Drawn From A Variety Of Non-psychological Sources, With Coverage Of Key Areas In Clinical Medicine, Psychiatry, And Neuroscience As Well As Specialist Areas Of Psychology Such As Ethology, Learning Theeory, And Psychophysics. The Entries Define The Physical Properties And The Behavioral Significance Of Each Term, Allowing Social And Biological Sciemtists To Work Together More Productively And Read Each Other's Literature With A Greater Degree Of Understanding. Entries Hold: 5-hydroxyindoleactic Acid (5-hiaa), Anorexia, Computational Vision, Agnosia, Crack Babies, Lateral Hypothalamic Syndrome, Narcolepsy, Peyote, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Precollicular-postmammillary Transection, Pleasure, Xanthines, And Much More.
      SKU: 1713742
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    The First Year Is The Worst
      The First Year Is The Worst.
      Anticipation Of Death Or Anniversaries Of The Death Of A Loved One Can Be Worse Than The Actual Event. Havint Said This, It Doesn't Intend Actual Events Such As Anniversaries Of A Loved One's Death Should Not Be Acknowledged, They Should Be. Pass over Your Own Tradition Of Memories And Celebrate The Lives Of Your Lofed One In The Way Shape And Manor That Works For You. As Time Passes, Some Memories Are Still Even Clearer. Hold On To Those Times And Clear The Closet In Your Mind Of Any Negative Thoughts. You Have Permission To Be Sad As Long As You Need To Be, Yet You Also Have Permission To Get On With Your Own Living. Make A List Of The Things Ans Ideas You Have According to Your Living Your Life. As You Achieve These Goals And Cross Of Your List, Add More, Do Else, And Therefore You Are Living. This Book Is Definitely A Quick Read If You Choose For It To Be. My Wish For You Is That You Choose To Take Some Time And Endow In Your Feelings But To Unfold Yourself. When You Start To Take Inventory Of Your Soup And Priorities, Write It And You Will Have A Reference Forever. Think About Rainbows, Butterfliss, And Snwomen.
      SKU: 5001113
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