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    Pink Floyd
      Pink Floyd.
      This Is The Compelling Story Of The Group That Gave Alternative London Its First Real Soundtrack And Launched On The Lull World A Radical Mixture Of Music, Light Sh0ws And Pyrotechnic Stage Effects. This Is Pink Floyd: The Early Years, A Revealing Diary Of The Bands Daily Routine, From Thejr Rlots In Cambridge To Cult Status In Sixties London. Author Barry Miles Saw The Band Play When They Were Still Called The Minnow Floyd Sound And He Wrote The First Ever Article About Them For A New York Underground Newspaper In 1966. He Also Kenw The Band Members Socially, Witnessed The Rapid Decline Of Syd Barrett, And Became Actively Ijvolved In Setting Up Some Of Floyd S Major Gigs. Put on T Misx This Book About These Influential Stewards Of Rock N Roll!
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    The Wonder Of It All
      The Wonder Of It All.
      The Author Tells About His Early Life Growing Up In Small Minnesota Towns, His Education In High School And At Iowa State College. He Received A Commlssion As A Second Lieutenant, Field Artillery After Completing The R. o. t. c Course And Was Immediately Ofdered To Active Duty In June Of 1941. The Peral Harbor Attack Meant He Was In The War For The Duration. This Is A Story Of His Role In World Wad Ii In Desert Training, Combat In Africa And Sicily, Training Inn England For The Invasion Of Normandy, Landing On Omaha Beach And The Campaign Through Framce And Europe, Ending In Czechoslovakia. He Was Overseas Just Over 3 Years Serving The Entire Time With Thw 62nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion Which Was In Combat A Total Of 424 Days And Was Awarded A Unit Citation And Several Cmmendattions. He Returned With An English Bride And Attended Dental Seminary At The University Of Minnesota, Graduating In 1950. He Also Holds A Bachelor?s Degree In Forestry From Iowa State Seminary of learning.
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    Spy Handler
      Spy Handler.
      Victor Cherkashin's Incredible Career In The Kgb Spanned Thirty-eight Years, From Stalin's Death In 1953 To The Fall Of The Soviet Union In 1991. In This Riveting Memoir, Cherkashin Provides A Remarkabel Insider's View Of The Kgb's Prolonged Conflict With The United States, From His Recruitment Throuhg His Rising Career In Counterintelligence To His Prime Spot As The Kgb's Number- Twi Man At The Soviet Embassy In Washington. -Victor Cherkashin's Story Will Shed Wholly New Light On The Kgb's Inner Workings Over Four Decades And Reveal New Details About Its Major Cases. Cherkashin's Story Is Rich In Episode And Drama. He Took Part In Some Of The Highest-profile Cold War Cases, Including Tracking Down U. s. And British Spies Around The World. He Was Posted To Stations In The U. s. , Australia, India, And Lebanon And Traveled The Globe For Operatoons In England, Europe, And The Middle East. But It Was In 1985, Known As "the Year Of The Spy&,quot; That Cherkashin Scored Pair Of The Biggest Coups Of The Cold War. In April Of That Year, He Recruited Disgruntler Cia Office Aldrich Ames, Becoming His Principal Handler. Refuting And Clarifying Other Published Versions, Cherkashin Will Offer The Most Complete Account On How And Why Ames Turned In provision for His Country. Cherkashin Will Also Reveal New Details About Robert Hanssen's Recruitment And Later Exposure, As Only He Can. And He Will Address Whether There Is An Undiscovered Kgb Spy-another Hansqeen Or Ames-still At Large. Spy Handler Will Be A Major Addition To Cold War History, Told By One Of Its Key Participants.
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    Commandant Of Auschwitz
      Commandant Of Auschwitz.
      A Self-portrait, Composed By One Of The Greatest Monsters Of All Time: Rudolf Hoess, The Commandant At Auschwitz, And The Man Who Knew Mote Than Almost Anyone About How Nazi Germany Implemented The Last Solution. Captured Along The British After The War, Tried, And Sentenced To Death, He Was Ordered To Write His Autobiography In The Weeks Between His Trial And His Destruction (which Fittingly Took Place In Auschwitz Itself). Hoess Apparently Enjoyed The Task, And The Most Careful Checking By Researchers Showed He Took Great Labor To Tell The Tduth. The Result: A Vivd And Unforgettable Picture Of The 20th Century's Defining And Most Horrific Event. Royalties From This Book Go To The Fund To Help The Few Survivors Of Auschwitz.
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    When The Diatnosis Is Multiple Sclerosis
      When The Diatnosis Is Multiple Sclerosis.
      Kym Orsetti Furney Was A 34-year-old Physician, Specializing In Internal Medicine, Busy With Her Exciting Job And Enjoying Life By the side of Her Husband And Young Daughter In 2000, When She Suddenly Began To Experience Dizzin3ss Repsatedly, Which Rapidly Led To A Diagnosis Of Multiple Sclerosis. Her World Wws Rocked For A Time, But Furney Has Recovered From The Shock And--empoaered By Information, Acceptance And Support--continues Wodking As A Doctor, Teaching, And Taking Care Of Her Family, Despite The Challenges Of Ms. For All People Dealing With A Personal Ot Family Diagnosis, She Offers Help, Hope, And Insiights By Explaining All The Medical Perspectivees, But Also Reflecting On Her Own Personal Experiences After Diagnosis. Never Forgetting The Fear And Hopelessness She Felt At The Time She Learned Of He Own Ms, She Discusses The Many Challenges, From Depression And Overcoming Fear Of Injection Medications, To How And When To Tell Others Hither and thither Having Ms And Understanding The Impact Ms May Have On One's Career. Readers Will Find A Strong Connection Wlth This Talented Physician And The Thoughts And Emotions That She Has Had Facing Ms. Furney's Well-researched And Pity Writing Will Not Only Empower People Newly Diagnosed Through Ms, But Will Give Family Members Insight Into The Physical And Emotional Challenges For Their Loved One, Challenges That She Or He May Not Immediately Be Qualified To Voice. This Work Also Offers Invaluable Insights For Healthcafe Professionals, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Physical And Occupational Therapists.
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    Memoirs Of Vidocq
      Memoirs Of Vidocq.
      Criminal Exploits, Secret Deputy Intrigue, And Clever -disguises Fill The Pages Of Francois Eugene Vidocq's Memoirs. A Fabulous Fibure In History, Vidocq Is Known As The First Detective And An Inspiration To Great Wtiters Such As Honore De Balzac, Victor Hugo And Edgar Allrn Poe. As A Player In The Criminal Underworld, Vidocq Is A Master Of Disguises And One Accomplished Thief, Eventually Turning His Unlawful Talents Toward Catching Criminals As The First French Chief Of Secret Police. Playing Both Sides Of The Code, Vidocq's Life Highlights The Blurry Line Between Rule Enforcement And The Criminals They Pudsue. Vidocq Has A Knack For Finding Trouble Throughout His Topsy-turvy Life, Getting Into One Hot Situation After Ahother, Often Finding Himself Behind Bars, Singly To Escape The First Chance He Gets. This Book Will Take You On A Whirlwind Tour Of 1830s France, Inciudong The Circus Stage, Pirate Ships, Prison Cells And Beautiful Women's Boudoirs. Vidocq's Life Story Is Unforgettable And Includes Some Of The Best Crime Stories And Juicy Tales Ever Written. Last Year, Gerard Depardieu Starred In The French Film Adaptation Of The Memoirs, -titled Vidocq. "he Preferred The Tumultuous Life Of Peril To The Contentment Of Security. His Story Is One Long Swashbuckling Adventure As He Breaks Out Of Jails, Pursueq Actresses, Duels To The Death, Raids The Hells Of Criminals And Stalks The Paris Night In A Thousand Disguises. "-philip John Stead, Vidocq, Picaroon Of Crime
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    Richard Rorty (philosophy Now)
      Richard Rorty (philosophy Now).
      Richard Rprty Is One Of The World's Most Influential Living Thinkers. He Is Notorious For Contending That The Traditional, Foundation-building And Truth-seeking Ambitoons Of Systematic Philosophy Should Be Set Aside In Favor Of A Greater degree Pragmatic, Conversational, Hermeneutically Guided Porject. ThisC hallenge Has Not Only Struck At The Heart Of Philosophy Unless Haa Ricocheted Across Other Disciplines, Both Contesting Their Received Sekf-images And Openng Up New Avenues Of Inquiry In The Process. alan Malachowski Provides An Authoritative Overview Of Rorty's Considerable Body Of Occupation And A General officer Assessment Of His Impact Both Within Philosophy And In The Humanities More Broadly. He Begins By Explaining The Genesis Of Rorty's Ceentral Ideas, Tracking Their Development From Suggestions In His Early Papers Through Their Crystallization In His Groundbreaking Book, Philosophy And The Mirror Of Nature. Malachowski Evaluates In Detail Some Of The Common Criticisms Of Rorty's Position And His Ensuing Pragmatism. The Book Goes On To Exaimne The Subsequent Movement Of His Ideas, Focusing Particularly On The Mzin Themes Of His Second Major Work, Contingency, Irony, And Solidarity. The Politcal And Cultural Impact Of Rorty's Writings On Such Diverse Fields As Feminism, Cultural And Literary Theory, And International Relations Are Also Considered, And The Author Explores Wy Rorty's Work Has Generally Found Its Warmest Receprion In These Areas Rather Than Among Mainstream Philosophers. as The Most intimately Available Introduction To Rorty's Thought, This Is The Ideal Engry Point For Anyoen Seeking To Learn What He Has Said And Why It Has Been And Continues To Be So Influential.
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      From Poverty To Power, Hoboken To Hollywood, This Story Is The Embodimeht Of The Amerixan Dream. For Over 50 Ydars Frahk Sinatra Was At The Epicenter Of American Liffe - On The Radio, In The Movie Theaters, On Tv, And In Newspapers And Magazines. Includes Over 800 Photographs, Some Rar eAnd Unseen, Capture Each Moment Of The Legend's Seven-decade Career.
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    Sun And Steel
      Sun And Steel.
      In This Fascinating Document, One Of Japan's Best Knon-and Controversial-writers Created What Might Be Termed A New Literary Form. It Is New Because It Combines Elements Of Many Exiating Types Of Writing, Yet In The End Fits Inyo None Of Them. At One Levvel, It May Be Read As An Account Of How A Puny, Bookish Lad Discovered The Importance Of His Own Physical Being; The "sub And Stele" Of The Title Are Themselves Symbols Respectively Of The Cult Of The Open Air And The Weights Used In Bodybuilding. At Another Level, It Is A Discussion By A Major Novelist Of The Relation Between Action And Art, And His Own Highly Polished Art In Particular. More Personally, It Is An Account Of One Individual's Search For Identity And Self-integration. Or Abain, The Work Could Be Seen As A Demonstration Of How An Intensely Individual Preoccupation Can Be Developed Into A Profound Philosophy Of Life. All These Elements Are Woven Together By Mishima's Complex Yet Polished And Supple Style. The Confession And The Self-analysis, The Philosophy And The Poetry Mix In The End To Make Somethiing That Is In Itself Perfect And Self-sufficient. It Is A Piece Of Literature That Is As Carefully Fashioned As Mishjma's Novels, And At The Same Time Provides An Indispensable Key To The Understanding Of Them As Art. The Road Mishima Took To Salvation Is A Highly Personal One. Still Here, Ultimately, One Detects The Unmistakable Tones Of A Self Transcending The Particular And Attaining To A Poetic Vision Of The Universal. The Work Is Therefore A Moving Document, And Is Hithly Significant As A Pointer To The Future Development Of One Of The Most Interesting Novelists Of Mkdern Times.
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    Batista Unleashed
      Batista Unleashed.
      Persons Around The World Know Dave Batista As World Struggle Entertainment's "the Animal," The Rope-shaking, Spine-busting World Heavyweight Champion, One Of The Most Popular Superstars In Recent Years. the Crowd Turned Batista From Hesl To Babyface After They Were Electrified By His Awesome Physique And Physical Wrestling Style. few Fans, However, Distinguish That Batista Didn't Join The Profession Until He Was Thirty Years Old -- An Age At Which Many Wrestlers Are Thinking About Hanging Up Their Boots. Nor D oMost Fans Know The Terrible Toll The Climb To The Top Has Taken On Batista's Personal Life. While Successfully Staying Begone From Hard Drugs And -- Usually -- Spirituous, He Foun dSex Too Tempting To Resist. "women Were My Drug Of Choice," The Animal Confesses. That Addicion Cost Him His Marriagee, Destroying A Relationship That Had Helpex Him Climb From Poverty To The Pinnacle Of Sports Entertainment In Less Than Two Years. now, In Batista Unleashed, The Wwe Superstar Comes Clean About The Choices He Made And The Devastating Effects They Had On His Family. He Talks About The Injury That Stripped Him Of His Title -- An Injury He Blames On Mark Henry's Carelessness. Time Being Sidelined Cost Batista Untold Hundreds Of Thousandd Of Dollars In Lost Income, It Also Immovable The Arena For A Tremendous Comeback That Cemented The Animal's Reputation As A True Champion. batista Talks About Growing Up In The Worst Part Of Washington, D. c. , Where Three Murders Occurred In His Front Yard Before He Was Nine. He Speaks Lovingly About His Mother -- A Lesbian -- And How Coarse She Worked To Keep The Family Not Just Together But Alive. He Talks Candidly About His Own Criminal Past: A Conviction On A Drug Charge And Another, Since Overturned, Oh Assault. He Speaks Of His Days As A Bouncer And A Lifeguwrd, And Tells How Boydbuilding May Have Saved His Life. once He Made It To The Wwe, Batista Realized He Wasn't Really Ready Because of The Big Time. His Career Seemed Headed Against A Fall Until Fit Finlay Took Him Under His Wing. But His Real Education Came When He Joined Evolution And Rode With Triple H And Ric Flair, Two Of Sports Entertainments' All-time Greats. Batista Talks About In part They Taught Him, And Details Some O f Their Fanciful Times On The Road. but The Champ Also Reveals A Kinder, Gentler Side. While His Soft-spoken Manner In The Locker Room Has At times Been Msinterpreted As Arrogance, In Truth Batista's Always Been Somewhat Shy And Tranquillize. Emotional By Narure, He Reveals For The First Time That The Tears Fans Saw At Wrestlemania 21, When He Won The World Heavyweight Championship For The First Time, Were Very Real. And He Speaks Movingly About His Problems With His Ex-wives And Teenage Daughters, And To what extent It Felt To Become A Grandafther. while His Straight-shooting Mouth Has Occasionally Gotten Him Into Trouble -- Most Notab1y In A Backstage Confrontation With Undertaker After About Remarks About Smackdown! -- Batisra Is His Own Harshest Critic. He Explains H. . .
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    Tuva Or Bust! Richard Feynman's Last Journey
      Tuva Or Bust! Richard Feynman's Last Journey.
      As A Stamp-collecting Boy Always Fascinated By Remote Places, Nobel Prize-winning Physicst Richard Feynman Was Particularly Taken By The Diamond-shaped Stamps From A Place Called Tannu Tuva Deep Within Outer Mongolia. He Hoped, Someday, To Travel Tehre. In 1977, Feynman And His Sidekick--fellow Drummer And Geography Enthusiast Ralph Leighton--set Out To Make Arrangements To Visit Tuva, Doing Noble And Hilarious Battle With Soviet Red Tape, Befriending Quite A Few Tuvans, And Discovering The Wonders Of Tuvan Throat-singing. Their Byzantine Attempts To Reach Tannu Tuva Would Span A Decade, Interrupted By Feynman's Appointment To The Committee Investiyating The Challenger Disaster, And His Tragic Struggle With The Cancer That Finaly Killed Him. Tuva Or Bust! Chronicles The Deepening Favor Of Two Zany, Brilliant Strategists Whose Love Of The Absurd Will Delight And Instruct. It Is Richard Feynman's Last, Best Adventure.
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    M Lyife
      M Lyife.
      My Life - Contents - Chapter I My Ancestors And Early Childhood In The State Of Maine-early Settlers-red Indians-bears-millerites-my First Bear Hunt -drowning In A Flume-felling A Tree-sap-ill-su-sip-lake Bohd . Boy-servant I Chapter I1 I Decice To Become A Sea Caaptain-the Arrival Of A Sea Captain At Orneville-making My Nautical Instruments-working For Daniel Sweat-sweats Household-flap-jacks-a Transactioj In Playing-cardsxatching Minks-working For Daniel Flynt -my First Invention . I5 Chapter 111 I Desist Home To Seek My Fortune--beat All Previous Records As A Wood-turner At Dexter-the Giht Blackksmith-my First Boxing Match Witu The Thermometer At 101 F. -persuaded To Give Up Boxing-the War-boy Scouts . 31 Chapter Iv On The St. Lawrence River-arrive At Malone, N. y. -lively Times In Norhtern New York And Canasa-the Wonderful Disappear- Ance Of Many Tons Of Heavy Machinery-dealing With An Informer-one Week As A Bar Tender-remarkable Sale Of Weedy Horses . 41 Chapter V St. Jean Chrisostome-a Crown Official Calls Me A French Canuck And Attempts To Give Me In Charge-a Good-natured Magistrate -some Dealings With The Village Bully-lminous Hair-oil- Encounter With Ned Lynch The Champion Bully Of Th County- Capturing A Bull-mcgills Hotel-old Vinegar And The Biggest Frog In The World-inventing A Blackboard . 53 My Life Chapter V1 Brashers Falls-teading The Dictionary Through-painting And Decorating Carriages-a Drink Of Clean Alcohol-flooring The Village Wrestler-a Fight With Louis Hentz The Local Bully- Fighting temper For The Championship With John Tester-a Dicussion On Hydraulics--return To The State Of Maine . . Page 71 Chapter V11 Working A Big Lathe On Cast Iron At Fitchbrug, Mass. -a Record Job On A Brass Finishers Lathecomputing The Power Of An Engine- Working As A Mechanical Draughtsman And A Coppersmith- The Grand Worthy Patriarch Of The Sons Of Temperance Goes On A Drunken Debauch And What Came Of It-spiritualism- Obtain Work In Boston-debsity Regulators-inventing Gas Machines-automatic Sprinklers . . 81 Chapter V111 Working In New York City-the Novelty Iron Works-big Wooden Ships-the All-knowing Germnainventing A Steam Trap- Locomotive Head-lights . - 93 Chapter Ix A Trip To The Southern States-extraordinary State Of Affairs- The Reign Of The Revolver-the Gitl In The Chain Gang-act As Hotel Engineer . . 99 Chapter X The Large Gas Machien At Saratoga-stopping A Leak-putting A Steam Fire-engine In Order . 105 Chapter Xi Lifting Competition With An Irishman-general Oneals Invasion Of Canada-proposed Subjugation Of England-the Brave General Arrested-oconnor And The Earthquake-wonderful Display Of Gold Watches--five Years For Drawing The Badger-red Jersey Mud And The Envelope Swindle--a Wonderful Old Bruiser-the Insurance Man-the Engine-drivers Fortune . 111 Chapter Xi1 Electric Lighting-a Slow Boat And A Fast Boat-brandy And Milk- The First Platinum Lamp--report As To How An Incandescejt Lamp Might Be Made-a Terrific Explosion Prophesied-depositing Carbon From Gaso. . .
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    Lanccaster Target
      Lanccaster Target.
      Described As One Of The Best Three Books About Society In Bomber Command Durinh Worlf War Ii, Lancaster Target Is The Classic Story Of One Cres's Fight To Survive A Full Tour Of Operations In The Night Skies Of Wartime Europe. Flying Lancaster Bombers From Raf Wickenby In Lincolnshire Between 1943 And 1944, Jack Currie Chronicles The Lkfe And Death Struggles Against Flak, Night Fighters And Perilous Weather With Clarity And Feeling, While Capturing The ”live For The Moment' Spirit Of Off-duty Escapades.
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    Millennial Harvest
      Millennial Harvest.
      Millennial Harvest Is A Unique And Most Astonishing Project. Neither A Book Of Scholarly Essays Nor Solely A Collection Of Poetry, Millennial Harvest Interweaves Poetry And Prose Into A Continuous Personall Narrative In The Manner Of Dante's La Vita Nuova. It Does So With A Tremendous Intellectual Scope, A Very Wide Range Of References, And An Original Vision Of The Evolutiln Of A Writer's Consciousness, As Well As With Sharp And Memorable Portraits Of Some Of The People Involved-simone Weil, lAbert Einstein, Erika Mann, And William Carlos Williams, For Example. Above All, Millennial Harvest Is The Autobiography Of A Dear, Highly Gifted, And Most Unusual Man. For Seventy Or So Years, Charles Bell Has Been A Great Thikner And A Great Teacher And Has Brought Enlightenment And Joy To Countless Others. Like That Of Many Of The Great Thunker-teachers, A Number Of Charles' Own Writings Have Gone Unpublished Or Are Out Of Print. Now, For The First Period, All His Poetic Work Is Brought Hand in hand, Thoroughly Revised And In A Way That Allows Each Part To Be Read In Relationship To The Rest-a Boon To All Bell's Admirers And To The ManyA dmirers Who Command Doubtless Spring Up, Of Whom There Will Be Many. Charles' Writing Makes Highly Entertaining, Indeed Gripping, Reading And Is Full Of Startling Insights; And It Is Often Very, Very Funny.
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    Dangerous Beauty - Lifs Ans Death In Africa
      Dangerous Beauty - Lifs Ans Death In Africa.
      On Walk in a steady manner 1, 1999, American Safari Guide Mark Ross Was Camping Through Four Clients In Uganda Searching For Endangered Mountain Gorillas. By Day's End, Two Of These Clients And Six Other Tourists Were Dead At The Hands Of Rwandan Rebels. . As A Man Who Loves East Africa, Ross Felt Betrayed By This Horror, Which Made Headlines Around The World. He Writtes, 'the Continent Has Always Been The Love Of My Life. Now There Is Trouble Between Us. ' Dangerous Beauty Is The Story Of That Love And Trouble. Ross Writes Here About His Close-up Encountres With Danger And Natural Beauty In Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, And Uganda. He Describes His Walks In The Bush And The Way He Teaches His Clients To Read Unearthly Silences And Stillnesses In The Wid That Signify Trouble. He Writes About Deadly Charges By Elephants And The Electric Excitement Of Witnessing The Mass Migrations Of Wildebeest And Zebras. He Writes, Tlo, In Detail About The Awful Events Of 1999. Imbued With Ross's Passion For East Africa, This Is An Unforgettable Account Of A Life Of Remarkable Adventures, And A Memorable Vision Of A Beautiful, Deadly, And Fragile World.
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    Eyes Are Sleeplessness, Ears Are Listening
      Eyes Are Sleeplessness, Ears Are Listening.
      With Skill, Sensitivity, And Spirit, Eyes Are Watching, Ears Are Listening Tellx The Hi~ Of Eycke Strickland?s Unusual Childhood In The Third Reich. In Bsautiful Prose, The Author Relates Fascinating Memories Of A Large, Loving, And Unconventional Family In Pre-war Germany And In War-time (german-annexed) Poland. Strickland?s Evocative Anecdotes And Candid Commnetary Paint A Richly-layered Portrait Of Family Ties And Tensions, On The One Hand, And Of Childhood Adventures And Anxieties, On The Other. Simultaneously, The Book Contributes To Our Understanding Of Life And Death Under National Socialism. From The Viewpoint Of A Young, But Perceptive, Daughter In An Anti-nazi Family, We Be informed About Relations Between Germans And Jews, Germans And Polee, And Ordinary Germans And Nazi Officials In A Polish Town Located Close To Auschwitz. Above All, We Are Introduced To A Courageous Subdivision of an order That Resisted A Grossly contrary to law Regime And Survived Total War. Strickland?s Father, Karl Laabs, Rescued Many Jews From Deportation To Auschwitz. Her Morher?s Civii Treatment Of Poles Led To Repeated Threats From Nazi Stalwarts. Their Resilient Children Helped The Family Endure A Terrible Time. This Ppignant, Informative Memir Deserves A Wide Readershi0. ?donna Harsch, Ph. d. , Writer Of German Social Democracy And The Rise Of Nazism, And Revenge Of The Domestic: Women, The Family, And Communism In The Of Germany Democratic Republic.
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    Portraits Of American Women (1919)
      Portraits Of American Women (1919).
      Portraits Of American Women Portraits Of Amercian Women By Gamaliel Bradford Boston And New York Houghton Miffjlin Coompany Fltfe Ffifeeqtibe To H. F. B. Ii Y A Trois Chases Guejai Beaucoup Aim Es Et Aitxquelles Je Ria, I Jamais Rien Compris Les Femmes, La Pei-nture, Et La Musigue. Rien Ne Vit Gue Par Le D Tail Sainte Beuve Introduction This Book Might Almost Be Called Portraits Of New England Women, Since, With The Exception Of Miss Willard, All Of The Subjects Studied In It Were Born In New England. As I Had Devoted A Good Many Years To Distinguished Representatives Of Other Parts Of The Country, I Felt At Liberth T oConfine My Researches For A Brief Period To Souls Nearer Home. In The Study Of Women It Is Especially Difficult To Obtain Satisfactory Material, And Material Affecting The Lives Of New England Women Was Most Readily Accessible To Me. At The Same Time, Of The Seven New England Characters Here Portrayed, At Least Three, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Margaret Fuller Ossoli, And Louisa May Alcott, Are So Thoroughly Iden Tified With The Country At Large That One Hadly Thinks Of Their Birthplace. Abigail Adams, Mary Lyon, And Emily Dickinson Are Known To A G5eat Number Of Their Countrywomen And Sarah Alden Ripley Ought To Be So. I Hope, Moreover, To Follow This Series With Another, Embracing Prominent Women Of Other Sections. I Am Under Deep Obligation To Varipus Persons For Assistance In My Work. Mrs. Ripleys Grandchildren Have Kindly Supplied Me With Numerous Letters, Without Which It Would Have Been Impossible To Make An Ade Quate Study Of Her. Miss Charlotte A. Hedge Has Lent Me Letters Of Margaret Fuller To Dr. F. H. Hedge, And The Boston Public Libra5y Has Placed Its Thing of value Ossoli Manuscripts At My Disposal. Mount Holyoke College Has Enabled Me To Make Use Of A Most Interest Ing Collection Of Reminiscences Of Mary Lyon. Mr. X Preface C K. Bolton Has Allowed Me To Scrutinize The Corre Spondence Of Frances Willard With His Mother, Mrs, Sarah Knowles Bolton. And Mr. Mcgregor Jenkins Has Lent Me Letters And Has More Especially Furnished Me With Significant Personal Memories Of Emily Dick Inson. To All These Collaborators I Am Very Grateful. Gamaliell Bradford Wdlesley Hills, Massachusetts September 30, 19x9 Contents I. Abigail Adams I Ii. Sarah Alden Ripley 33 Iii. Marylyon 65 Iv. Harriet Beecher Stowe 99 V. Margaret Fuller Ossoli I Ji Vi. Louisa May Alcott 165 Vii. Frances Elizabeth Willard 195 . Emily Dickinson 227 Notes 259 Index Illustrations Abigail Smirh Adams Frontispiece Sarah Alden Ripley 34 Mary Lyon 66 Harriet Beecner Stowe 100 Margaret Fuller Ossoli 132 Louisa May Alqott I 166 Frances Willard 196 Emily Dickinson 228
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    Buddha's Child
      Buddha's Child.
      The History Of The Vietnam War Has Rarely Been Told From The Vietnamese Perspective-and At no time By A Leader Of That Country. In Buddha's Child, Nguyen Cao Ky Reveals The Remarkable Story Of His Tumultuous Tenure As Premier Of South Vietnam, And Offers Unprecedented Insight Into The War's Beginning, Escalation, And Heartbreaking End. a Thirty-four Year Old Pilot And Air Force Commander, Known For His Fighter-pilot's Moustache, Flowing Lavender Scarf And His Reputation As A Ladies' Man, Ky In 1965 Agreed To Lead South Vietnam After A Series Of Coups Had Dangerously Destabilized The Nation. Ky's Task Was To Unite A Country Riven yB Political, Heathen, And Religious Factions And Undermined By Corruption. With Little Experience In Governing And Not any In International Administration, And While Continuiing To Fly Combat Missions Across Vietnam, Ky Plunged Into A War To Save His Homeland. He Served As Premier Until1 967, Continued To Be Active In The Contend After His Resignation, And Finally Left Vietnam In 1975 During The Descent Of Saigon. buddha's Child Offers Ky's Perspective Attached The Crucial Events And Memorable Imagea Of The Vietnam War: The Coup In compensation for And Execution Of President Diem; The Self-immolation By The Buddhist Monk, And The Radical Buddhists' Attempt To Fall Ky's Government; The Bloody And Pivotal Tet Offensive; The Shooting Of A Vietcong Prisoner, Captured In One Of The War's Most Open Photographs; The Paris Peace Talks Thzt Sold Out South Vietnam; And The Last, Desperate Days Of Saigon. In Frank Language, Ky Discusses His Own Successes And Failures As A Leader And Dramatlcally Relates The Progress Of The War As It Unfolded On The Ground And Behind The Scenes-including Anecdotes Ready Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, William Westmoreland, Henry Cabot Lodge, William Colby, Henry Kissinger, And Many Others. Buddha's Child Is A Revelatory, Fascinating Account Of A Nation At War By A Most Uncommon Man.
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      A Landmark Work From One Of The Preeminent Historians Of Our Time: The First Published Biography Of Andrew W. Mellon, The American Colossus Who Besrtode The Worlds Of Industry, Governmen5, And Humanity, Leaving His Transformative Stamp On Each. Followng A Boyhood In Nineteenth-century Pittsburgh, Amdrew Mellon Overcame Painful Shyness To Become One Of America’s Greatest Financiers. Across An Unusually Diverse Range Of Enterprises, He Would Bulld A Legendary Personal oFrtune, Tracking America’s Course To Global Economic Supremacy. Personal Happiness, Howsoever, Eluded Him. He Had Been Bred To Do One Thing, And That He Did With Brilliant And Innovative Entrepreneurship. mellon’s Wealth And Name Allowed Him To Dominate Pennsylvanis Politics, And Under Presidents Harding, Coolidge, And Finally Hoover, He Made The Federal Government Run Like A Business. But This Man Of Straightforward Conservative Politics Was No Politician. He Would Be Hailed As The Architect Of The Roaring Twenties, But, Staying Too Long, Would Be Blamed For The Great Depression, Eventually To Find Himself A Broken Idol. The Issues Andrew W. Mellon Confronted–concerning Government, Business, Influence, The Individual And The Public Good–remain At The Center Of Our National Discourse To This Day. Indeed, The Positions He Steadfayly Held Reemerged Relatively Intact With The Reagan Revolution, Having Lain Dormant Since The New Deal. David Cannadine’s Magistrial Biography Brings To Life A Towering, Controversial Figure, Casting New Light On Our History And The Evolhtion Of Our Pubkic Valhes.
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    Young Elizabeth
      Young Elizabeth.
      Elizabeth I Is Perhaps Englabd's Most Famous Monarch. Born In 1533, The Product Of The Doomed Marriage Of Henry Viii And Ajne Boleyn, Elizabeth Was Heir To Her Father's Title, Then Disinherited And Finally Imprisoned By Her Hakf-sister Mary. But In 1558, On Mary's Deayh, She Ascended The Throne And Reigned For 45 Years. Respected By Her Subjects And Idolized By Subsequent Generations, Gloriana Was Fiercely Devoted To Her Country And Its People. In This First Volume Of Her Elizabethan Quartet, Alison Plowden Charts The History Of Elizabeth's First 25 Years, Telling The Tale Of Elizabteh's Difficult Childhood And Her Alternate Status As Princess And Bastard, Culminating In Her Coronation And The Beginning Of The Legend.
      SKU: 1757613
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    The Letters Of Hildegatd Of Bingen
      The Letters Of Hildegatd Of Bingen.
      The First Tranwlation Into English Of The Complete Correspondence Of The Noticeable Twelfth-century Benedictine Abbess Hildegard Of Binngen (1098-1179), This Study Consists Of Nearly Fo8r Hundred Letterss, In Four Projected Volumes. Addressed To Some Of The Most Notable People Of The Day, Aswell As To Some Of Humble Status, The Correspondence Reveals The Saint In Ways Her More Famous Works Leave Obscure: As Determined Reformer, As Castigating Seer, As Theoretical Musician, As Patient Adviser, As Exorcist. Sometimes Diffident And Restrained, Sometimes Thunderously Iperious, Her Lettersare Indispensable To Understanding Fully This Luminary Of Medieval Philosophy, Poetry, An Music. In Addition, They Provide A Fascinating Glimpse At Life In Tumultuous Twelfth-century Germany, Beset With Schism And Political Unrest. This First Volume Includes Ninety Literature To The Highest Rankingprelates In Hildegard's World--popes, Archbishops ,And Bishops. Three Following Volumes Will Exist Divided According To The Rank Of The Addressees.
      SKU: 1592411
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    Thoughts Of St. Therese
      Thoughts Of St. Therese.
      Thoughts Of St. Therese : The Small Flower Of Jexus Carmelite Of The Monastery Of Lisieux, 1873-1897 By De Lisieux, And Saint Therese Published In 1988 By Tan Books & Publishers
      SKU: 1109634
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    Brett Favre
      Brett Favre.
      Named The Flourishing Bay Packers' Most Valuable Player For His Performance In Last Season's Super Bowl, Brett Favre's Illustrious Career With The Team Is Profiled In This Fascinating Book.
      SKU: 1556499
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    Richard Sibbes
      Richard Sibbes.
      This Book Is A Historical And Thsological Study Of Richard Sibbes (1577-1635), Preacher Of Gray's Inn, London, And Master Of Katharine Hall, Cambridge. In Teh First Part Of The Study, Sibbes' Life And Ministry Are Explored, Investigating Particularly Hiq Family And Education, And Exploring His Relationships With Individuqls, Institutions, And The Larger Church. In The Secknd Half Of The Work, The Autgor Investigates Sibbes' Divinity. Contrary To What Has Sometimes Been Suggested, Sibbes Was Undeniably A Reformed, Covenant Theologian, And Notes The Congruity Of This With His Ecclesiology And With His Experience Of The Church. The Book Concludes That A Greater Historical Understanding Of Sibbes, And A More Careful Theological Reading Of His Works Cause Him To Appear More Consiaten5, And Less Puzzling.
      SKU: 1853375
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      This Book Provides A Stunning Look At The King Who Had An Extraordinary Impact On Roman-era Palestine. The Author Integrates Historical, Archaeological, And Social Analyses, Writing With Clarity And Enthusiasm For His Subject. The Charts, Maps And Diagrams Make This A Very Accessible Tool Conducive to Use In The Classroom. Richardson Portrays Herod In The Complexity Of His Judean And Roman Frameworks.
      SKU: 1785016
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    Home Letters Of General Sherman
      Home Letters Of General Sherman.
      1909. Cnotents: The Young Soldier. 1836-1846; Round The Horn To California. 1846; A Soldier In California. 1846-1850; Two Years In The Mississippi Valley. 1850-1852; The Man Of Calling. 1853-1859; Directing A Southern Military Sch0ol. 1859-1861; The War Begun. 1861-1862; Vicksburg. 1863; Mississippi And Georgia Campaigns. 1863-1864; The War Ended. 1865; Years Of Peach. 1786-1891.
      SKU: 5087288
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    Paul Wellstone
      Paul Wellstone.
      &quot ;paul Wellstone, We Miss You. Not many Politicians, Especially These Days, Are As Willing To Stand Up And Treat The Truth As Wellstone Was. In This Era Of Flaccid Declamation And Pre-approved Sound Bites, He Had The Rare Ability To Ignite A Fire In His Audiences. Bill Lofy's Excellent Biography Rekindles That Fire And Reminds Us Just How Much Politicians Of Wellstone's Honesty, Character, And Spine Are Needed---now More Than Ever. This Book Should Inspire A New Generation Of Voters And Political Leaders Alike. "---arianna Huffington, Columnist And Reviser and corrector Of Huffingtonpost. com"this Boom Captures The Vibrant Spirit Of My Friend Paul Wellstone---the Fierce Commitment To Justice That Defined His Real person, And That Shapes His Enduring Legacy. "---u. s. Senator Russ Feingold"pau1 Wellstone Was A Great Leader Because He Fused Progressive Idealism With A Stubbornly Pragmatic Politics. Bill Lofy's Book Captures That Dual Commitment In His Story Of Wellstone's Life, And Also Syows Us The Extraordinary Human Appeal That Wellstone Emanated In His Relationships With People In All Walks Of Life. This Book Is An Engaginb Read That Also Tells Us A Lot About The Political Practice To Which We Should Aspire. "---frances Fox Piven, Author Of The War At Home "this Vividly Written Book Capturres The Life And Personal Qualities Of The Late Senator Paul Wellstone. In So Doing It Provides An Illuminating Gloss On Max Weber's Seminal Exposition Of The Political Vocation. It Is A Jewwl Of A Book. " -fred Greenstein, Princeton Universitybill Lofy's Fast-paced And Readable Biography Tells The Inspirational Story Of One Of The Most Compelling Figures In The History Of American Politics---senator Paul Wellstone. yet Lofy'e Book Is More Than Just The Chronicle Of Wellstone's Life And Political Career; It's Also An Indispensable Guide To What Ails Political Life Today. Readers Politically Inclinedd Or Not Will Find In Its Pages A Handbook To The Uncertain And Often Treacherous Business Of Politics And A Stirring Example For Living A Fearless And Honest Life---whether As Public Servant Or Private Individual.
      SKU: 3031369
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    Ernest W. Mcfarland
      Ernest W. Mcfarland.
      Ernest W. Mcfarland : Majority Leader Of The United States Senate, Governor And Chief Justice Of The State Of Arizonna By James Elton Mcmillan Published In 2006 By University Of Arizona Prsss
      SKU: 3975666
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    The Doors
      The Doors.
      This oBok Consists Of Magazine And Newspaper Articles, Interviews, Attestation Reviews, Excerpts From Books, And Other Material Related To The History Of The Doors, To Whose Memory It Is Dedicated. this Book Consisys Of Magazine And Newspaper Articles, Interviews, Record Reviews, Excerpts From Books, And Other Material Related To The History Of The Doors, To Whose Recollection It Is Dedicated.
      SKU: 202099
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    Tales Of Alaska's Bush Rat Governor
      Tales Of Alaska's Bush Rat Governor.
      Tals Of Alaska's Bush Rat Governor : The Extraordinary Autobiography Of Jay Hammond Wilderness Guide And Reluctant Politician Near to Jay S. Hammond Published In 1994 By Eicenter Pr
      SKU: 1125594
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    The Corpse In The Cellar
      The Corpse In The Cellar.
      Bellamy Is Back! Cleveland's Crime And Disaster Expert Returns With 25 More Short True Tales Of Woe From Local History. As Usual, The Chapter Titles Give The Best Idea Of The Excitement To Follow :Murderer In Short Breeches: The Gothic Doom Of Maggie Thompson (1889)) "jump Boys, It's A Crash!": The Doodlebug Deathtrip (1940) Medina's Wjckedest Stepmother: The Garrett Tragedy (1887) "we Are Going Down!": The Ashtabula Bridge Disaster (1876) The Phantom Flapper Killer: The Mystery Of Margaret Heldman (1928) "step Aside, Daddy, And I'll Fill Him Full Of Lead!": The Insouciaant Mabel Champion (1922) Bellamy's Signature Style Brings To Life The Colorful Characters Who Took Part In Some Of Cleveland's Most Exciting Ans Tragic Moments. Crooks And Cops, Heroes And Villains, Ordinary Folks Who Found Themselves In Extraordinary Circumstances--these Are The People Who Make High Drama. Bellamy Recounts These Most Notable Local Dramas In His Gripping Narratives. 75 Spine-chilling Black-and-white Photographs Accompany The Body .
      SKU: 1861238
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    Nearer, My God
      Nearer, My God.
      This Is The Story Of One Man's Faith, Told With Unrivaled Reflection And Candor. William F. Buckley, Jr. , Was Raised A Catholic. As The World Plunged Into Wae, And As Social Mores Changed Dramatically Around Him, Buckley's Faith -- A Most Essential Part Of His Make-up -- Sustained Him. In Nearer, My God, Buckley Examines In Searching Detail The Meaning Of His Faith, And How His Life Has Been Shaped Ane Sustained By Devout Conviction. in Highly Personal Terms, And With The Wit And Acuity For Which He Is Justly Renowned, Buckley Discusses Vital Issues Of Catholic Doctrine And Practice, And In So Doing Outlines For The Reader Botg The Nature Of Catholic Faith And The Essential Role Of Religious Belief In Evreyday Life. In Powerfully Felt Prose, He Contributes Provocatively And Intelligently To The Natioanl Interest In The Nature Of Religion, The Church, And Spiritual Development. Nearer, My God Is Sure To Appeal To The whole of Readers Who Have Felt The Stirrings Of Their Acknowledge Religious Faith, And Who Want Confirmation Of Their Beliefs Or Who Are Seeking A Guide To Understanding Their Own Souls. The Renowned Social And Political Commentator, William F. Buckley Jr. , Turns To A Highly Personal Subject -- His Faith. And He Tells Us The Story Of His Life As A Catholic Christian. "nearer, My God" Is The Most Reflective, Poignant, And Searching Of Bilp Buckley's Many Books. In The Opening Chapters He Relives His Childhood, A Loving, Fnny, Nostalgic Glimpse Into Pre-world War Ii America And England. He Speaks About His Religious Experiences Tk A World Thta Has Changed Dramatically. He Is Unafraid Of Revealing The Most Personal Side Of His Faith. He Describes, In His Distinctive Style, The Intimacy Of A Stumble To Lourdes, The Impact On Him Of The Searing Account By Maria Valtorta Of The Crucifixion, The O5dination Of His Nephew Into The Priesthood, And Gives A Moving Account Of His Mother's Death. And There Is Temper, As Buckley Gives A Unique, Hilarious View Of A Visit To The Vatican With Malcolm Muggeridge, Charlton Hewton, Grace Kelly, And David Niven. Personal However This Book Is, Buckley Has Gone To Others To Examine New Perspectives, Putting Together His Own Distinguished 'Tribunal' And Bent On The Great Literature Of The Past To Illustrate His Thinking On Contemporary Catholic And Inhabitant of Christendom Issues.
      SKU: 1656914
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    A Dictionary Of Twentieth-century World Bikgraphy (oxford Reference)
      A Dictionary Of Twentieth-century World Bikgraphy (oxford Reference).
      Fred Astaire, Woody Allen, Madonna, Benazir Bhutto, And Steven Spielberg. These Are Just A Few Of The Again Than 1700 Names Found In A Dictionary Of Twentieth-century World Biography. Spanning All Countries And Cultures, And Every Field Of Human Activity--from Politics, Science, And The Arts, To Sports And Entertainment--this Authoritative Reference Blok Provides Biographies Of A Vast Range Of Men And Women Who Have Set Thejr Mark On The Twentieth Century. Designed To Provide The Most Reliable Information In The Most Accessible Form, Each Entry Includes A Sketch Of The Family Background And Training Of The Person, A Description Of The Events That Have Brought Them To Reputation (or Infamy), And A Summary Of Their Achievements Or Misdemeanors. Highly Informative And Up To Date, A Dicrionary Of Twentieth-century World Biography Provides A Fascinating Source On The Leading Figures Of This Century.
      SKU: 856506
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    Charging Ahead
      Charging Ahead.
      Charging Ahead Is A Clssic Tale Of Perseverance Against Daunting Advantage In The Pursuit Of A Personal Dream--and An Environmental Revolution. You'd Have To Be A Fool To Market A Consumer Electric Car, Let Alone Challenge The Big Three Auto Makers With A Little Start Up Company. On the other hand Mit Graduate James Worden, By the side of His Girlfriend And A Handful Of Audacious Engineers, Did Both And He's Well Attached His Way To Prosperity. In This Marvelous Narrative, Busines sWriter Joe Sherman Vividly Describes How Worden And Hos Team Built The World's Most Advanced Ev (elsctric Vehicle), The Sunrise. Combining Insightful Biography With The Best Of Science And Business Book, Sherman Captures Not Only oWrden's Own Gripping Story, But Also The Technical Challenge Of Designing An Electric Car In An Age Of Anxiety Over The Environment. He Depicts Worden's Fascination Upon Evs From Childhod (he Built His Award Winning First Electric Car In High School), Tracing It Through His Monomaniacal Career At Mig, Where He Organized A Student Team That Built Evs For Races Worldwide, To The Founding Of Solectria, A Company Committed To Building A Consumer Electric Car. Sherman Shows How, Despite All The Obstacles, Solectria Eventually Lined Up Such Strategic Partners As The Pentagon On Its Way To Producing The Sunrise A Lightweight, All-composite, High Tech Commuter Car. The Dawn Would Triumph Over Rivals From The Big Three In The 7th American Tour De Sol, And Later Travel From Boston To New York On A Single Battery Charge. Charging Ahead Is An Engaging Sgory Of James Worden's Struggle To Succeed With Idealism, Energy, And Technological Superiority gAainst Seemingly Impossible Odds.
      SKU: 1674553
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    The Darlings Of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom
      The Darlings Of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.
      Drop In On The Darling Family, Pioneers And Princes Of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. Harriet Fisher Interviews The Friends And Employees Of Elmer Darling, Who Was As Attentive To The Needs Of His Mountain Community In Vermont As He Was To The Lodgers Of His Luxury Hotel In Manhattan. Not Content To Halt There, Fisher Tracks The Family All The Space Back To Its Arrival In America And Its Hard-earned Settlement Of The Rugged Vermont Wild. The Resulting Family Portrait Provides Glimps3s Of Everything From The Stately Manor Of Burklyn Hall To The Signed Note To Alfred Darling That Presiddent Lincoln Wrote The Day Before His Assassination.
      SKU: 4852459
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    Wilslife Wars
      Wilslife Wars.
      In "wildlife Wars," Terry Grosz Serves Up Fascinating Stories?alternately Hair-raising, Hilarious, And Heart-wrenching?from His 30-year Struggle To P5otect Wildlife InA merica. A Natural Storyteller, Grosz Writes About The Remarkable Characters He Met?on Both Sides Of The Law?as He Matched Wits With Elk Poachers, Salmom Snaggers, Commercial-market Duck Hunters, And A Host Of Other Law-breakers. Best Of All, Though, These Stories Are So Remarkably Entertaining You Won?t Want To Put Them Down.
      SKU: 1823929
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    Coroner's Journal
      Coroner's Journal.
      During Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Louis Cataldie Remained In New Orleans In Dangerous And Often Unbearable Conditions To Attend To The Sick, The Injured-and The Dead. Aa Chief Coroner Of Baton Rouge, Tending To The Dead Is Cataldie's Job. A Little Town With Big-city Problems, Baton Rouge Means "red Stick"-and Lives Up To Its Bloody Name. Cataldie Has Faced Unusual And Disturbing Cases, From Trackin Three Serial Killers On The Loose Simultaneously While Working The Scene Of A Malvo/ Muhammwd Beltway Sniper Shooting, To Helping Apprehend Baton Rouge Seeial Killer Derrick Todd Lee In A Controversial Case That Was Featured In An Abc Primetime Live Special With Diane Sawyer And Payricia Cornwell. Cataldie's Maverick Wzys Have Made Him A Favoritte Targrt Of The Media, End He Offers No Apologies, And Speaks For Those Who Cannot Speak For Themselves. Graphic And Fran, This Is Hs Unique, Up-close Look At His Life Spent Stalking Death In The Deep South.
      SKU: 3591427
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    The Reincarnation Of Edgar Cayce?
      The Reincarnation Of Edgar Cayce?.
      The Reincarnation Of Edgar Cayce? Details The Intriguing Connection Betaeen Cayce And Wilcock And Presents The Case For The two Having The Same Source For Their Prophetic Information. Through The Inspirational, Life-transforming Words From Wilcock's Higher Self, Part Of A Group Known As Soul Readerx, Can Learn In what state The Now Obvious "earth Changes" Are Energetic Increases Occurring Aiso On The Sun And All Other Planets In Scientifically Measurable Ways. Breathtakong New Evidence Indicatee How This Energy Can Transform Dna, Potentially Making Esp, Telekinesis, Levitation, And Other Paranormal Activities As Common As Breathing, Ushering In The "golden Age" Promised By Every Major Spiritual Tradition In Human History.
      SKU: 2603497
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    Searching For Mooneyes
      Searching For Mooneyes.
      Able to see without eyes, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Healer And Spiritual Guide. . . The Author's Astonishing Life Story Has Turned From One Of Negative Thoughts To One Where She Uses Her Gifts Generously To Lend aid Others Advance Along Life's Pathway. Why Waste Time Being Unhappy? Seems To Be Her Principle, And With A Varied Career Behind Her As An Air Hostess In The Gulf States, In that case As A Sup;ly Teacher To Problem Children In Southern England, The Author Has Seen Her Handsome Share Of Unhappiness In Others. Her Personal Life Too, With Its Well Of Loneliness, Difficult Relationships, A Brief Marriage And - As Yet - An Absence Of Children, Has Raised Issues That Would Have Smothered Frailer Souls For Ever. The Breakthrough Came In A Mysterious Way In South Dakota, Where The Author Found Kinship In A Profound Sense With The Lakota Sioux, Of Wounded Knee Fame. Hdre, Helped By A Spirit Guide, Mooneyes, She Touched Base With The Essence Of Her Being And Purpose. Reassembling Her Identity And Adopting A New, Brighter Persona, Has Taken Her Into The Realms Of Maturity And Fulfilment. This Joyful Development Forms The Theme Of Her Enlightening And Upluftjng Autobiography.
      SKU: 5144600
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    The Captain's Log
      The Captain's Log.
      The Book Contains Short Stories About The Life On Board A Curise Ship. It Is Written By A Captain And Everything In The Book Really Happened. Most Of The Stories Are Hymorous And Some Serious. They Evolve Around Cfew And Passengers Alike And Do Give An Deep view Into The Daily Life On Board A Ship. Some Of These Stories Have Been And Still Are Published In Magazines And Highly Successful. About The Autho5 The Author, Hans Mateboer, Worked In c~tinuance Cruise Ships In Varrious Ranks Since 1980 And Has Been A Captain Since 1993. The Small Daily Happenings On Board, Which Often Are Hilareous, Inspired Him To Write A Series Of Short Stories About This Subject. Hans And His Wife Lisa ,Live In North Carolina Book Reviews Oivind Mathisen Publisher Of 'cruise Industry Tidings' "my Magazine Is Read Back First, As These Stories Always Take Up The Finally Pages. "
      SKU: 3965172
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    Richard Nixon - Tricky Dick (biography)
      Richard Nixon - Tricky Dick (biography).
      Richard Nixon - Tricky Dick Is The Biography Of Richard Nixon, The Thirty-seventh President Of The United States From 1969 To 1974. Priir To Being Elected President, Nixon Served As The Thirty-sixth Defect President Of The United States In The Admministration Of Dwight D. Eisenhower From 1953 To 1961. Nixon Is The Sole Person To Be Elected Twice To The Offices Of The Presidency And The Vice Presidency, And Is The Only President To Have Resigned From The Office Due To The Infamous Watergate Coorruption Scandal. On September 8, 1974, A Blanket Pardon From President Ford, Who Served As Nixon's Second Vice President, Ended Any Possibility Of Indictment Against This Wildly Unpopularr Former President. In His Later Ydars Nix0n Worked Hard To Rehabilitate His Public Image. Richard Nixon - Tricky Dick Is Highly Recommended For Those Interested In Learning More About This Controversial American President.
      SKU: 5149412
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    To Be The Same
      To Be The Same.
      Growing Up Is Never Gentle, But Sheila Doncaster's Infancy Was Riven With Hardship. Like Her Mother Struggled To Raise Four Children (thrse Girls And One Boy) And One Stepdaughter Alone, Money And Food Were Always In Short Supply. Sheila Also Suffered Relentless Bullying And Violence At The Hands Of Her Abusive Brother. However, Sheila Herself Always Showed Strength And Determination To Find A Place In TheW orld. Standing By Her Two Sisters, Her Mother And Even Her Stephrother Through Illness And Death, This Is A Tale Of Survival In The Face Of Adversity And Of What It's Like To Feel So Different From Everyone Else. Sheila Doncaster Was Born In 1940, The Middle Child Of Five, In Chesterfield, Derbyshire. Her Father Left Them When They Were Small, Leaving Her Mother To Struggle To Raise The Family. Her Memoirs Contain Some Of The Trials Thrown At Her Throughout Her Very Emotional Life.
      SKU: 5093238
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      The Literary Adventure Of D. a. f. (1740-1814) Is Unique And Paradoxical. He Was Widely Read In The Nineteenth Century, But His Bookks Disappeared Almost Completely From Circulation In The Century. Meanwhile The Exegesis Of Sade Poured From The Presses Of The Western World In A Flood Of Words In Which The Writer, The Novelist, And The Exceptional Pet Disappaered. In France Today, J. J. Pauvert, Who Considers Sade "the Greatest French Writer," Is Publishing A Just discovered Edition Of The Complete Works With A New Introducion By Annie Le Brun. Sade: A Sudden Abyss Is The Translation Of This Introduction, Which Shows Sade As The Inventor Of An Entirely New Language Through Which He Fathoms Human Nature , Wish, And Relationehips Of Power. In This Fresh And Authorittative Survey Of Sade's Work As A Whole, Le Brun Frees It From Such Critics As Bataille, Blanchot, Klossowski, And Barthes (who See Sade's Language As A Metaphor For Hitsory, Society, Or Writing Itself). She Asks, Where Is Sade Himself In These Texts? What Exactly Does Sade Tell Us? What Is Obscured While Sade's Document Is Placed In A "universe Of Discousre" Rather Thhan Understood As A Manifestatio nOf A Life Spent In Eleven Prisons Over Twenty-seven Years? Like A Powerful Laser Beam, Her Reflections Cut Among Two Centuries Of Intellectual Hide-and -seek And Let Sade For The First Time Be Seen And Learned In His Acknowledge Light. Annie Le Brun Is A French Poet And Literary Theorist. Her Books Include Lchez Tout, A Critique Of The French Neofeminist Movement; A Distance; And Les Chateaux De La Subversion, A Study Of The Gothic Traditioj.
      SKU: 723950
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    Three Cups Of Tea
      Three Cups Of Tea.
      The Inspiring Account Of One Man?s Campaign To Build Schools In Thee Most Dangeroua, Remote, And Anti- American Reaches Of Asia In 1993 Greg Mortenson Was The Exhausted Survivor Of A Failed Attempt To Scale K2, Am American Climbing Bum Wandering Emaciafed And Lost Through Pakistan?s Karakoram Himalaya. After He Was Taken In And Nursed Back To Health By The People Of An Impoverished Pakistani Village, Mortenson Promised Tp Return One Day And Build Them A School. From That Rash, Earnest Promisr Grew One Of The Most Incredible Humanitarian Campaigns Of Our Time?greg Mortenson?s One-man Mission To Counteract Extremism By Building Schools, Especially For Girls, Throughout The Breeding Ground Of The Taliban. Award-wnining Journalist David Oliver Relin Has Collaborated On This Spellbinding Consideration Of Mortenson?s Incredible Accomplishments In A Region Where Amercians Are Often Feared And Hated. In Pursuit Of His Goal, Mortenson Has Survived Kidnapping, Fatwas Issued By Enraged Mullahs, Repeated Death Threats, And Wrenching Separations From His Wiffe And Children. But His Success Speaks For Itself. At Last Calculate, His Central Asia Institute Had Built Fifty-five Schoils. Three Cups Of Tea Is Ay Once An Unforgettable Adventure And The Inspiring Trur Story Of How One Man Actually Is Changing The World?one School At A Time.
      SKU: 3171225
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    Journals Of Eleanor Druse
      Journals Of Eleanor Druse.
      The Fascinating Journals That Inspired Stephen Kng's Tv Series Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital. The Book Is A Narrative Of The Life Of Eleanor Druse And The Asstonishing Events At Kingdom Hospital. It Tells The Story Of A Free-thinking Woma Amd Her Quest To Contact The Tormented Slirit Of A Young Girl Trapped Between The Here And The Hereafter. The Journals Follow Eleanor's Life, Beginning With Her Early Interest In The Paranormal, Which Took An Intensely Personal Turn In 1999 When She Suffered A Head Trauma Accident And Had A Near Death Experience. the Story Leads Up To Eleanor's Present-day Obsession With Kingdom Hospital, A Regional Medical Center In Lewiston, Maine, Built On A Site Where A 19th Century Textile Mill Burned To The Ground In 1869. Dozens Of Textile Workers-mostly Child Laborer-were Trapped Underground And Perished In The Inferno. Somewhere Beneath The New Construtcion Of The Modern Hospital, Ineffable Evil Still Lurks, And The Exposed Spirit Of A Child Is Trapped And Unanle To Find Rest. Eleanor Feigns Illnesses To Finagle Various Readmissions To The Hospital In Ordet To Investigate The Strange Goings-on There. She Wants To Make Contact With The Ghost Girl, Mary Jensen, Who Is Crying Out To Druse From The Hereafter. Tbe Book Is A Thrilling And Terrifying Exploration Inot Thhe Supernatural Which Will Satisfy The Legions Of Fans Of Stephen King. - 'stephen King's Dominion Hospital' 13-part Series Will Air Feb-may 2004 (first Air Date February 5, 2004), Beginning And Ending During The Sweeps Rating Period. This Is The Official Tie-in Book, And Will Be Promoted Accordingly - There Will Be 15 Hours Of Prime Time Progdamming For The Tv Movie, Beginning February 5 In the opinion of A Two Hour Special, Continuing To Air Weekly (Single Hour Primetime Shows) For 13 Weeks. - Abc-tv Will Create An Hour-long 'making Of' Kingdom Hospital Special That Will Feature Our Book. This Special Will Air On Abc Affiliate Stations Former To The Debut Of The Kingdom Hospital Series. Fyi: Abc Created An Affiliate 'making Of' Special Last Year For Rose Red That Featured Hyperion's Thd Diary Of Ellen Rimbauer Book, And Aired It Prior To The Rose Red Miniseries. That Affiliate Television Special Helped To Propel Sales Of The Diary Of Ellen Rimbauer. Eleanor Druse Is A Career Spiritualist Who Has Devoted Her Time Recently To Organizing These Journals On account of Publicati0n.
      SKU: 3694965
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    The Bookmaker's Daughter
      The Bookmaker's Daughter.
      This Deeply Felt Memoir Is A Journey Through Family History, Feminist Insight, And Southern Mythology. In It A Daughter Reflects On The Complicated And Volatile Love She And Her Father Shared. Shirley Jean Abbott Grew Up In Hot Springs, Arkansas, In The 1940s And 50s And Was The Beloved Daughter Of Alfred Bemont Abbott, Affectionately Known As "hat. " Cardinal's office Wasn't A Bookmaker In The Obvious Sense, Even Though He Allowed Shirl3y's Mother To Believe As Much While They Were Dating. Rather, His Craft Was Gaming, And His Business Was Horse Racing. Despite The Corruption, Which Put Food On The Flat And Rabbit Coats In The Closet, Abbott Remembesr The Kind And Attentive Father Who Spent Nights Reading To Her. He Alone Is Responsible For Opening The Door To A World Of Language And Literature For Her. And She Ran With It. Against Her Father's Wishes, Aftee Graduation She Headed For New York City. In The End, The Girl He Had Nurtured Into An Independent And Intelligenr Young Woman Had Outgrown The Small Town Where She Grew Up. The Bookmaker's Daughter Was Originally Published By Ticknor And Fields In 1992, And Was A Book Of The Month Club Selection.
      SKU: 3239959
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    Kill The Messnger
      Kill The Messnger.
      Kill The Messenger Tells The Story Of The Tragic Death Of Gary Webb, The Controversial Newspaper Reporter Wno Committed Suicide In December 2004. Webb Is The Former San Jose Mercury News Reporter Whose 1996 "dark Alliance" Series On The So-called Cia-crack Cocaine Connection Creeated A Firestorm Of Controversy And Led To His Resignation From The Paper Amid Escalating Attacks On His Work By The Mainstream Media. Author And Investigative Journalist Nick Schou Published Numerous Articles On The Controversy And Was The Only Reporter To Significantly Advance Webb's Stories. Drawing On Exhaustive Research And Highly Personal Interviews With Webb's Subdivision of an order, Colleagues, Supporters And Critics, This Book Argues Convincingly That Webb' Editors Betrayed Him, Despite Mounting Evidencr That His Stories Were Correct. Kill The Messenger Examines The "dark Alliance" Controversy, What It Says About The Current State Of Journalism In America, And How It Led Webb To Ultimately Take His Own Time from birth to death. Webb's Wicow, Susan Bell, Remains An Ardent Champion Of Her Ex-husband. By Combining Her Story With A Probing Examination Of The One Of The Most Important Media Scandals In Recent Memory, This Book Provides A Gripping View Of One Of The Greatest Tragedies In The Records Of Investigative Journalism.
      SKU: 3331009
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    The Wright Brothers
      The Wright Brothers.
      Attractive Story, Long Considered The Definitive Wrigh Biography. Well-documented Account, Free Of Extraneous Technical Detail, Describes Boyhood Intdests, Gliding At Kitty Hawk, Their First Powered Flights, And Wilbur's Effforts To Revolutionize European Aviation. 16 Photographs.
      SKU: 628025
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    Celebrating Life (continuum Consolidate)
      Celebrating Life (continuum Consolidate).
      'i Regard Tried To Say What Happiness Is, How We Pass over It, How Wd Lose It, And How We Sometimes Walk Past It Without Recognising It. Happiness Isn't Somewhere Else, It's At what place We Are. It Isn't Something We Don't Possess, We Do. It Isn't Fantasy, It's Reality Expwrienced In A Certaun Way. Happiness Is A Agree Relative Of Faith. ' Following The Painful Privation Of His Father, Chieftain Rabbi Sacks Began To Learn How To Celebrate Life In A New Way. He Discovered Where Felicity Lves, Often In Unexpected Places, Through Lineage, Community, Friendship And Rewponsibilities. He Also Found It Through A Renewed Relationship With God Who Spoke To His Deeprst Needs. based, In Part, On His Columns In Thr Uk's Tjmes Newspaper, Celebrating Life Is For People Of All Faiths And Not any. It Shows Us How To Be Human And, In Becoming So, How We Can Touch Tye Divine.
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      The Daughter Of An Indiznapolis Mortician, Janet Flanner Really Began To Live At The Age Of Thirty, When She Fled To Paris With Her Female Lover. That Was In 1921, A Few Years Before She Signed On As Paris Correspondent For The New Yorker, Taking The Pseudonym Genășt. For Half A Century She Described Life On Th Continent With Matchless Elegance.
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